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Full listing of The British Geological Survey Lexicon of Named Rock Units

'S Airde Beinn Plug (Kingsteps) Nairn Sandstones [Obsolete: use KISA] ? Lateral Equivalent Of Glenfinnan Group ? Lateral Equivalent Of Morar Group 15/16-6 Sand Member [Obsolete: use CHNT] 1st Terrace Deposits (River Severn) [Obsolete: use PSTT] 1st Terrace Of River Lark (Bristow,1990) 22 Yard Coal (West Yorkshire) 25-Foot Drift Of Vale Of York 27 Yard Coal (West Yorkshire) 2nd Terrace Of River Cam 2nd Terrace Of River Lark (Bristow,1990) 32 Yard Coal (West Yorkshire) 36 Yard Coal (West Yorkshire) 36 Yard Rock 36 Yards Band Coal 3rd Terrace of River Cam [Obsolete: use HNRD] 3rd Terrace Of River Lark (Bristow,1990) 48 Yard Band Coal (West Yorkshire) 48 Yard Rock 4th Terrace of River Cam [Obsolete] 4th Terrace of River Lark [Obsolete: use FHAM] 5 Foot Vein [Obsolete: use 5FTC] 5th Terrace of River Lark [Obsolete: use ERIS] 6th Terrace (River Severn) [Obsolete: use SPHT] 80 Yard Band Coal 80 Yard Band Coal (West Yorkshire) 80 Yard Rock A variety of local names [Obsolete: use MPA] A'Mharagach Member A'Mhoine Psammite Formation [Obsolete: use ALPS] A-Bed Evaporite Abbey Conglomerate Abbey Gravel(s) Abbey Head Bed Abbey Head Formation [Obsolete: use ABH] Abbey Head Member [Obsolete: use ABH] Abbey Sand and Gravel Member Abbey Shale Formation Abbey Wood Member [Obsolete: use BLB] Abbeyhill Shales Abbotsbury Cornbrash Formation [Obsolete: use CB] Abbotsbury Iron Ore [Obsolete: use ABI] Abbotsbury Ironstone [Obsolete: use ABI] Abbotsbury Ironstone Formation Abbotsford Flags Abbotsford Flags and Grieston Shales Abbotsgrange Beds [Obsolete: use AGSI] Abbotsgrange Silt Member Abbotsham Beds [Obsolete: use BFF] Abbotsham Formation [Obsolete: use BFF] Abbrook Clay and Sand [Obsolete: use AB] Abbrook Clay and Sand Member Abdon Group [Obsolete: use FWW] Abdon Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use UAL] Abdy Coal (South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire) Abdy Rock Aber Geirch Phyllites And Grits Aber Mawr Beds [Obsolete: use ABMR] Aber Mawr Formation Aber Mawr Shale Formation Aber Pensidian Mudstone Member Abercastle Beds [Obsolete: use OGH] Aberchirder Pluton Abercorn Main Coal (Glasgow) Abercorn Rough Coal (Glasgow) Abercorn Splint Coal (Glasgow) Abercorn Steam Coal (Glasgow) Abercorn Stony Coal (Glasgow) Abercorn Turf Coal (Glasgow) Abercorris Group Abercriban Oolite [Obsolete: use ABO] Abercriban Oolite Formation [Obsolete: use ABO] Abercriban Oolite Group [Obsolete: use ABO] Abercriban Oolite Subgroup Abercwmeiddaw Group Aberdaron Bay Group [Obsolete: use NFR] Aberdaron Formation Aberdeen Division Aberdeen Formation Aberdeen Ground Beds [Obsolete: use ANG] Aberdeen Ground Formation Aberdeen Pluton Aberedw Formation Aberfoyle Slate [Obsolete: use DCAS] Aberfoyle Slate Formation Aberfoyle Slates [Obsolete: use DCLE] Abergeldie Pluton Abergorki Coal (South Wales) Abergwilli Formation Aberkenfig Formation Aberlady Formation Abersytwyth Grits Formation [Obsolete: use AGF] Aberystwyth Grits Group Abhainn Mhor Gabbro Intrusion Abington Formation [Obsolete: use KKF] Accerhill Sandstone Accerhill Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use ACHS] Accrington Mudstone Acer Hill Sandstone [Obsolete: use ACHS] Ach'Uaine Cluster Achanarras Fish Bed Member Achanarras Limestone [Obsolete: use AFB] Achateny Breccia Member Achnacarry Striped Formation Achnaconeran Striped Formation Achnacree Sand and Gravel Formation Achnaha Quartz Gabbro Zone Achnaha Quartz-Monzonite Facies Achnaha Tonalite - Quartz-Monzonite Intrusion Achnaha Tonalite Facies Achneim Striped Formation Achray Sandstone [Obsolete: use LADG] Achreamie Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use CKBA] Achrimsdale Sandstone Member Achscrabster Flagstone Formation [Obsolete: use ACFM] Achscrabster Flagstone Member Acklington Dyke Acklinton Formation Of Bowen (1999) Acklinton Till Formation Ackton Rock Ackworth Division [Obsolete: use ACKW] Ackworth Member Ackworth Rock Acre Coal (Northumberland) Acre Limestone [Obsolete: use TYL] Acton Group Acton Park Limestone Acton Scott Formation Acton Scott Group [Obsolete: use ASGP] Acton Scott Limestone Acton Turville Beds Acuminata Beds Acutistriatum Band [Obsolete: use ACCO] Acutistriatum Bed [Obsolete: use ACCO] Acutistriatum-Comptoni Bed Adail Mudstones Formation Adamson Band Addingham Edge Grit Addingham High Moor Grit [Obsolete: use AE] Addlethorpe Grit Addlethorpe Marine Band Adur Valley Formation Adwalton Black Bed Coal (West Yorkshire) Adwalton Stone Coal Aed Mheall Member (Western Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) Aegiranum Marine Band Aeolian deposits Afon Gam Formation [Obsolete: use DYN] Afton Formation [Obsolete: use KKF] Afton Lodge Clay Formation Aghyaran Formation Agill Sandstone Agill Shale Agneash Grit (Manx Slates) [Obsolete: use CGA] Agneash Grits [Obsolete: use MHL] Agnew's Hill Tuff Member Agricultural Cutting Aid Crag Sandstone Aikbank Farm Glacigenic Formation Ailleag Diamicton Formation Ailleag Diamicton Member [Obsolete: use AILL] Ailnack Phyllite And Limestone Formation Ailsa Craig Microgranite Ailstone Bed Ailstone Member [Obsolete: use CRTD] Ailstone Terrace Deposits (Warwickshire Avon) [Obsolete: use AILT] Airdrie Blackband Coal (Central Coalfield) Airdrie Blackband Ironstone (Central Coalfield) Airdrie Virtuewell Coal (Central Coalfield) Airfield Airth Shellband Airy's Bridge Formation [Obsolete: use AIB] Airy's Bridge Group [Obsolete: use AIB] Airy's Bridge Tuff Formation Aisholt Limestone Aisla Formation Aisla Sequence [Obsolete: use AIS] Aislaby Group [Obsolete: use ZG] Aith - Spiggie Pluton Akers Steps and St Margarets Members [Obsolete: use LECH] Albany Division [Obsolete: use ALBY] Albany Group Albany Mudstones with Limestone Nodules [Obsolete: use GSE] Alberbury Breccia Albert Coal (Rothbury Area) [Obsolete: use YARD] Albian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Albion Glacigenic Group Albion Sands Formation Albrighton Coal (Cumbria) Albrighton Coal Group [Obsolete] Albrighton Marine Band [Local Name: see AMMB] Albrighton Seam (Cumbria) [Obsolete: use ALBN] Aldeburgh Member Aldeby Sand and Gravel Member Aldeby Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use ASAG] Alderbury Breccia in Erbistock Beds [Obsolete: use ABBR] Alderney Sandstone Alderwood Mudstone Alderwood Mudstone Member [Obsolete: use AMM] Aldie Till Member Aldress Shale [Obsolete: use ADSH] Aldress Shale Formation Alecks Coal (Lothian) Alecs Coal (Cheadle) Alkaid Member Alkaline basic igneous rocks in the Orkneys [Obsolete: use DSV] Alla Glen Limestone Member Allargue Graphitic Schist Member Allens Coal (East Midlands) Allenton Sand and Gravel Member Allenton Terrace Deposits Aller Gravel [Obsolete: use AGR] Aller Gravel Formation Aller Halite Formation Allermuir Group [Obsolete: use ALMR, CPW] Allermuir Volcanic Member Allesley Conglomerate [Obsolete: use AYC, ASY] Allesley Member Allesley Sandstones And Conglomerates Alloa Cherry Coal Alloa Splint Coal Allt a' Mhuilinn Mudstone Formation Allt A'Chuirn Quartzite Member Allt A'Mhuilinn Pseudoleucite-Syenite And Associated Rocks Allt An T-Srathain Member Allt an t-Strathain Till Member Allt And Odhar Members Of The Allt Odhar Formation Of Bowen 1999 Allt Breac Beds Allt Crom Complex Allt Crom Granodiorite With Rafts Dominantly Of Appinitic Diorite Allt Crom Granodiorite With Rafts Of The Coire Nan Laogh Semipelite Formation Allt Crom Granodiorite With Rafts Of The Garva Bridge Psammite Formation Allt Crom Granodiorite With Rafts Of The Loch Laggan Psammite Formation Allt Crom Granodiorite With Rafts Of The Monadhliath Semipelite Formation Allt Crom Pluton [Obsolete: use ALCR] Allt Darrarie Intrusion Allt Ddu Mudstone Formation [Duplicate: use ADM] Allt Ddu Mudstones [Obsolete: use ADM] Allt Ddu Mudstones Formation [Obsolete: use CSW] Allt Dhub Member Allt Dregnie Phyllite Member Allt Fawr Rhyolitic Tuff Formation Allt Goch Sandstone Formation Allt Goibhre Semipelite Formation Allt Lwyd Formation Allt Mor Na H-Uamha Member Allt na Beiste Member Allt Na Cuile Sandstone Member Allt Na H'Ath Siltstones [Obsolete: use SXS] Allt na h-Airbhe Member Allt Nam Biorag Psammite Member Allt Odhar Peat Formation [Obsolete: use AOPT] Allt Odhar Peat Member Allt Sgiathaig Till Member [Obsolete: use ASGL] Allt-Tair-Ffynnon Formation Allt-Tair-Ffynnon Formation And Nod Glas Formation (Undifferentiated) Allt-Y-Clych Conglomerate Formation Allt-Y-Clych Conglomerate Member (Form Facies) [Obsolete: use ACC] Alluvial and Glacial Deposits (Undifferentiated) Alluvial and glacial drift (undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use ALGD] Alluvial cone [Obsolete: use ALF] Alluvial delta [Obsolete: use ALF] Alluvial deposits and peat [Obsolete: use SLEV] Alluvial deposits, buried, postglacial estuarine-marine [see descriptions for limitations of use] Alluvial deposits, postglacial, terrestrial [see descriptions for limitations of use] Alluvial fan [Obsolete: use ALF] Alluvial fan deposits Alluvial fan deposits, 1 Alluvium Alluvium and alluvial fan deposits (undifferentiated) Alluvium and river terrace deposits (undifferentiated) Alluvium, 1 Alluvium, 2 Almscliff Grit [Obsolete: use WWG] Alne Glacial Lake Formation [Obsolete: use ALNE] Alne Glaciolacustrine Formation Alne Hills Mudstone Bed [Obsolete] Alness Member [Obsolete: use ALNS] Alness Spiculite Formation [Obsolete: use ALNS] Alness Spiculite Member Alpha Coal (North Wales) Alpha Rider Coal (North Wales) Alphington Breccia Formation Alphington Breccia Formation and Heavitree Breccia Formation (Undifferentiated) Alphington Breccia Member [Obsolete: use ALBR] Alphington Breccias [Obsolete: use ALBR] Alport Sandstone Alston Formation Alstonfield Limestone [Obsolete: use BLL] Altagoan Formation Alteen Shale Member Altena Group Alternata Limestone [Obsolete: use ALT] Alternata Limestone Formation Altmore Formation Altmore Schists [Obsolete] Altnacealgach Alkali Feldspar-Syenite Altnaharra Psammite Formation Alton Coal (Leicester, Nottingham, Derby) Alton Marine Band [Local Name: see LSMB] Altonside Till Formation Alturlie Gravels Formation Alum Crag Grit Alum Rock [Obsolete: use AMSH] Alum Shale (Of The Glasgow Area) Alum Shale [Obsolete: use AMSH] Alum Shale Member Alum Shale Series [Obsolete: use AMSH] Alveley Member Alves Beds [Obsolete: use ALB] Alves Formation Am Binnein Formation Am Binnein Sandstone Formation Am Binnein Sandstones Formation [Obsolete: use