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Title User guide : BGS BritPits : British Geological Survey report OR/21/013
Ref no OR/21/013
Author British Geological Survey
Year of publication 2021
Abstract The British Geological Survey (BGS) British Pits (BritPits) dataset is derived from the BGS BritPits database of mines and quarries which holds point source records of over 250,000 surface and underground mineral workings in the United Kingdom (UK). The data can be used for statistical analysis, or, for example, in a Geographical information System (GIS) for conservation, planning and environmental research. Each record describes an onshore mineral working in terms of its name, operational status, geographic location, Mineral Planning Authority (MPA), operator, basic geology worked, mineral commodity produced and, where known, the end-use of that mineral. The workings include quarries, underground mines, oil and gas wells, rail depots for handling bulk minerals and wharfs for landing of marine-dredged sand and gravel and crushed rock aggregates; the source of these minerals is indicated where this is known. The information has been derived from the Lists of Mines and Quarries produced for the Home Office since 1897, together with the British Geological Survey (BGS) and Ordnance Survey (OS) mapping and assistance from local authorities and mineral companies (BGS 2021a)._x000D_ The information provided in this User Guide is intended to provide a quick-start guide to using and understanding the BGS BritPits data product.
Series Open Report Series
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