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Title Handheld x-ray flourescence : a method for non-destructive compositional analysis of sandstone building stones : British Geological Survey report OR/16/008
Ref no OR/16/008
Author Everett, P.A.; Gillespie, M.R.
Year of publication 2019
Abstract This report describes a study designed to devise an appropriate methodology for using a Handheld X-Ray Fluorescence (HH-XRF) instrument for in situ testing of sandstone building stones. HH-XRF is a non-destructive method of compositional analysis that could offer the means to geochemically differentiate different sandstones, and constrain their quarry sources._x000D_ To examine the potential of HH-XRF for these purposes, a programme of laboratory tests has been conducted on a range of sandstone building stones from the UK. The aims of the test programme were to: develop and refine a robust and fit-for-purpose methodology for gathering, managing, displaying and interpreting compositional data; determine the extent to which sample surface condition and stone texture affect the results; and evaluate whether or not the results can provide a basis for distinguishing different sandstones._x000D_ The results suggest the instrument can be used to distinguish sandstones (and potentially a wide range of other geological and man-made materials) that are otherwise indistinguishable in the field, and as such the method should find widespread application in disciplines such as building conservation and archaeology.
Series Open Reports
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