ABN] Amaliae Marine Band Ambaston Gravel Member Ambaston Member [Obsolete: use HETD] Amethyst Member Amlwch Beds Amman Marine Band [Local Name: see VDMB] Amman Rider Coal (South Wales) Amman Rider Coal, Seven-Feet Coal And Yard Coal (Undifferentiated) (South Wales) Ammonite and Belemnite Bed [Obsolete: use LECK] Ammonites Planorbis Beds [Obsolete: use WCT] Amphibolite (Of Guernsey And Sark) Amphibolite And Calcsilicate-Rock Of Uncertain Origin Amphibolite Of Uncertain Origin Ampthill Clay [Obsolete: use AMC] Ampthill Clay Formation Ampthill Clay Formation and Kimmeridge Clay Formation (Undifferentiated) Ampthill Clay Formation and West Walton Formation (Undifferentiated) [Duplicate: use WWAC] Amundsen Formation Amundsen Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use AMND] An Sithean Granite An Socach Quartzite Formation An Socach/Cairnwell Quartzite An Stac Semipelite and Psammite Formation An T-Sron Formation An Tamhanachd Member An Tamhanachd Member And Beannan Buidhe Member (Undifferentiated) An Torran Pelite Anabacia Limestones Ancaster Beds [Obsolete] Ancestral Thames River Terrace Deposits (Undifferentiated) Ancholme Clay Group [Obsolete: use AMG] Ancholme Group Ancient Boundary Structure Ancient Building Ancient Burial Ground Ancient Cultivation Area Ancient Disturbed Ground Ancient Embankment Ancient Enclosure Ancient Fill Ancient Mineral Working Ancient Road or Trackway Ancient Waste Tip Ancient Water Management Feature Ancliff Oolite Andesite (Uriconian Group) [Obsolete: use UO] Andesite and Dacite Groups [Obsolete: use BFA] Andrew Sandstone unit Andrews Coal (Lothian) Andsell Mudstone Member Angulata Beds [Obsolete: use SASH] Angulata Clays [Obsolete: use SMD, BNBM] Angulatum Clays [Obsolete: use BNBM] Angus Sands [Obsolete: use FLMR, HUGI] Anker Sand And Gravel Annaclare Group Annagher Coal (Dungannon) Annandale Sandstone [Obsolete: use ANSA] Annandale Sandstone Bed [Obsolete: use ANSA] Annandale Sandstone Beds Annandale Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use ANSA] Annat Bay Formation Annie Formation Annie Sequence [Obsolete: use ANNE] Anstruther Beds [Obsolete: use ARBS] Anstruther Formation Anthracoceras paucilobum Marine Band Anthracoceratites Marine Band Antrim Lava Group Anvil Limestone Aonach Beag Semipelite Formation Apestor Limestone [Obsolete: use ECL] Apestor Limestones [Obsolete: use ECL] Appin Group Appin Group And Argyll Group (Undifferentiated) Appin Limestone Member Appin Phyllite and Limestone Formation Appin Quartzite [Obsolete: use MEDQ] Appin Quartzite Formation Appin Transition Formation Appinite Suite Appleby Group Appleby Group, Stewartry Group And Permian Sedimentary Rocks (Undifferentiated) Applecross Formation Applecross Subswarm Appledore Formation [Obsolete: use CKF] Applethwaite Beds [Obsolete: use AP] Applethwaite Formation [Obsolete: use AP] Applethwaite Group [Obsolete: use AP] Applethwaite Member Applethwaite Series [Obsolete: use AP] Appleton Ell Coal Appletree Limestone Appletree-Worth Sandstone Appletreeworth Volcanic Formation Approximately Equivalent To The Monograptus Leintwardinensis Shales. Aptian And Albian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Aqueduct Coal (North Wales) Aqueduct Grit [Obsolete: use GS] Aqueduct Rock [Obsolete: use OPS] Aran Boulder Bed Member Aran Fawddwy Formation Aran Fawddwy Formation [Duplicate: use AFM] Aran Volcanic Group Arbigland Beds [Obsolete: use ARLM] Arbigland Group [Obsolete: use ARLM] Arbigland Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use ARLM] Arbigland Limestone Member Arbigland Member [Obsolete: use ARLM] Arbikie Diamicton Member Arbriachan Intrusion Arbroath Formation [Obsolete: use AHS] Arbroath Sandstone [Obsolete: use AHS] Arbroath Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use AHS] Arbroath Sandstone Member Arbroath Sandstones [Obsolete: use TEF] Arbuthnott Group [Obsolete: use ATGK] Arbuthnott-Garvock Group Arbuthnott-Garvock Group And Strathmore Group (Undifferentiated) Arch Farm Sandstone Formation Archaean And Proterozoic Rocks (Undifferentiated) Archaean Rocks (Undifferentiated) Archaeological Excavation (Undivided) Archaeological Raised Ground (Undivided) Arched Mine Coal Archerbeck Beds Archerbeck Coal (Canonbie) Archerbeck Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use AKB, TYLS] Archerbeck Ochre Bed Archiestown Pluton Arcow Formation [Obsolete: use CDW] Arctic Freshwater Bed Ard Mheall Member (Western Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) [Duplicate: use RLW3] Ardair Semipelite Formation Ardalanish Striped Formation Ardara Pluton Ardara Pluton Phase 1 Ardara Pluton Phase 2 Ardara Pluton Phase 3 Ardassie Limestone Member Ardclach Granite Pluton Ardclach Pluton [Obsolete: use ADCL] Arden Limestone [Obsolete: use CAL] Arden Sandstone [Obsolete: use AS] Arden Sandstone Formation Arden Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use AS] Arden Sandstone Horizon [Obsolete: use AS] Arden Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use AS] Ardersier Silts Formation Ardgour Granite Gneiss Ardingly Sandstone [Obsolete: use ARS] Ardingly Sandstone Member Ardleigh Member Ardley Beds [Obsolete: use SHIP] Ardley Beds and Bladon Beds [Obsolete: use ARDY] Ardley Member Ardmillan Group Ardmillan Group (lower part) [Obsolete: use AMN] Ardmillan Group (upper part) [Obsolete: use AMN] Ardmillan Group, Albany Group And Barr Group (Undifferentiated) Ardmillan Series [Obsolete: use AMN] Ardmore Conglomerate Member Ardmore Formation Ardmore Grit [Obsolete: use DBAG] Ardmore Grit Formation [Obsolete: use ARDM, ARDG, ARDC] Ardmore Grit Member Ardnamona Sandstone Formation Ardnamurchan Central Complex Ardnamurchan Centre 1 Ardnamurchan Centre 2 Ardnamurchan Centre 3 Ardnamurchan Dyke-Swarm Ardnamurchan Point Gabbro Ring Intrusion Ardnandave Sandstone Formation Ardnave Phyllite And Greywacke Formation Ardnish Formation Ardnish Formation And Breakish Formation (Undifferentiated) Ardrishaig Phyllite [Obsolete: use DBAP] Ardrishaig Phyllite Formation Ardrishaig Phyllites Ardross Lingula Band Ards Black Schist Ards Quartzite Ardscalpie Formation Ardtrea Sill Ardtun Beds Ardullie Silt Formation Ardvarney Limestone Member Ardverikie Till Formation Ardvreck Group Ardwell Beds, Middle [Obsolete: use ARD] Ardwell Bridge Basic Volcanic Member Ardwell Bridge Lavas [Obsolete: use LYBV] Ardwell Farm Formation Ardwell Flags [Obsolete: use ARD] Ardwell Flags Formation (Topmost Beds) Ardwell Formation [Obsolete: use ARD] Ardwell Group [Obsolete: use ARD] Ardwell Subgroup Ardwick Formation [Obsolete: use ARG] Ardwick Group [Obsolete: use WAWK] Ardwick Limestones [Obsolete: use HA] Ardwick Marl(s) [Obsolete: use ETM] Arenaceous Coal Formation [Obsolete: use PES] Arenaceous Limestone [Obsolete: use MRF] Arenaceous Series [Obsolete: use ERSA] Arenig And Llanvirn Rocks (Undifferentiated) Arenig Ballantrae Volcanic Complex (assumed to be part of) [Obsolete: use CRV] Arenig Rocks (Undifferentiated) Arenig To Llandeilo Rocks (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete In Its Original Sense] Arfon Group Argill Marine Band [Local Name: see LSMB] Argillaceous Series [Obsolete: use ANSH] Argoed Limestone Member Argyle Drift Coal (Somerset) Argyll And Northern Highlands Granitic Suite Argyll Carbonate Member Argyll Group Arisdale Quartzite Member Arley And Exhall Sandstones Arley Coal (South Lancashire) Arley Conglomerate [Obsolete: use ARSA] Arley Mine Coal [Obsolete: use ARMC] Arley Sandstone [Obsolete: use ARSA] Armadale Ball Coal (Central Coalfield) Armadale Ball Fireclay Armadale Coxrod Coal Armadale Main Coal (Central Coalfield) Armadale Slatyband Ironstone Armadale Splint Coal Armadale Stinking Coal Armadale Upper Ball Coal Armadale Upper Cannel Coal (Central Coalfield) Armagh Group Armathwaite Dyke Armathwaite-Cleveland Dyke Armboth Dyke Armisdale Psammite [Obsolete: use MAAP] Armsheugh Member Armsheugh Sand and Gravel Formation Arnage Pluton Arnbath Psammite Formation Arngrove Spiculite Member Arngrove Stone [Obsolete: use AGSP] Arnhash Till Member Arnisdale Psammite Member Arniston Parrot Coal (Lothian) Arran Central Complex Arran Northern Granite (Inner Granite) Arran Northern Granite (Outer Granite) Arthur's Seat Volcanic Formation Arthur's Seat Volcanic Rocks [Obsolete: use ASV] Artificial Lagoon (Undivided) Artificial Pond or Artificial Lake Artificially modified ground Artificially Subsided Ground [Obsolete: use DDGR] Aruisg Psammite Formation Arun Formation Arun Member [Obsolete: use ARUN] Arun River Terrace Deposits, 2 Member and Arun River Terrace Deposits, 3 Member, Undifferentiated Arun River Terrace Deposits, 3 Member and Arun River Terrace Deposits, 4 Member, Undifferentiated Arun River Terrace Deposits, 4 Member and Arun River Terrace Deposits, 5 Member, Undifferentiated Arun Terrace Deposits, 1 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 2 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 2a Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 2b Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 3 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 4 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 5 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 6 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, 7 Member Arun Terrace Deposits, Facet 2a [Obsolete: use AR2A] Arun Terrace Deposits, Facet 2b [Obsolete: use AR2B] Arundel Sponge Beds Arvonian [Obsolete: use ARN] Arvonian Formation [Obsolete: use ARN, TWTH] Aryleive Limestone Bed Asaphus Ash Formation Ascog Member Asfordby Volcanic Formation Ashbank Sandstone Member Ashbourne Gravel Ashclough Coal (South Lancashire) Ashclough Marine Band [Local Name: see MTMB] Ashclough Mine Coal [Obsolete: use ASHC] Ashcombe Gravel Member Ashdown Beds [Duplicate: use AN] Ashdown Beds [Obsolete: use ASD] Ashdown Formation Ashdown Sand(s) [Obsolete: use ASD] Ashfell Limestone Formation Ashfell Sandstone [Obsolete: use AFS] Ashfell Sandstone Formation Ashfield Coking Coal (Central Coalfield) Ashfield Rider Coal Ashford Beds [Obsolete: use EYL] Ashford Sand and Gravel Ashgate Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derby) Ashgate Leaf 1 (Ollerton) Ashgate Lower Leaf Coal (Derby) Ashgate Upper Leaf Coal (Derby) Ashgill Formation Ashgill Rocks (Undifferentiated) Ashgill Shale Formation [Obsolete: use AHL] Ashgill Shales [Obsolete: use AHL] Ashington Coal (Northumberland) Ashington High Main Coal (Northumberland) [Obsolete: use ASHN] Ashness Tuff Member Ashover Coal Ashover Grit (Main Bed) Ashover