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Title UK Geoenergy Observatories Glasgow : GGC01 cored, seismic monitoring borehole - final data release : British Geological Survey report OR/21/031
Ref no OR/21/031
Author Monaghan, A.A.; Damaschke, M.; Starcher, V.; Fellgett, M.W.; Kingdon, A.; Kearsey, T.; Hannis, S.; Gillespie, M.; Shorter, K.; Elsome, J.; Barnett, M.
Year of publication 2021
Abstract This report provides an overview of information contained in the final data release for the UK Geoenergy Observatories Glasgow borehole GGC01. This final data release supersedes the initial and intermediate data releases (Starcher et al. 2019; Kearsey et al. 2019). It includes additional information on core scan data and core-wireline depth integration. _x000D_ The cored, seismic monitoring borehole GGC01 (BGS SOBI number NS66SW BJ 3754, BGS ID 20650619) was drilled between 19 November and 12 December 2018 producing a core of 102 mm diameter. The borehole was wireline logged in December 2018 and a string of 5 seismometers were installed in February 2019. _x000D_ The core was transported to the National Geological Repository (NGR) at BGS Keyworth and was curated into 1 m core boxes. State-of-the-art core scanners have been used to collect along core datasets. This final data release includes optical images (whole core and slabbed core), radiographic images, MSCL-S (geophysical), NIR and XRF (mineralogical and chemical) core scan data. _x000D_ Also included in this final release is the material from the previous releases including sedimentary, discontinuity and engineering logs, wireline/geophysical downhole logs, drillers' logs and sample information.
Series Open Reports
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