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Title User guide : BGS mineral resources : British Geological Survey report OR/20/051
Ref no OR/20/051
Author British Geological Survey
Year of publication 2021
Abstract Minerals are the raw materials that underpin most sectors of the UK economy and their use contributes to the UK's high standard of living. Certain minerals are also exported and thus generate income for the country._x000D_ The UK's land mass contains a wide range of indigenous minerals including construction minerals (e.g. aggregates; gypsum), industrial minerals (e.g. china clay; salt) and metals (e.g. tin; tungsten). Many of these minerals cannot be imported because of the large quantities required or the high cost that would be incurred._x000D_ The BGS Mineral Resource Dataset shows the spatial extent of known mineral resources in England, Wales and the central belt of Scotland._x000D_ • England: DOI:10.5285/f265629c-5e03-4927-b482-0668da720aca_x000D_ • Wales: DOI:10.5285/f6fa87e7-4010-4782-8a3a-7c322faa939d_x000D_ • Central belt of Scotland: DOI:10.5285/f6fa87e7-4010-4782-8a3a-7c322faa939d_x000D_ In general, a '˜mineral resource' contains minerals that are of current or potential economic interest. However, this dataset is based on the geology of Great Britain and only a limited assessment of economic potential has been made during its compilation._x000D_ The dataset delineates areas within which potentially workable minerals may occur. These areas are not of uniform potential and take no account of planning constraints that may limit their working. Therefore, the dataset should only be used to show a broad distribution of mineral resources. The data should not be used to determine individual planning applications or in taking decisions on the acquisition or use of a particular piece of land, although they may give useful background information that sets a specific proposal in context._x000D_ This dataset was designed to produce baseline data in a consistent format, which can be updated, revised and customised to suit planning needs as well as to be of use to the extractive industry and anyone interested in the potential locations of mineral resources. It aims to facilitate consideration of mineral resources alongside other types of land use and safeguard resources for future generations._x000D_ This user guide provides the information required to enable the reader to understand and use this BGS data product.
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