Grit [Obsolete: use COG] Ashow Formation Ashow Group [Obsolete: use AW] Ashprington Volcanic Formation Ashprington Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use AVS] Ashton Formation [Obsolete: use ANSH, DHLS] Ashton Great Coal (Bristol Area) Ashton Great Coal (South Lancashire) Ashton Great Mine Coal [Obsolete: use AGCO] Ashton Little Coal (Bristol Area) Ashton Mudstone Member Ashton Mudstone Member And Crackington Formation (Undifferentiated) Ashton Shale Member [Obsolete: use ANSH] Ashton Top Coal (Bristol Area) Ashton Vale Marine Band [Local Name: see SBMB] Ashton Vale Marineband [Obsolete] Ashy Cleugh Limestone Askham Limestone [Obsolete: use ASKL] Askham Limestone Member Assapol Group [Obsolete: use GLEN] Assel Conglomerate [Obsolete: use ASC] Assel Conglomerate Member Assynt Glacigenic Formation Assynt Hornblende Microdiorite Swarm Assynt Meta-Olivine Gabbro Subswarm [Obsolete: use SMOG] Assynt Meta-Olivine Subswarm [Obsolete: use SMOG] Assynt Metapicrite Subswarm [Obsolete: use BMP] Assynt Porphyritic Trachyte Swarm Assynt Till Formation [Obsolete: use ASGL] Assynt Vogesite Swarm Asta Spilite Group [Obsolete: use ASSP] Asta Spilitic Formation Asta Spilitic Formation [Duplicate: use ASSP] Asta Spilitic Group [Obsolete: use ASSP] Astarte Bed Astbury Formation Astbury Limestone [Obsolete: use BOWO] Astbury Limestone Member Astbury Sandstone Member Astbury-Limestone-Shales [Obsolete: use AYLS] Astell Coal (South Wales) Aston Beds [Obsolete: use AST] Aston Coal (Oxfordshire) Aston Limestone Formation Aston Mudstone Formation Athais Till Formation Athelstan Oolite Formation Athelstaneford Sill Atherfield Clay 'Group' [Obsolete: use AC] Atherfield Clay [Obsolete: use AC, CECL] Atherfield Clay Formation Atherfield Clay Formation And Weald Clay Formation (Undifferentiated) Atherfield Clay sensu Fitton (1847, p. 296 part of Bed 3) [Obsolete: use CECL] Atherfield Clay Series [Obsolete: use AC] Atherfield Group [Obsolete: use AC] Atkinson and Fordingdale Ignimbrite Group [Obsolete: use WLT] Atlantean Supersuite Auch Gleann Psammite Formation Auchencar Burn Sandstone Member Auchencar Burn Sandstones [Obsolete: use AUSA] Auchencar Burn Sandstones Formation [Obsolete: use ABS] Auchencar Lava [Obsolete: use AULA, AUSA] Auchencar Lava Member Auchencar Sandstone Formation Auchencrow Burn Formation [Obsolete: use AUCR] Auchencrow Burn Sandstone Formation Auchenheath Dross Coal Auchenheath Smithy Coal Auchenheath Wee Gas Coal Auchenhew Beds [Obsolete: use AHM] Auchenhew Mudstone Formation Auchensoul Bridge Mudstone Formation Auchensoul Limestone Formation Auchenwinsey Member Auchenwinsey Till Member Auchineden Lava Member Auchineden Lavas [Obsolete: use ACLA] Auchingree Four Inch Coal Auchinlea Sandstone Auchivarie Psammite Formation Auchleuchries Sand and Gravel Formation Auchlyne Formation Auchmeddon Gravel [Obsolete: use AMNGR] Auchmeddon Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use AMNGR] Auchmeddon Gravel Member Auchmeddon Member [Obsolete: use AMNGR] Auchmithie Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use ACO] Auchmithie Conglomerate Member Auchnacloy Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use ACSF] Auchnahillin Monzonite Auchnahyle Formation Auchtitench Formation [Obsolete: use AUC] Auchtitench Sandstone Formation Aughnacloy Sandstone Formation Aughnacloy Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use ACSF] Auglish Sandstone Member Auk Formation Auldearn (Park) Pluton [Obsolete: use AULD] Auldearn Granite Pluton Auldshields Blackband Auldshields Musselband (Central Coalfield) Auldthorns Formation Aulrothie Sandstone Member Aultbea Formation Aurora Formation Austwick Flags and Grits [Obsolete: use ARF, AUF] Austwick Formation Austwick Formation And Arcow Formation (Undifferentiated) Aveley Member Aveline's Hole Limestone Avicula Ironstone Seam Avill Group [Obsolete: use ASS] Avill Slates And Sandstones Member Avoch Sandstone Member Avon Fifth Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use PERT] Avon Fifth Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use STRSG] Avon First Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use BRET] Avon Fourth Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use CRTD] Avon Group Avon Second Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use WAT] Avon Third Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use NIT] Avon Valley Formation [Obsolete: use AVON] Avoniel Anhydrite [Obsolete] Avoniel Limestone Avonmouth No.1 Coal Avonmouth No.2 Coal Awre Formation [Obsolete: use WLLEV] Axe Valley Formation Aycliff Member [Obsolete: use NPCH] Aydon Shell Bed Aylesbeare Group [Obsolete: use AYB] Aylesbeare Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use AYB] Aylesbeare Mudstone Group Aylesbury Sand Aymestry Group Aymestry Limestone Formation Aymestry Rock [Obsolete: use AL] Ayr Diamond Coal Ayr Ell Coal Ayr Extra Coal Ayr Forty Fathom Coal Ayr Hard Coal (Ayrshire) Ayr Jewel Coal (Ayrshire) Ayr Major Coal Ayr Thirty Six Fathom Coal Ayr Twenty Fathom Coal Ayr Twenty Three Fathom Coal Ayre Formation Ayre Lighthouse Formation Ayrshire Basanitic And Foiditic Plugs And Vents Ayrshire Bauxitic Clay [Obsolete: use ABC] Ayrshire Bauxitic Clay Formation [Obsolete: use ABC] Ayrshire Bauxitic Clay Member B-Bed Evaporite Babbacombe Slates Backet'S Copse Gravel Member Backfolds Palaeosol [Obsolete: use FSLCK] Bacton Green Till Member Bacton Group Bacton Member Bad An Loin Quartzite Member Bad Na H-Achlaise Ultramafic Rocks Bad Step Tuff Bad Step Tuff Member [Obsolete: use BDP] Badanloch Granite Sheets Badbea Breccia [Obsolete: use BAB] Badbea Breccio-Conglomerate Member Badcall Meta-Clinopyroxene-Norite Subswarm Badcallian (Kylesku Group) [Obsolete] Baddinsgill Mudstone Member Baddoch Burn Dolomite [Obsolete: use MEDL] Baddoch Burn Limestone Member Baddoch Burn Limestone Member [Duplicate: use BADL] Baddoch Burn Member [Obsolete: use BADL] Baddoch Burn Pelite Formation Baddoch Quartzite Member Baddock Till Member Badenloch Pelite Member [Obsolete: use LOCE] Badenoch Group Badentinan Sand Bed Badenyon Schist And Limestone Formation Badsworth Division [Obsolete: use BADS] Badsworth Member Badsworth Rock Baggy and Marwood Beds [Obsolete: use BYS] Baggy and Marwood Slates [Obsolete: use BYS] Baggy Beds [Obsolete: use BYS] Baggy Sandstones Formation Bagh Na H-Uamha Shale [Obsolete: use TCDL, TCAM] Baginton Sand [Obsolete: use BGSG] Baginton Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use BGSG] Baginton Sand and Gravel Formation Baginton-Lillington Gravel [Obsolete: use BGSG] Bagshot Beds [Obsolete: use BGS, BRB] Bagshot Beds and Bracklesham Beds (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete] Bagshot Formation Bagshot Formation, Bracklesham Group, Barton Group, Becton Sand Formation And Chama Sand Formation (Undifferentiated) Bagshot Pebble Bed Bagshot Sands [Obsolete: use BGS] Bagworth Marine Band [Local Name: see VDMB] Bail Hill Volcanic Group Bail Hill Volcanic Group [Duplicate: use BAIL] Bailey Hill Formation Bailey Hill Formation [Duplicate: use BAI] Bailey's Beds Baillieston Member [Obsolete: use BNTI] Baillieston Till Formation Baily's Hill Flint Bain Valley Formation Bakewell Formation Bala [Obsolete] Bala Limestone [Obsolete: use CY] Bala Volcanic Series [Obsolete] Balachuirn Sandstone Member Balbardie Blackband Ironstone Balbardie Gas Coal Balblair Intrusion Balby Formation Balchraggan Formation Balclatchie Beds [Obsolete: use PMP, BCH] Balclatchie Conglomerate [Obsolete: use BCH, BUN] Balclatchie Formation Balclatchie Formation, Ardwell Formation And Whitehouse Formation (Undifferentiated) Balclatchie Group [Obsolete: use BCH] Balclatchie Mudstones [Obsolete: use BCH, PMP] Balcomie Beds Balcomie Beds (Fife) [Obsolete: use CYD] Balcreuchan Group Balcreuchan Group (correlated with, but not named) [Obsolete: use BRNL] Balcreuchan Group, part of Arenig Volcanic Complex (correlated with, but no sp) [Obsolete: use BRNL] Balder Formation Baldernock Limestone Balderton Member [Obsolete: use BDTN] Balderton Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use BDTN] Balderton Sand and Gravel Member Balfreish Microgranite Balgaverie Member Balgrochan Beds Baligill Limestone Member Balintober Intrusion Balintore Formation Ball Coal (Midlothian) Ballachulish Group [Obsolete: use DABH] Ballachulish Limestone [Obsolete: use DABL, MEDL] Ballachulish Limestone Formation Ballachulish Pluton Ballachulish Slate [Obsolete: use MEDS, DASL] Ballachulish Slate Formation Ballachulish Subgroup Ballachulish Subgroup And Blair Atholl Subgroup (Undifferentiated) Balladoole Formation Ballagan Beds [Obsolete] Ballagan Cementstone Formation [Obsolete: use BGN] Ballagan Formation Ballagan Formation, Clyde Sandstone Formation And Strathclyde Group (Undifferentiated) Ballagan Formation, Clyde Sandstone Formation, Strathclyde Group And Clackmannan Group (Undifferentiated) Ballagan Formation, Clyde Sandstone Formation, Strathclyde Group and Lower Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Ballagh Limestone Member Ballanayre Slump Breccia Ballantrae Breccia Formation [Obsolete: use PKE] Ballantrae Complex Ballantrae Group [Obsolete: use BX] Ballantrae Igneous Complex [Obsolete: use BX] Ballantrae Igneous Series [Obsolete: use BX] Ballantrae Ophiolite [Obsolete: use BX] Ballantrae Ophiolite Complex Ballasalla Beds Ballasalla Formation [Obsolete: use DBH] Ballater Pluton Ballaugh Formation Ballbrook Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use BES] Balleich Lava Member Ballencleuch Law Granite Balleys Beds Ballinamallard Formation [Obsolete: use BLM] Ballinamallard Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use SHAN] Balling Coal Ballintoy Chalk Formation Ballintoy Chalk Member [Obsolete: use BTC] Balloch Clay Member Balloch Formation [Obsolete: use BOCH] Balloch Member [Obsolete: use BOCH] Balls Coal (South Wales) Ballyagen Formation Ballyalicock Conglomerate Formation Ballyalton Sill Ballyboley Halite Ballycastle Chalk Formation Ballycastle Chalk Member [Obsolete: use BCCK] Ballycastle Pellet Chalk [Obsolete] Ballycastle Sandstone Group Ballycastle White Limestone (lower part) [Obsolete: use PCC] Ballycastle White Limestone (upper part) [Obsolete: use BCCK] Ballycraigy Plug [Obsolete] Ballycultra Formation Ballydurnian Breccia Formation Ballygalley Head Plug Ballygawly Gneiss Ballygomartin Sill Ballygrant Formation Ballygrant Limestone [Obsolete: use DABG] Ballykelly Formation Ballylagan Member Ballyleighery Formation Ballyloughan Formation