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Title Cardiff Urban Geo-Observatory : groundwater temperature data 2014-2018 metadata report : British Geological Survey report OR/19/053
Ref no OR/19/053
Author Farr, G.; Patton, A.M.; Boon, D.; James, D.; Coppell, L.; James, L.
Year of publication 2019
Abstract This report provides the metadata to accompany the first open source data release of groundwater temperature time series measurements from the Cardiff Urban Geo-Observatory' project._x000D_ Groundwater temperatures were measured in 53 boreholes at a sampling frequency of 30 minutes between 2014 to 2018. The dataset comprises over 3.5 million temperature measurements. Boreholes are located within the urban area of the City of Cardiff, Wales, UK. The majority of temperature sensors were installed within boreholes that monitor a shallow (maximum ~30m thickness) Quaternary aged sand and gravel aquifer, which is the target aquifer for the Cardiff Urban Geo-Observatory project. Representative groundwater temperature data from the Made Ground and the Triassic Mercia Mudstone are also reported._x000D_ We hope that by releasing this open-source data we can provide an evidence base to support the public, developers, planners, regulators, utility companies and policy makers that have an interest in the urban subsurface. We also hope to engage with other researchers and welcome collaborative research and innovation projects using this publically funded data._x000D_ The open access data can be downloaded from:_x000D_ http://bgsintranet/resources/data/accessions/index.html?simpleText=ukgeos#item130165
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