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Title Stream sediment geochemical atlas of the United Kingdom : British Geological Survey report OR/18/048
Ref no OR/18/048
Author Everett, P.A.; Lister, T.R.; Fordyce, F.M.; Ferreira, A.M.P.J.; Donald, A.W.; Gowing, C.J.B.; Lawley, R.S.
Year of publication 2019
Abstract This atlas is a milestone publication representing 45 years of work to characterise the chemical quality of the United Kingdom surface environment. Maps and information documenting the concentrations of 18 chemical elements analysed in approximately 111,000 stream sediment samples collected across the UK are presented for the first time. Results reveal the influence of natural geological/ weathering processes on sediment chemistry as well as human impacts including urbanisation, industry, mining and agriculture. The data provide an invaluable basis to aid Earth-system process modelling, mineral resource and catchment management, environmental protection and quantitative evidence, against which to measure future environmental change._x000D_ _x000D_ This atlas has been published as an 'interactive pdf document', which features several functions that allow the reader to access and display different geochemical maps and information in various ways. This atlas is designed to be downloaded and read in two-page view using Adobe pdf software (e.g. Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat). If viewed using other software, e.g. within your browser, certain interactive elements may not display or function as intended.
Series Open Reports
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