Ballymagarry Chalk Formation Ballymagarry Chalk Member [Obsolete: use BMC] Ballymaglin Shale Member Ballymartin Member Ballymastocker Formation Ballymoney Formation Ballynahone Micrite Formation Ballyness Formation Ballyrainey Sill Ballyreagh Conglomerate Formation Ballyshannon Limestone Formation Ballysteen Formation Ballytober Sandstone Formation Ballytrea Formation Ballyvoy Coals Ballyvoy Sandstone Formation Balmae Grits Balmakeith Till Member Balmeanach Silt Formation Balmoral Index Coal Balmoral Sandstone unit Balmoral Tuffite unit Balmore Marine Band Balnacraig Metabasite Member Balnagown Group Balnakiel Formation Balnakiel Group [Obsolete: use BNK] Bamburgh Formation Bampton Conglomerate [Obsolete: use LTY] Bampton Limestone Formation Bampton Limestone Formation [Duplicate: use BPLM] Bampton Limestone Group [Obsolete: use BPLM] Bampton Limestones Group [Obsolete: use BPLM] Bampton Member [Obsolete: use BPLM] Banbury Coal (North Staffordshire) Banbury Rock Banchory Till Formation Banded Group Banded Group within Blair Atholl Subgroup [Obsolete: use CAFS] Banded Schist within Blair Atholl Subgroup [Obsolete: use CAFS] Banded Series within Pale Group of Blair Atholl Series [Obsolete: use CAFS] Bandy In Northumberland Banffshire Coast and Caithness (Albion) Glacigenic Subgroup Banffshire Coast and Caithness Glacigenic Subgroup Banffshire Coast Drift Group [Obsolete: use BCD] Banffshire Coast Glacigenic Group [Obsolete: use BCD, BCAG] Bangley Dyke Bangley Member [Obsolete: use BYTRC] Bangley Trachytic Member Bangor Formation Banham Beds [Obsolete: use BANM] Banham Member Banjaard Formation Bank Coal Bank deposits Bank Farm Coal (Wyre Forest) Bank Farm Sand and Gravel Bank Moor Limestone Bankfield East Beds Bankhead Marine Band Bankhouses Limestone Banknock Jewel Coal Banknock Lower Drumgray Coal Banknock Main Coal Banknock Shale Coal Banknock Splint Coal Banknock Upper Drumgray Coal Banks Formation Banks Group Banks Sequence [Obsolete: use BANKS, CONCH] Banks Subsequence [Obsolete: use BANKS] Bannagher Sandstone Formation Bannisdale Formation Bannisdale Slates [Obsolete: use BND, UND] Bannock Coal (Cumbria) Bannockburn Lower Main Coal Bannockburn Main Coal Bannockburn Steam Coal Bannockburn Upper Main Coal Bantam Coal (Somerset) Banton [Main] Coal (Glasgow-Airdrie) Banton Blackband Coal Banton Blackband Ironstone Banton Clayband Ironstone Banton Main Coal Banton Rider Coal Banwy Member Baoileig Sill (South Arran) Baranailt Limestone Member Barbae Grits Barcelona Coal Bardahessiagh Formation Bardon 'Good Rock' [Obsolete: use GYA] Bardon Breccia Bardon Hill Volcanic Complex Bardsley Loom Formation Bardsley Rock Bare Coal (Warwickshire) Baren Red Group (Somerset) [Obsolete: use BRR] Bargan Coal (South Lancashire) Bargany Formation [Obsolete: use DYF] Bargate Beds [Obsolete: use BT] Bargate Formation [Obsolete: use BT] Bargate Member [Obsolete: use BT] Bargate Sandstone Member Barham Sand and Gravel Member Bark Butts Silts Member Barkisland Flags Barkley Breccia Formation Barmouth Formation Barn Rock Member Barn Scar Sand And Silt Member Barnby Clays [Obsolete: use BNBM] Barnby Member Barncraig Coal (Fife) Barncroft Beck Beds Barncroft Beck Member [Obsolete: use BACB] Barneil Member Barnes High Sandstone Member Barnesmore Pluton Barnesmore Pluton (Phase 2) Barnesmore Pluton (Phase 3) Barness East Limestone Barney's Cut Coal (Northumberland) Barney's Cut Sandstone Barnham Silt And Clay Member Barns Ness East Limestone Barns Ness Limestone [Obsolete: use MIHO] Barnsley Coal (West and South Yorkshire) Barnsley Rider Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Barnsley Rock Barnstone Member Barnstone Member And Barnby Member (Undifferentiated) Barnt Green Volcanic Formation Barnt Green Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use BGV] Barnwell Abbey Member Barnwell Station Member Barnyards Silt Formation Baron Hill Beds [Obsolete: use BAH] Baron Hill Formation Baron Hill Rocks [Obsolete: use BAH] Baronwood Member Baronwood Sand and Gravel Formation Barony Glen Formation Barr Beacon Beds [Obsolete: use HPBR] Barr Church Andesite Member Barr Group Barr Limestone [Obsolete: use BLZ] Barr Limestone Formation Barr Series [Obsolete: use BARR] Barra Formation Barra Isles Dyke Swarm Barracados Cherts [Obsolete: use TCH] Barrack Hill Andesite Member Barracks Ash Barracks Limestone Barras Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use BACO] Barras Conglomerate Member Barras Nose Beds [Obsolete: use BNF] Barras Nose Formation Barrasford Limestone Barren Coal Measures (Upper) [Obsolete: use CMSC] Barren Flagstones [Obsolete: use SLH] Barren Group [Obsolete: use SAR] Barren Measures [Obsolete: use BME] Barren Measures Group [Obsolete: use WAWK] Barren Red Formation (Somerset) [Obsolete: use BRR] Barren Red Group [Obsolete: use BRR] Barren Red Measures [Obsolete: use UCMS] Barren Red Member (Somerset) Barrhead Grit Barrhead Main Coal Barrhill Group Barriedale Flagstones [Obsolete: use BDF] Barrington Beds [Obsolete: use BARB] Barrington Member Barrmill Dyke Barrock Top Limestone Barron's Pike Sandstone Barrow Hill Basaltic Vent Barrow Terrace Deposits Barrow Tuff Member Barroway Drove Beds Barrowmouth Mudstone Formation Barrule Formation Barrule Slates (Manx Slates) [Obsolete: use BRUL] Barrule Slates [Obsolete: use GLRN, BRUL] Barrule Slates and Slieau Managh Slates [Obsolete: use BRUL] Barry Harbour Limestone Formation Barshaw Sill Barton Beds [Obsolete: use BA, CMBS] Barton Clay [Obsolete: use BAC] Barton Clay Formation Barton Formation [Obsolete: use BA] Barton Group Barton Group, Bracklesham Group And Bagshot Formation (Undifferentiated) Barton Limestone [Obsolete: use BRTL] Barton Limestone Member Barton Member [Obsolete: use BRTL] Barton Pebble Bed [Obsolete] Barton Sand [Obsolete: use BAS] Barton Sand Formation Barytes Mine Conglomerate [Obsolete: use BMCG] Barytes Mine Conglomerate Member Basal Andesite Sill-Complex Basal Beds [Obsolete: use PLMA, BKBD, SPN] Basal Beds Formation (Cumbria) Basal Breccia [Obsolete: use PBB] Basal Breccia and Sandstone [Obsolete: use HAE] Basal Cementstones [Obsolete: use KICM] Basal Clastics [Obsolete: use BYC] Basal Clastics Member Basal Conglomerate [Obsolete: use PSKA, TCM] Basal Grampian Division [Obsolete: use KNCG] Basal Gravel Basal Gravels [Obsolete: use MHSG] Basal Green Beds (South Wales) Basal Grit (Millstone Grit of South Wales) [Obsolete: use TWR] Basal Grit (Millstone Grit) [Obsolete: use TCDF] Basal Grit [Obsolete: use TWR] Basal Grits [Obsolete: use TWR] Basal Grits Group [Obsolete: use TWR] Basal Group [Obsolete: use SLLA] Basal Hydraulic Limestone Member [Obsolete: use RVB, CML] Basal Member (Canna Lava Formation) Basal Member (Eigg Lava Formation) Basal Oil Shale [Obsolete: use CUD] Basal Part Of Whitehills Group [Obsolete: use WHYL] Basal Pelite Formation Basal Permian Breccia (South West) Basal Permian Breccia [Obsolete: use PBB, YWS] Basal Permian Sands [Obsolete: use YWS] Basal Permian Sands Formation Basal Permian Sandstone [Obsolete: use YWS] Basal Permian Yellow Sands [Obsolete: use YWS] Basal Quartz Sandstone Formation Basal Quartzite [Obsolete: use BAQ] Basal Quartzite Member Basal Sand [Obsolete: use BROM] Basal Sand And Gravel Basal Sand Bed [Obsolete: use BROM] Basal Sandstone [Obsolete: use DRWN] Basal Sandstone Unit [Obsolete: use VIFM] Basal Shales [Obsolete: use PANT] Basal Shell Bed [Obsolete: use POCH] Basal unit of Sandend Group [Obsolete: use SNDL] Basalanhydrit Formation Base Bed Member Basement Bed [Obsolete: use GLML] Basement Beds (Group) [Obsolete: use MASA] Basement Beds (North Wales) Basement Beds (North West) [Obsolete: use MASA] Basement Beds (Northern Pennines) [Obsolete: use MASA] Basement Beds (Of Dudley) Basement Beds [Obsolete: use WAR, HEY, BRCT, BABE, LFSB, LLW, DELA, FRM, PLT, FRFA, PFLD, DDC] Basement Beds Formation [Obsolete: use FANT, FRFA, LGY, MEST, PANT, PDW] Basement Breccia (Shetland) Basement Conglomerate (Anglesey) [Obsolete: use LGY] Basement Conglomerate (North West) Basement Conglomerate [Obsolete: use LNCO, BABE] Basement Formation (Pars) [Obsolete: use DDC] Basement Formation [Obsolete: use BPLM] Basement or Bearing Grit [Obsolete: use BGRT] Basement Pebble Bed (of the Upper Bagshot Beds) [Obsolete: use STHP] Basement Sands of the Upper Glauconite Beds [Obsolete: use CLLW] Basic Tuff (Lydol Hole) [Part Of UO] Basic tuffs with basalts (Uriconian Group) [Obsolete: use UO] Basic Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use BGL] Basin peat Basket Shell Bed Baslow Coal (Derbyshire) Bass Coal (South Staffordshire) Bass Rock Plug Bassenthwaite Diorite Intrusions Bassey Mine [Obsolete: use BAMC] Bassey Mine Coal (Lancashire) Bassey Mine Coal (North Staffordshire) Bassingfield Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use BASG] Bassingfield Sand And Gravel Member Bassingham Fen Member [Obsolete: use FULB] Bassy Coal (South Lancashire) Bassy Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BMCO] Bastard Limestone [Obsolete: use CCL] Bastion Steps Beds Bastions Coal (South Lancashire) Baston Burn Group [Obsolete: use BAST] Baston Burn Lava Member Batavier Formation Batch Volcanic Beds [Obsolete: use BV] Batch Volcanic Member Batch Volcanic Rocks [Obsolete: use BV] Batch Volcanics [Obsolete: use BV] Batchie (Blackband) Ironstone Batchie Blackband Ironstone Batchie Coal (Central Coalfield) Bath Freestone [Obsolete: use BHO] Bath Lodge Coal (Ballycastle, Northern Ireland) Bath Lodge Lava Formation Bath Oolite [Obsolete: use BHO] Bath Oolite Member Bath Oolite Member and Corsham Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Bath Stone and Lower Rags [Obsolete: use AOL] Bathampton Down Member Bathampton Gravel Member Bathampton Gravel Member and Stidham Gravel Member Undifferentiated Bathampton Member [Obsolete: use BAV1] Bathgate Group Bathgate Hills Volcanic Formation Bathgate Jewel Coal Bathgate Lavas [Obsolete: use BHV] Bathgate Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use BHV] Bathonian And Callovian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Bathonian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Batty Mine Coal (North Staffordshire) Baulking Sand Member Bay Coal Bay Marine Band [Local Name: see CAMB] Bay Member Bay of Stoer Formation Bay Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use SABA, SBSM] Bay Vein Bays Leap Coal (Northumberland and Durham) Bayston-Oakswood Formation Bayston-Oakswood Group [Obsolete: use BAGP] Bayston-Oakwood Formation [Obsolete: use BAGP] Beach and Tidal