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Title Metadata report for GSI3D cross sections along the HS2 route in area 9 (Birmingham spur) : British Geological Survey report OR/16/034
Ref no OR/16/034
Author Barron, A.J.M
Year of publication 2017
Abstract This report describes the geological cross-sections of the HS2 (High Speed 2 rail link) Area 9 (Birmingham Spur), created by A. J. M. Barron with support from S. Thorpe. The model was created as part of a set of nine geological models that cover the proposed HS2 rail route from the end of the HS2 London model to Birmingham and the West Coast Main Line near Lichfield. The models were funded from the NERC/BGS Science Budget to promote BGS modelling and geological interpretation services to this important infrastructure project and to test methodologies and procedures for creating geological models by multiple compilers. The report describes the model construction and purpose, with spatial limits and scale, sources of information, data processing, workflow, decisions, assumptions, rules and limitations, together with images of the model.
Series Open Reports
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