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Title User guide : BGS Permeability Index : British Geological Survey report OR/20/054
Ref no OR/20/054
Author Lewis, M.; Bunting, S.; Daley, D.; Cartwright, C.; Lee, K.
Year of publication 2020
Abstract Permeability data is often used in studies of groundwater such as investigations of aquifer pollution or contamination. BGS has prepared permeability information based on the 1:50 000 Digital Geological Map of Great Britain (BGS Geology 50k)._x000D_ The Permeability Indices are based on geological considerations as follows:_x000D_ • the Predominant Flow Mechanism: intergranular flow, fracture flow, or a mixture of intergranular and fracture flow_x000D_ • a Maximum Permeability value_x000D_ • a Minimum Permeability value_x000D_ The BGS Permeability Index dataset is a qualitative classification of estimated rates of vertical movement of water from the ground surface through the unsaturated zone (the zone between the land surface and the water table). Permeability is the capacity of a rock to transmit a fluid and hence this dataset provides an indication of the rate of water movement between the ground surface and the water table._x000D_ The Permeability Indices assigned are not actual values, derived from field tests or that have been tested in a groundwater flow model. They are a heuristic assessment based on knowledge of fluid movement through rocks of differing lithologies based on their dissolution potential, age, degree of cementation, and fracturing (see Appendix 3 for more details). They indicate where rapid infiltration through the unsaturated zone could occur, potentially causing pollution of groundwater or where water could pond on the ground surface due to slow drainage rates through poorly permeable material._x000D_ The dataset covers Great Britain, and is presented as a map at a scale of 1:50 000, based on the geological data at the same scale. It is for use at the regional scale and is not recommended for use at the site-specific scale._x000D_ The information provided in this User Guide is intended to provide a quick guide to using and understanding this BGS data product.
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