Flat Deposits (Undifferentiated) Beach deposits Beach dune sand Beach Rock Beachy Head Beds Beachy Head Marls Beachy Head Sponge Beds Beacon Hill Acid Group [Obsolete: use OF] Beacon Hill Flags Beacon Hill Formation Beacon Hill Sand And Gravel Member Beacon Hill Tuff Formation [Obsolete: use BHF, CMBH] Beacon Hill Volcanic Formation Beacon Hill Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use BHVF] Beacon Limestone Formation Beacon Tuff Member Beacon Tuffs Member [Obsolete: use BCT] Beaconsfield Flags [Obsolete: use BHF] Beaconsfield Gravel Member Beaconsfield Member [Obsolete: use BDGR] Beadnell Coal (Northumberland) Bealbury Formation Bealesmill Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BEAL] Bealsmill Formation Bealsmill Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BEAL] Beannach Metapicrite Subswarm Beannan Buidhe Member Bearing Grit Bearreraig Sandstone Formation Bearreraig Sandstone Series [Obsolete: use BEAS] Bearsmouth Or Thorneyburn Coal Bearstone Sandstones [Obsolete: use HEY] Beatrice Formation Beauly Member Beauly Silt Formation Beaumont Coal (Northumberland) Bebside Bank Seam (D/De1) Beccles Glacial Beds Beck Bottom Stone Coal (West Yorkshire) Beck Wood Tuff Member Beckford Terrace Deposits Beckingham Member Becklees Sandstone Formation Beckley Sand Member Beckley Sand, Temple Cowley and Arngrove Spiculite Members [Obsolete: use KTON] Beckley Sands [Obsolete: use BYSA] Becton Bunny Member Becton Sand [Obsolete: use BECS] Becton Sand Formation Becton Sand Formation And Chama Sand Formation (Undifferentiated) Bed 1 [Obsolete: use SYCN] Bed 3 (lower part of Crovie Group) [Obsolete: use CHST] Bed 3 (Upper Part) of Crovie Group [Obsolete: use GMSA] Bed 3 [Obsolete: use PYDN] Bed 4 [Obsolete: use PNN] Bed 4 Oolite Group [Obsolete: use BLO] Bed 6 (part of Marker Beds) [Obsolete: use DDLM] Bed A and lower part of Bed B [Obsolete: use RSVR] Bed A, excluding upper part [Obsolete: use RSVR] Bed B [Obsolete: use CKRI, WKH] Bed C [Obsolete: use WLN, CKRI, TDH] Bed D [Obsolete: use HSW] Bed F [Obsolete: use LAR] Bedchester Sands Member Bedded agglomerate of Greenan Castle [Obsolete: use GCP] Bedded Pyroclastic Formation Bedded Tuff [Obsolete: use DPT] Bedhampton Marls (One) Bedhampton Marls (Three) Bedhampton Marls (Two) Bedlam Gill Coal (Cumbria) Bedminster Great Coal (Bristol Area) Bedminster Little Coal (Bristol Area) Bedminster Toad Coal (Bristol Area) Bedminster Top Coal (Bristol Area) Bedrock (pre-Carboniferous rocks) at or near surface [see descriptions for limitations of use] Bedrock (sedimentary cover) at or near surface [see descriptions for limitations of use] Bedrock at or near surface [see descriptions for limitations of use] Bedrock Geology Not Mapped [For Digital Map Use Only] [Obsolete: use BEDNM] Bedrock Theme Not Mapped [For Digital Map Use Only] Bedruthan Formation Bedruthan Slates [Obsolete: use BEDN] Beds 1 and 2 in Crovie Group [Obsolete: use DCST] Beds 5 and 6 [Obsolete: use COFYD] Beds at A, A1 and lower part of B [Obsolete: use RSVR] Beds at C [Obsolete: use CKRI] Beds at D to E [Obsolete: use GHD] Beds at D to H [Obsolete: use WLN] Beds at F [Obsolete: use LAR] Beds at G and H [Obsolete: use BDD] Beds at J to M [Obsolete: use HSW] Beds C To H Beds C, E [Obsolete: use BNY] Beds D to E [Obsolete: use GHD] Beds D to H [Obsolete: use WLN] Beds G and H [Obsolete: use BDD] Beds included in 'Millstone Grit' [Obsolete: use HGP] Beds of 'Findon Group' [Obsolete: use GDC] Bee Coal Bee Low Formation [Obsolete: use BLL] Bee Low Group [Obsolete: use BLL] Bee Low Limestone Formation Bee Low Limestones [Obsolete: use BLL] Bee Low Limestones Formation (Apron-Reef) Bee Low Limestones Formation (Knoll-Reef) Beechcliff Sandstone Beechwood Conglomerate Bed Beeding Beds Beeding Flints Beeding Hardgrounds Beeding Marl Beefie Coal (Lothian) Beenham Grange Gravel [Obsolete: use BGGR] Beenham Grange Gravel Member Beenham Stocks Gravel [Obsolete: use BSGR] Beenham Stocks Gravel Member Beer Head Limestone Formation Bees Nest Member Beeson Grits Formation Beeston Chalk Member Beeston Coal (West Yorkshire) Beeston Regis Formation [Obsolete: use SMCL] Beeston Rider Coal (West Yorkshire) Beeston River Deposits [Obsolete: use BDTN] Beeston River Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use BDTN] Beeston Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use BSSG] Beeston Sand and Gravel Member Beeston Terrace [Obsolete: use BSSG, ALSG] Beetle Bed Beggar Coal (Midlothian) Bein Nan Coireag Conglomerate Beinn A'Chaisteil Quartzite Formation Beinn A'Ghlo Graphitic Schist [Obsolete: use MEDS] Beinn A'Ghlo Quartzite Beinn A'Ghlo Quartzite Formation [Obsolete: use MEDQ] Beinn A'Ghlo Schist Beinn A'Ghlo Transition Formation Beinn A'Ghlo Transition Formation And Glen Clunie Graphitic Schist Formation (Undifferentiated) Beinn Airein-An Stac Member Beinn An Dothaidh Formation Beinn An Dubhaich Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre: Phase 3) Beinn An Dubhaich Limestone Beinn An Leathaid Granodiorite Intrusion Beinn An Tuim Striped Formation Beinn an Uain Till Formation Beinn Bheula Schist [Obsolete: use DCBB] Beinn Bheula Schist Formation Beinn Bhreac Member Beinn Bhreac Psammite [Obsolete: use BBPS] Beinn Bhreac Psammite Formation Beinn Buidhe Older Quartz-Gabbro Intrusion Beinn Chaisgidle (Centre 2) Suite Beinn Churalain Quartzite Beinn Deag Mhor Granite (Western Red Hills Centre: Phase 5) Beinn Donn Quartzite Formation Beinn Dorain Semipelite Formation Beinn Edra Formation Beinn Edra Group [Obsolete: use BEDRA] Beinn Gaire Psammite Member Beinn Iadain Mudstone Formation Beinn Iaruinn Quartzite Formation Beinn Leamhain Psammite Formation [Obsolete] Beinn Mheadhoin Pebbly Psammite Formation Beinn Na Cro Gabbro (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre) Beinn Na Cro Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre: Phase 2) Beinn na Leac Sandstone Member Beinn Na Seamraig Formation Beinn Na Seamraig Grits [Obsolete: use TBS] Beinn Nan Ord Gabbro Ring-Dyke Beinn Totaig Formation Beinn Udlaidh Quartzite Formation Beith Lava Member Beith Lavas [Obsolete: use BELA] Belah Dolomite Beldin Gill Ganister Beldin Gill Ganister Formation [Obsolete: use BEG] Beldorney Pelite Formation Belemnite Beds [Obsolete: use BM] Belemnite Marl Member Belemnite Marls [Obsolete: use BM, PLMA] Belemnite Sands Member Belemnitiferous and Micaceous Marls (upper part) [Obsolete: use DICL] Belfast Group Belfast Harbour Evaporite Formation Belfast Marls Formation Belfast Marls Member [Obsolete: use BLFM] Belhaven Point Vent Belhelvie Basic Intrusion Belhelvie Pluton Bell Crags Breccia Member Bell Crags Member [Obsolete: use BCR] Bell Pit Bell Pit [Duplicate: use WMBP] Bell's Hill and Howden Burn Group [Obsolete: use BHHB, TDH] Bell's Hill and Howden Burn Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use BHHB] Bell's Hill Volcanic Member Bellavally Formation Belle Tout Beds Belle Tout Marls (One) Belle Tout Marls (Three) Belle Tout Marls (Two) Bellfield Conglomerate Bed Belling Limestone Bellingham Coal (Northumberland) Bellman Limestone Member Bellmoor Member Bellochantuy Bay Formation Bellringer Coal (North Staffordshire) Bellscamphie Till Formation Bellshill Clay Member Bellshill Formation [Obsolete: use BILL] Bellside Coal (Glasgow; Central Coalfield) Bellside Ironstone (Central Coalfield) Bellyhack Quartzite Member Belper Grit Belper Lawn Coal (Leicester, Nottingham, Derby) Belsay Dene Coal (Northumberland) Belsay Dene Limestone Beltiboy Coal (Dungannon) Belton Brae Vent Belton Grain Vein Belton Sand And Gravel Belvoir Limestone Formation Bembridge Beds Bembridge Limestone [Obsolete: use BEL] Bembridge Limestone Formation Bembridge Marls [Obsolete: use BMBG] Bembridge Marls Member Bembridge Oyster Beds Bembridge Raised Beach [Obsolete: use BEMRB] Bembridge Raised Beach Member Ben A Caillich Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills: Phase 5) Ben Aian Quartzite [Obsolete: use BAQU] Ben Aigan Quartzite [Obsolete: use BAQU] Ben Aigan Quartzite Member Ben Bowie Lava Member Ben Challum Quartzite Formation Ben Dorrery Conglomerate Member Ben Dubhain Breccia And Conglomerate Ben Eagach Schist [Obsolete: use BESC] Ben Eagach Schist Formation Ben Griam Conglomerate Member Ben Griam Lower Arkose [Obsolete: use BGCON] Ben Griam Lower Conglomerate [Obsolete: use BGCON] Ben Griam Upper Arkose [Obsolete: use BGCON] Ben Griam Upper Conglomerate [Obsolete: use BGCON] Ben Hiant Breccia Member Ben Hiant Intrusion Ben Hiant Pitchstone Sheet-Swarm Ben Hiant Porphyritic Dolerite Intrusion Ben Hope Sill Suite Ben Killilan Psammite Member Ben Lawers Schist [Obsolete: use BLAS] Ben Lawers Schist Formation Ben Ledi Grit Formation Ben Ledi Grits [Obsolete: use ARES, CISA, LDBU] Ben Loyal Intrusion Ben Lui Schist [Obsolete: use BLUS] Ben Lui Schist Formation Ben Lundie Formation Ben More Lava Formation Ben Nevis Complex Ben Nevis Complex (Inner Granite) Ben Nevis Complex (Marginal Intrusion) (Pyroxene Diorite To Granodiorite) Ben Nevis Complex (Marginal Intrusion) (Quartz Diorite) Ben Nevis Complex (Outer Granite) Ben Nevis Dyke Swarm Ben Nevis Volcanic Formation Ben Nevis Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use AMMU, BNVO] Ben Rinnes Pluton Ben Rinnes Pluton (Phase 1) Ben Rinnes Pluton (Phase 2) Ben Rinnes Pluton (Phase 3) Ben Rinnes Pluton (Phase 4) Ben Stumanadh Intrusion Ben Suardal Limestone [Obsolete: use BSLL] Ben Suardal Member Ben Vuirich Pluton Ben Wyvis Pelite [Obsolete: use BWYP] Ben Wyvis Pelite Formation Ben Wyvis Pelitic Schist [Obsolete: use BWYP] Ben Wyvis Psammite [Obsolete: use GAPS] Benan Conglomerate Formation Benarth Grits And Flags Benbulben Shale Formation Benburb Group Benburb Lignite [Obsolete: use BNBL] Benburb Mudstone Member Bench Coal Bench Coal (Warwickshire) Bench Thin Coal (Warwickshire) Benches Coal (South Staffordshire) Bencliff Grit [Obsolete: use BFG] Bencliff Grit Member Bencliff Grit Series [Obsolete: use BFG] Bencroy Shale Formation Benglog Volcanic Formation Benhar Coal Benholm Clay Formation Benigarth Mica-Schist (?Formation) Bennachie Pluton Bennan Intrusion (South Arran) Bennane Lea Breccia Member Benscliffe Agglomerate [Obsolete: use CMBA, BENS] Benscliffe Breccia Member Benscliffe Breccia Member [Duplicate: use CMBA] Bensham Coal (Northumberland) Benthall Beds [Obsolete: use BEB] Benthall Member Bentinck Coal (Northumberland) Bentleyford Shales Formation Benton Series [Obsolete: use PBV] Benton Volcanic Group Benton Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use