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Title Environmental baseline characterisation and monitoring borehole GGB05, UK Geoenergy Observatory, Glasgow : British Geological Survey report OR/20/031
Ref no OR/20/031
Author Walker-Verkuil, K.; Starcher, V.; Barron, H.F.; Shorter, K.M.; Elsome, J.; Monaghan, A.A.
Year of publication 2020
Abstract This report and accompanying data release describe the 'as-built' borehole GGB05 at the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow, as well as summarising hydrogeological testing and an initial geological interpretation._x000D_ Environmental characterisation and monitoring baseline borehole GGB05 at the UK Geoenergy Observatory in Glasgow is screened across a sandstone beneath rockhead, and thought to be around 5 m above recorded stoop and room mine workings in the Glasgow Upper coal. Initial hydrogeological indications from the test pumping suggest that borehole GGB05 is moderately yielding. There is a hydrogeological data logger installed in the borehole.
Series Open Reports
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