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Title User guide for the British Geological Survey Property Subsidence Assessment Dataset : British Geological Survey report OR/20/005
Ref no OR/20/005
Author Bateson, L.; Jones, L.; Hulbert, A.
Year of publication 2020
Abstract This report describes the BGS Property Subsidence Assessment data product. The methods used to create the component datasets have been critically assessed and its fitness for purpose determined by specialists in BGS._x000D_ The BGS Property Subsidence Assessment data product looks specifically at the geological factors that influence the susceptibility to Shrink-Swell hazard and combines these with the level of susceptibility due to proximity to trees and the characteristics of a building to provide a more complete understanding of all factors involved._x000D_ This document outlines the background to why the dataset was created, its potential uses and gives a brief description of the data layers. Technical information regarding the GIS and how the data was created is described and advice is provided on using the dataset.
Series Open Reports
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