PBV] Bents Fireclay Beoch Musselband Beoil Banded Schist [Obsolete: use DUNS] Beoil Quartzite [Obsolete: use BEOQ] Beoil Quartzite Formation Beoil Schist [Obsolete: use BEOS] Beoil Schist Formation Beoil Schist Formation And Meall Dubh Striped Pelite Formation (Undifferentiated) Beragh Granite Beresford Seam Berkshire Oolite "Series" [Obsolete: use BYSA] Berkshire Oolite Series [Obsolete: use BYSA] Berkshire Oolite Series and Osmington Oolite Series [Obsolete: use STOU] Berllan Beds Berllan Formation [Obsolete: use BER] Bernisk Glen Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete] Berriedale Conglomerate Berriedale Flagstone Formation Berriedale Sandstone Formation Berriedale Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use BDSA] Berriedale Sandstones [Obsolete: use BDSA] Berry Head Member Berry Member [Obsolete: use LCB] Berry Slade Formation Berryhills Coal (Glasgow Area; Central Coalfield) Berryhills Limestone Berryley And Hardslacks Members Of Camp Fauld Formation Of Bowen (1999) Berryley Peat Bed Berw Shear Zone Berwick Limestone Beryl Formation [Obsolete: use HUGI] Bessygill Limestone Best Coal (Coalbrookdale) Beta Coal (North Wales) Beta Rider Coal (North Wales) Better Bed Band Coal (West Yorkshire) Better Bed Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Better Bed Fireclay Bettisfield Formation [Obsolete: use PCM] Betton Beds [Obsolete: use BET] Betton Member [Obsolete: use BET] Betton Shale Formation Betton Shale Formation [Duplicate: use BET] Betton Shale Formation And Meadowtown Formation (Undifferentiated) Bettshanger L Coal (Kent) Bettws Four Feet Coal (South Wales) Bettws Mill Tuff Member Bettws Mudstone Formation Bettyhill Formation Bettyhill Suite Beul Lama Sgorr Member Beverkae Limestone Bewcastle Beds [Obsolete: use BWCB] Bewcastle Member Bewerley Shales Beyrichoceras Hodderense Bed [Obsolete: use BOH] Bharradail Phyllite Member Bheinn Bhreac Member [Obsolete: use TCAS] Bickerton Moraines Formation [Obsolete: use ESKRM] Biddenham Member Bidean Nam Bian Andesite Member Bideford Formation Bideford Group [Obsolete: use BFF] Bielby Peat Bed Bielby Sand Member Bifidus Beds [Obsolete: use BFDS] Bifidus Shales [Obsolete: use ABM] Bifidus Slate Formation Bifidus Slate Formation and Murchisoni Beds (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use BFMB] Bifidus Slates [Obsolete: use CREN, BFDS] Big Coal (Somerset) Big Coal (South Wales) Big Drum Coal (Lanarkshire) Big Flint Coal (Coalbrookdale) Big Flint Rock Big Mine Coal Big Rider Coal (South Wales) Big Rock Coal (South Wales) Big Smut Coal (Goyt Trough) Big Vein [Obsolete: use BIGC] Big Vein Coal (South Wales) Biggar Volcanic Formation Bigholms Burn Peat Bed Bighouse Formation Bighouse Limestone Member [Obsolete: use GLB] Bighouse Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BIGH, RBSM] Bighouse Sandstone Formation and lower part of Sandside Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BIGH] Biglees Hill Sill Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band (1 of 3) Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band (2 of 3) Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band (3 of 3) Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2B1] Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2B2] Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2B3] Bilinguites bilinguis Marine Band [See Also: R2B1 R2B2 R2B3] Bilinguites eometabilinguis Marine Band Bilinguites eometabilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2B4] Bilinguites gracilis Marine Band Bilinguites gracilis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2A1] Bilinguites metabilinguis Marine Band Bilinguites metabilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2B5] Bilinguites superbilinguis Marine Band Bilinguites superbilinguis Marine Band [Duplicate: use R2C1] Billingham Anhydrite Formation Billy Coal (South Staffordshire) Bilsdean Sandstone Bilston Burn Limestone [Obsolete: use SHLS] Bilston Rock (South Staffordshire) Bilton Coal [Obsolete: use BICO] Bilton Coal Beds Bin Coal (South Lancashire) Bin Down Formation Bin Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BNCO] Bin Mountain Sandstone Formation Bincombe Mudstone Member [Obsolete: use RID] Bindon Sandstone Member Binds Stone (South Staffordshire) Bingley Bog Formation Binnein Quartzite [Obsolete: use DABQ] Binnein Quartzite Member Binnein Schist [Obsolete: use DABS] Binnein Schist Member Binnend Limestone Binnend Sandstone Binnend Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use BINS] Binny Craig Sill Binny Sandstone Binsey Formation [Obsolete: use EVG] Bioclastic sand deposits Biological deposits Biotite-Quartz-Gneiss Of Sark Birch Sandstone Member Birchenwood Coal Birchlaw Limestone Birchwood Semipelite Formation Birdlip Limestone Formation Birdoswald Limestone Group [Obsolete: use TYLS] Birdsall Calcareous Grit Member Birdshill Limestone Birdwell Rock Birgidale Formation Birk Fell Group [Obsolete: use SCW] Birk Riggs Formation Birkby Fell Andesite Member Birkby Fell Member [Obsolete: use BKB] Birkdale Limestone Birkenhead Sandstone Formation Birker Fell Andesite Formation Birker Fell Andesite Group [Obsolete: use BFA] Birkfield Limestone Birkhill Shale Formation Birkhill Shales [Obsolete: use BKSH] Birky Cleugh Limestone Birnam Grit [Obsolete: use BSAG] Birnam Slate [Obsolete: use BSAG] Birnam Slate And Grit Formation Birnbeck Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use HTL] Birnie Gravel Formation Birrenswark Lavas [Obsolete: use BIRV] Birrenswark Volcanic Formation Birrenswark Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use BIRV] Birstall Rock Birstall Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use BISG] Birstall Sand and Gravel Member Birstall Terrace [Obsolete: use BISG] Birtley Limestone Bisat Group Biscathorpe Sand And Gravel Bishop's Frome Limestone Member [Obsolete: use CHAP] Bishop's Quarry Beds [Obsolete: use CFML] Bishop's Quarry Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use CFML] Bishopbriggs Sandstone Bishopston Formation [Obsolete: use BISHM] Bishopston Mudstone Formation Bittadon Tuff Bed Bitter Beck Formation Bla-Bheinn Member Black (Aberdo) Limestone [Obsolete: use TLB] Black and White Coal (South Lancashire) Black and White Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BAWC] Black Band Coal (North Staffordshire) Black Band Coal (South Yorkshire) Black Band Formation [Obsolete: use BBG] Black Band Ironstone Member Black Band Member Black Bass Coal (North Staffordshire) Black Bed Coal (North Wales) Black Bed Coal (West Yorkshire) Black Bed Ironstone (West Yorkshire) Black Cliff Coal (Milford, South Wales) Black Cliff Vein [Obsolete: use BCCO] Black Coal (Bristol Area) Black Coal (South Lancashire) Black Coal (South Wales) Black Cock Beds [Obsolete: use BCB] Black Cock Formation Black Down Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use CKF] Black Hill Intrusion [Obsolete: use BKHI] Black Hill Laccolith Black Isle Sandstone Group Black Law Plug (Greenock) Black Law Vent And Plug (Jedburgh) Black Lias [Obsolete: use OB] Black Limestone (Isle Of Man) Black Limestone [Obsolete: use TLB] Black Limestones And Shales Black Marl [Obsolete: use BVM, SHWB] Black Metal Coal (Cumbria) Black Metals [Obsolete: use BKME] Black Metals Marine Band [Local Name: see HTMB] Black Metals Member Black Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BMIC] Black Mount Group [Obsolete: use BMLA] Black Mount Lava Member Black Mountain Shale Member Black Neuk Member Black Nore Beds Black Nore Sandstone (Jurassic) Black Nore Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BRS] Black Park Gravel Member Black Rake Coal (Nottingham) Black Rock Dolomite [Obsolete: use FPL] Black Rock Dolomite Formation [Obsolete: use BRL, FPL] Black Rock Group [Obsolete: use BRL] Black Rock Limestone [Obsolete: use FPL, BHL] Black Rock Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use BRL] Black Rock Limestone Subgroup Black Rock Subgroup And Gully Oolite Formation (Undifferentiated) Black Rocks Sill Black Schist and Chert Black Shale And Chert Black Shale And Chert "Series" (A) [Obsolete] Black Shale And Chert "Series" (B) [Obsolete] Black Shale and Margie Grit [Obsolete: use MARG] Black Shales [Obsolete: use WBY] Black Shales And Conglomerates Black Shales of Malvern [Obsolete: use WOA] Black Shelly Boulder Clay [Obsolete: use BECL] Black Shelly Till [Obsolete: use BECL] Black Slate and Chert [Obsolete: use BLSL] Black Slates of Dolwyddelan [Obsolete: use NOG] Black Slates of Skiddaw [Obsolete: use KST] Black Stockarton Moor Complex [Obsolete: use BSTM] Black Stockarton Moor Subvolcanic Complex Black Top Coal Black Vein Coal (South Wales) Black Ven Beds [Obsolete: use BVM] Black Ven Marl Member Black Ven Marls [Obsolete: use BVM] Blackband Coal (New Cumnock) Blackband Coal (South Wales) Blackband Group [Obsolete: use BBG] Blackband Lingula Band Blackband Marine Band Blackberry Bank Formation Blackbrook Beds [Obsolete: use CBK] Blackbrook Formation [Obsolete: use CBK] Blackbrook Group Blackbrook Reservoir Formation Blackbrook Series [Obsolete: use CBK] Blackbyre Coal (Glasgow; Central Coalfield) Blackbyre Limestone Blackchapel Coal (Lothian) Blackcleugh Limestone Blackclose Coal (Rothbury Area) [Obsolete: use MOOR] Blackcraig Formation Blackcraig Formation And Galdenoch Formation (Undifferentiated) Blackford Hill Member Blackhall Colliery Formation Blackhall Estheria Band Blackhall Formation [Obsolete] Blackhall Limestone Blackhall Member Blackhall Till Formation Blackheath Beds [Obsolete: use CHGR, BLB] Blackheath Member Blackheath Pebble Member [Obsolete: use BLB] Blackhill Coal (Northumberland) Blackhills Sand and Gravel Formation Blackmine Coal (North Staffordshire) Blackmires Limestone Bed Blacko Marine Band Blackpool Mudstone Member Blackrock Grit Formation Blackrock Marl Blackshale And Ashgate Coal (Vale Of Belvoir) Blackshale Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) Blackshale Lower Leaf Coal (Derby) Blackshale Sill Blackshale Upper Leaf Coal (Derby) Blackshale/Ashgate Group (Of Coals) (Nottingham) Blackslee Dyke [Obsolete] Blackstokes Limestone Formation Blackstone (Shropshire) Blackstone Bed (Jurassic) Blackstone Coal (Coalbrookdale) Blackstone Coal (Stoke) Blackstone Edge Sandstone Blackstone Marine Band [Local Name: see MTMB] Blackstones Band Igneous Complex Blacktongue Coal Blackwater Formation Blackwater Hollow Gravel Member Blackwater Limestone Formation Blackwater Pluton Blackwood Beds [Obsolete: use DYF] Bladon Beds and Kemble Beds [Obsolete: use BLAD] Bladon Member Blae Pot Coal Blae Pot Limestone Blaeberry Coal Blaeberry Formation Blaen Eidda Member [Obsolete: use CEI] Blaen Myherin Mudstones Formation Blaen Onnen Oolite [Obsolete: use BLO] Blaen Onnen Oolite Formation Blaen Y Cwm Beds [Obsolete: use BCSH] Blaen-Y-Cwm Shale Formation Blaen-Y-Glyn Formation Blaguegate Yard Coal Blair Atholl Dark Limestone and Dark Schist [Obsolete: use GBSC] Blair Atholl Dark Limestone And Dark Schist Formation Blair Atholl Series [Obsolete: use DABA, DABH] Blair Atholl Subgroup Blair Flags and Shales [Obsolete: use BLRS] Blair Hill Tuff Member Blair Shale Formation Blair Shales [Obsolete: use BLRS] Blairdaff Moraine Formation Blairfindy Limestone Member Blairgowrie Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use SCN] Blairhall Blackband Ironstone Blairhall Main Coal (Cowdenbeath) Blairhall Main Coal (Fife) Blake Brow Breccia Member Blake Brow Member [Obsolete: use BLBR] Blakefell "Mudstone" [Obsolete: use KST] Blakeney Formation Blakeney Valleys Formation Bland Coal (South Lancashire) Blandford Chalk Member [Obsolete: use NCK, SECK] Blane Water Formation [Obsolete: use BLAW] Blane Water Silt Formation Blanket bog peat Blanket head (regolith) [Obsolete: use RLITH] Blanket head [Obsolete: use RLITH] Blargie Quartzite Member Blatchford Sand [Obsolete: use WOG] Blaven Granite (Srath Na Creitheach Centre) Blea Wyke Beds [Obsolete: use BW] Blea Wyke Sands [Obsolete: use BW] Blea Wyke Sandstone Formation Blea Wyke Series [Obsolete: use BW] Bleadon Member Bleak Down Gravel Member Bleawath Formation [Obsolete: use BLEA] Bleawath Tuff Formation Blelham Peat Formation Blenfire Coal (South Lancashire) Blenfire Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BLEN] Blenfire Rock Blengdale Glacigenic Formation Blengdale Tuff Formation Blidworth and Top Hard Coal (Vale of Belvoir) Blidworth Coal (Nottingham) Bligh Bank Formation Blind Beck Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BBKS] Blind Beck Sandstone Member Blind Cove Member [Obsolete: use BLCV] Blind Cove Sandstone Member Blind Rock Dyke Blisco Formation [Obsolete: use BCO] Blisco Member [Obsolete: use BCO] Blisco Sandstone Member Blisworth Clay Formation Blisworth Clay Member [Obsolete: use BWC] Blisworth Limestone [Obsolete: use WHL] Blisworth Limestone Formation Block Coal (South Derbyshire) Blockfield Blocking Bed Coal Blocking Coal (West Yorkshire) Blocking Rider Coal (West Yorkshire) Bloody Bay Sandstone Blowgill Member [Obsolete: use EBB] Blown sand Blown sand, 1 Blucks Pool Limestone [Obsolete: use BRL] Blue Anchor Formation Blue Anchor Formation And Penarth Group (Undifferentiated) Blue Clays [Obsolete: use EYCL] Blue Coal (Somerset) Blue Flats Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Blue Lias [Obsolete: use BLI, RLS] Blue Lias Formation Blue Lias Formation (Hebrides) Blue Lias Formation (Hebrides) and Breakish Formation, Interdigitated Blue Lias Formation (Hebrides), Breakish Formation, And Beinn Iadain Mudstone Formation Blue Lias Formation (Marginal Facies) [Obsolete: use BLI] Blue Lias Formation And Charmouth Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Blue Lias Formation, Charmouth Mudstone Formation And Dyrham Formation (Undifferentiated) Blue Lias Formation, Scunthorpe Mudstone Formation And Charmouth Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Blue Limestone Blue Marl [Obsolete: use GLT, CHAM] Blue Marle [Obsolete: use GLT] Blue Tour Coal (Ayrshire) Blue Tour Limestone Blue Wick Sands [Obsolete: use BW] Blue-Grey Series [Obsolete: use BCD, ESTI] Blues Limestones Bluntisham Clay [Obsolete: use AMC] Blyth Coal (Nottingham) Blyth Member [Obsolete: use BYTIL] Bo'ness Lower Ironstone Bo'ness Six Foot Coal Bo'ness Splint Coal (Glasgow Area; Central Coalfield) Bo'ness Upper Ironstone Boat Harbour Marine Band Boat Of Garten Pluton Boathill Limestone Member Bobberstone Farm Gravel Member Bochruben Formation Bod Deiniol Member Bodafon Beds [Obsolete: use BODA] Bodafon Formation Bodafon Moor Flags Bodafon Quartzite Bodeidda and Deganwy Mudstones [Obsolete: use COMU] Bodeidda Mudstones [Obsolete: use COMU] Bodeidda-Deganwy Mudstone [Obsolete: use DYM, BDM] Bodelwyn Beds [Obsolete: use NHBB] Bodelwyn Formation Bodgadle Member Bodieve Tuff Bodlondeb Tuff Member Bodmin Intrusion Bodorgan Formation Bodwr Coal (South Wales) Bodwrog Marble Bodwrog Member Bofrishlie Burn Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BBSA] Bofrishlie Burn Sandstone Member Bofrishlie Slate Formation Bog iron-ore Bog Mine Outliers [Obsolete: use BOQ] Bog Quartzite [Obsolete: use BOQ] Bog Quartzite Formation Boganglogh Margin Type Ultramafic Intrusion Boggierow Intrusion Boghead Gas Coal Boghole and Whitemire Beds Boglochty Beds Bogne Hollow Chert Member Bognor Member [Obsolete: use BOSA] Bognor Rock Bed [Obsolete: use BOSA] Bognor Sand [Obsolete: use BOSA] Bognor Sand Member Bogside Ironstone And Coal Bogside Limestone Bogside Main Coal Bogside Thick Coal Boheeshane Chalk Formation Boheeshane Chalk Member [Obsolete: use BHCK] Bold Formation Bold Venture Beds Bolders Bank Formation Bole Hill Channel Bole Hill Sandstone Bollandoceras Hodderense Beds [Obsolete: use BOH] Bollin Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use BOM] Bollin Mudstone Member Bolsa Member Bolton Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Bomb Crater Bonahaven (Bunnahabhain) Dolomite Formation Bonahaven Dolomite [Obsolete: use DBBD] Bonaly Group [Obsolete: use BNY, WKH] Bonaly Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use BNY] Bonaly Volcanic Member Bonanza Coal Bonawe Succession Bonchester Hill Plug Bonds Glen Limestone Member Bone Bed Limestone Bone Coal (Dungannon) Bone Coal (South Lancashire) Bonnington Intrusion (?Sill) Bonnyhill Craw Coal Bonsall Microgabbro Sill Bonsall Moor Basaltic Vent Bookham Conglomerate Bed Boon's Member Bopeep Flints Bordeaux Pit Member Border Group Border Group, Lower [Obsolete Code: Use LBO] Border Group, Lower [Obsolete: use BGN, LYNE] Border Group, Middle [Obsolete Code: Use MBO] Border Group, Middle [Obsolete: use FELL] Border Group, Upper [Obsolete: use TYLS] Border Group, Upper [Obsolete: use UBO] Borders Glacigenic Subgroup Boreland Coal (Fife) Boreland Formation [Obsolete: use SHIN] Boreray Basic Magmatic Breccia Intrusion Borestone Coal Borrowash Sand and Gravel Member Borrowdale Sill Suite Borrowdale Volcanic Group Borrowdale Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use BVG] Borth Mudstones Formation Borthwick Sill Boscastle Formation Boscastle Measures [Obsolete: use BOSC] Boscombe Sand Formation Bosies Bank Formation Bosworth Clay Member Botany Grit Botany Limestone Bothkennar Gravel [Obsolete: use BKGR] Bothkennar Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use BKGR] Bothkennar Gravel Member Bothwell Bridge Marine Band Bothyhill Gravels Member Botney Cut Formation Bottom Beaumont Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Bed [Obsolete: use UPR] Bottom Beeston Coal (West Yorkshire) Bottom Bensham Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Brass Thill Coal (Durham) Bottom Brockwell Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Brown Metal Coal Bottom Busty Coal (Northumberland and Durham) Bottom Coal (Birmingham) Bottom Coal (Rothbury Area) [Obsolete: use PLY] Bottom Coal (South Staffordshire) Bottom Coatyards Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Crag Limestone Bottom Durham Low Main Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom First Waterloo Coal (Derby) Bottom Five Quarter Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Fourth Waterloo Coal (Derby) Bottom Furnace Coal (South Lancashire) Bottom Furnace Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BOTF] Bottom Haigh Moor Coal Bottom Harvey Coal (Durham) Bottom Hebburn Fell Coal (Northumberland) Bottom High Main Coal (Derby) Bottom High Main Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Holers Coal (Birmingham) Bottom Holers Coal (South Staffordshire) Bottom Hutton Coal (Durham) Bottom Little Coal (Somerset) Bottom Little Limestone Bottom Little Vein [Obsolete: use BOLC] Bottom Main Coal (Durham) Bottom Marshall Green Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Maudlin Coal (Durham) Bottom Moorland Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Neddy Coal Bottom Neddy Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BNED] Bottom Netherwitton Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Of Broomhill Coal Bottom Pigeon House Coal (South Lancashire) Bottom Plessey Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Robins Coal (South Staffordshire) Bottom Rock Bottom Ryhope Five Quarter Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Ryhope Little Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Saltwick Coal (Northumberland) Bottom Second Waterloo Coal (Derby) Bottom Shuttles Coal (South Lancashire) Bottom Shuttles Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BSHC] Bottom Three-Quarter Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Tilley Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Usworth Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Vein Mine Ground (South Wales) Bottom Victoria Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Bottom Wheatworth Coal (West Yorkshire) Bottom Widdrington Main Coal Bottom Yard Coal (Northumberland) [Obsolete: use YARD] Bottom Yard Coal (South Lancashire) Boueti Bed Boulby Halite Boulby Potash Member Boulder clay [Obsolete: use TILL] Boulder Clay And Laminated Clay (Alternate Beds) Boulder clay of Lake District provenance [Obsolete: use SBTI] Boulder clay with Jurassic fossils [Obsolete: use WHGL] Boulder clay, glacial till [Obsolete: use VYORK] Bouldnor Copse Gravel Member Bouldnor Formation Bouley Rhyolite Formation Bouley Rhyolite Formation [Duplicate: use BRH] Boultypatrick Grit Boundary Zone And Yell Sound Division (Undifferentiated) Boundary Zone Complex Bournemouth Formation [Obsolete] Bournemouth Freshwater Beds [Obsolete: use BRKS] Bournemouth Group [Obsolete: use BRB] Bournemouth Marine Beds [Obsolete: use BRKS] Bourton Limestone Member Bovevagh Till [Obsolete] Bovey Beds [Obsolete: use AGR, BHGR] Bovey Formation Bovisand Beds [Obsolete: use BOV] Bovisand Formation Bovisand Formation [Duplicate: use BOV] Bovisand Formation And Staddon Formation (Undifferentiated) Bow Beds [Obsolete: use BOB] Bow Breccia Formation Bow Conglomerates [Obsolete: use BOB] Bowden Way Beds Bowden Way Beds And Acuminata Beds (Undifferentiated) Bowfell Links Member [Obsolete: use BFL] Bowfell Links Sandstone Member Bowhills Formation [Obsolete: use EN] Bowhills Member [Obsolete: use BWH] Bowhouse Coal (Fife) Bowhousebog Coal Bowhousebog Ironstone Bowland High Group Bowland High Group And Craven Group (Undifferentiated) Bowland Shale Formation Bowland Shale Formation [Duplicate: use BSG] Bowland Shale Group [Obsolete: use BSG] Bowland Shale Group [Obsolete: use CRAV] Bowland Shale, Lower [Obsolete: use LBS] Bowland Shales [Obsolete: use BSG] Bowling Alley Coal (North Staffordshire) Bowmore Psammite [Obsolete: use BOWM] Bowmore Sandstone [Obsolete: use BOWM] Bowmore Sandstone Group Bowsebank Coal (Fife) Bowsey Wood Formation Box Law Plug Boyd's Burn Lava Member Boyd's Burn Lavas [Obsolete: use BDLA] Boyle Sandstone Formation Boyn Hill Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use BHT] Boyn Hill Gravel Member Boyn Hill Terrace [Obsolete: use BHT] Boyndie Bay Formation [Obsolete: use MCD] Boyndie Bay Group [Obsolete: use MCD, DCBD] Boyne Castle Limestone Member Boyne Craig Till Formation Boyne Hollow Chert Member Boyne Limestone [Obsolete: use BOYL] Boyne Limestone Formation Bozeat Till Member Bracadale Formation Bracadale Group [Obsolete: use BDALE, BTAIG] Brachiopod Beds [Obsolete: use WAB] Brackaville Coal (Dungannon) Brackenslack Limestone Brackish Lagoonal Deposits Brackish Water Beds [Obsolete: use STAM] Bracklesham Beds [Obsolete: use WIDS, BRB] Bracklesham Beds and Barton Clay (undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use BRBA] Bracklesham Group Bracklesham Group [Duplicate: use BRB] Bracklesham Group And Barton Group (Undifferentiated) Bracklesham Sand [Obsolete: use BRB] Bracklesham Sand/Beds [Obsolete: use BRB] Bracklinn Falls Conglomerate Member Bradford Beds [Obsolete: use FMB] Bradford Clay [Obsolete] Bradford Coal Formation Bradford Coral Bed Bradford Dale Lava Bradford Four Foot Coal (South Lancashire) Bradford Four Foot Mine Coal [Obsolete: use BR4FT] Bradford Marine Band [Local Name: see HTMB] Bradford Threequarters Coal (South Lancashire) Bradford Threequarters Mine Coal [Obsolete: use B3QC] Bradgate Formation Bradgate Tuff Formation [Obsolete: use CMBT] Bradley Coal Bradley Flags Bradley Grits [Obsolete: use BDLF] Brae Formation Brae Pluton Braemore Conglomerate Formation Braemore Lodge Sandstone Member Braemore Mudstone [Obsolete: use BRMU] Braemore Mudstone Formation Braemore Mudstone Formation And Braemore Sandstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Braemore Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use BLSS, OA] Braemore Sandstones [Obsolete: use BLSS, BRSS] Braich tu du Volcanic Formation Braicklaich Sand Member Braicklaich Sands Member [Obsolete: use BRSA] Braid Hills Volcanic Member Braidon Bay Conglomerate Member [Obsolete: use CATC] Brainshaugh Limestone Bramhope Grit Brampton Lower Felltop Limestone [Obsolete: use NWL] Brampton Upper Felltop Limestone [Obsolete] Brand Group Brand Hills Formation Brand Series [Obsolete: use CBA] Brandon Flint Member Brandon Flint Series [Obsolete: use BFLM] Brandon Grit Brandon Sandstone Bed Brandsby Roadstone Member Brandy Craig Formation [Obsolete: use BCG] Brandy Craig Lava Formation Branksome Sand Formation Branksome Sand Formation And Selsey Sand Formation (Undifferentiated) Branscombe Mudstone Formation Bransty Cliff Sandstone Member Brant Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use CHAM] Brantingham Formation [Obsolete: use BTF] Brantingham Member Branxton Coal (Fife) Braslyd Coal (South Wales) Braslyd Fach Coal (South Wales) Braslyd Rider Coal (South Wales) Brass Thill Coal (Durham) Brass Vein Coal (South Wales) Brassey Coal (South Lancashire) Brassington Formation Brasspoint Flint Brassy Coal (Cumbria) Brassy Mine [Obsolete: use I7FT] Brathay Flag Formation [Obsolete: use BRF] Brathay Flags [Obsolete: use BRF] Brathay Formation Brathay Formation, Birk Riggs Formation And Coldwell Formation (Undifferentiated) Brathay Formation, Birk Riggs Formation And Wray Castle Formation (Undifferentiated) Braunroter Saltzton [Obsolete: use ZECH2] Brays Silts Bed Brazilly Coal (Forest Of Dean) Breadstone Shale Formation Breadstone Shale Formation And Micklewood Beds (Undifferentiated) Breadstone Shales [Obsolete: use BDSH] Breakish Formation Breaky Bottom Flint Breakyneck Scar Limestone Formation Breccia Gravel Breccia Group [Obsolete: use CLT] Breccia of Kenilworth, Lower [Obsolete: use KBR] Breccia of Kenilworth, Upper [Obsolete: use KBR] Breccio-Conglomerate [Obsolete: use VBR] Breckells Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use BRM] Breckells Mudstone Member Breckells Mudstones [Obsolete: use BRM] Brecknockshire Drift [Obsolete: use BNOCK, LDTI] Brecknockshire Formation [Obsolete: use BNOCK, WALES] Brecknockshire Glacigenic Formation Brecks Coal Brecon Beacons Group Brecon Subgroup [Obsolete: use COB] Breedon Breccia Breedon Member [Obsolete: use BREE] Breighton Cover Sand Formation [Obsolete: use BREI] Breighton Sand Formation Brendon Formation Brendon Hill Beds Brennand Grit Brennand Grit Formation (Lancaster District) [Obsolete: use PENDL] Brennand Grits [Obsolete: use BRNG] Brennand Grits Formation [Obsolete: use BRNG] Brent Formation [Obsolete: use BRNT] Brent Group Bressay Flagstone Formation Bressay Flagstones [Obsolete: use BYF] Bretford Member [Obsolete: use BRET] Bretford Member, Lower Facet [Obsolete: use BRETL] Bretford Member, Upper Facet [Obsolete: use BRETU] Bretford Sand and Gravel Member Bretford Sand and Gravel Member and Wasperton Sand and Gravel Member (Undifferentiated) (Warwickshire Avon) Bretford Sand And Gravel Member, Lower Facet Bretford Sand And Gravel Member, Upper Facet Bretford Terrace Deposits (Warwickshire Avon) [Obsolete: use BRET] Brewin's Bridge Microgabbro Dyke Brewood Till Formation Breydon Formation Brick clay Brickclay [Obsolete: use BCY] Brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL] Brickearth and Steyne Wood Clay [Obsolete: use STEYW] Brickiln Coal (North Staffordshire) Bricklieve Limestone Formation Brickworks Marine Band [Local Name: see HNMB] Bridge Farm Gravel Member Bridge Limestone Bridge Limestone [Duplicate: use BRDL] Bridgend Flags Bridges Formation Bridges Formation [Duplicate: use BRGP] Bridges Group [Obsolete: use BRGP] Bridges Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use MEST] Bridgeton Formation [Obsolete: use BRON] Bridgeton Sand Member Bridgewick Marls (One) Bridgewick Marls (Three) Bridgewick Marls (Two) Bridgnorth Sandstone Formation Bridgnorth Sandstone Formation [Duplicate: use BRI] Bridlington Crag Bridport and Yeovil Sands [Obsolete: use BDS] Bridport Sand Formation Bridport Sands [Obsolete: use BDS] Briele Ground Formation [Obsolete: use BG] Brielle Ground Formation Brierley Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Brierley Division [Obsolete: use BRIE] Brierley Hill Cluster Brierley Member Brierley Rock Brig Formation Brig o' Balgownie Conglomerate Formation Brig O'Balgownie Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use BOBC] Brigantian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Bright Coal Brighton Marl Brights Coal (North Staffordshire) Brights Coal (Somerset) Brimham Grit Brimham Shale Brims Castle Dolomite Member Brims Castle Dolomitic Limestone Member [Obsolete: use BCDL] Brims Limestone Member [Obsolete: use BCDL] Brindister Flagstones Brine Extraction Bringewood Beds [Obsolete] Bringewood Beds and Lower Elton Beds Bringewood Group [Obsolete: use LBN] Brinkmarsh Beds Brinsley Coal (Nottingham and Derby) Brinsley Thin Coal (Derby) Briscloonagh Sandstone Formation Bristol Avon Valley Formation Britannia Catchments Group Britannia Sandstone Formation Britannic Marine Band [Local Name: see SOMB] Brithdir Beds [Obsolete: use BD] Brithdir Coal (Lower Leaf) (South Wales) Brithdir Coal (South Wales) Brithdir Coal (Upper Leaf) (South Wales) Brithdir Formation [Obsolete: use BD] Brithdir Member Brithdir Rider Coal (South Wales) Brithidir Breccia Brithidir Porphyry Brithion Formation Brithion Tuff [Obsolete: use BRT] British Coastal Deposits Group British Tertiary Volcanic Province Group [Obsolete] Briton's Lane Formation Briton's Lane Sand And Gravel Member Briton's Lane Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use BRLSG] Brixham Limestone [Obsolete: use BRXL] Brixham Limestone Formation Broad Law Intrusion Broad Law Vein Broad Vein [Obsolete: use BRV] Broad Vein Formation [Obsolete: use BRV] Broad Vein Mudstone Formation Broadearth Fireclay Broadford Beds (part) [Obsolete: use LUSA] Broadford Beds Formation [Obsolete: use ADS, BRKH] Broadford Beds Formation And Pabay Shale Formation (Undifferentiated) Broadford Gabbro (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre) Broadlee Glen Sandstone Member Broadlee Glen Sandstones Formation [Obsolete: use BRLG] Broadlie Coal Broadstairs Member [Obsolete: use SECK] Broadstone Clay Member Broadstone Limestone [Obsolete: use HUR] Broadstone Sand Member Broadstone Sand Member And Oakdale Sand Member (Undifferentiated) Brochel Member Brock Crags Andesite Formation Brock Hall Coal (Wyre Forest) Brocka Bank Grit Bröckelschiefer Member Brockholes Sandstones Brockley Down Limestone Brockley Plug Brockram Brockwell Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Brockwell Rider Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Brodick And Lamlash Beds Brodick Breccia Brodie Sandstone unit Brofiscin Oolite Formation Bromfield Sand and Gravel Bromley No. 4 Bromleysmill Shale Formation Bromleysmill Shales Formation [Obsolete: use BSF] Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use HEY] Bromsgrove Sandstone Formation, Helsby Sandstone Formation, Wildmoor Sandstone Formation And Wilmslow Sandstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Bron Y Graig Formation Bronllwyd Grit Formation Bronsil Shale Formation Bronsil Shales [Obsolete: use BRSH] Bronydd Formation Bronzite picrite dykes of the Scourie Dyke Swarm [Obsolete: use BMP] Brooch Coal (South Staffordshire) Brooch Coal (South Staffordshire) [Duplicate: use BROO] Brooch Fireclay Brooch Ironstone Brook End Sandstone Member Brook Formation [Obsolete: use SKCAT] Brook-Bottom Tuff Brooks Mill Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use BCMU] Brooksbottom Sandstones Brooksbottoms Coal (South Lancashire) Brooksbottoms Grit Brooksby Sand And Gravel Broom Farm Sandstone Formation Broom Formation Broom Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use BROM] Broome Member Broomhill Clay Formation Broomhill Clay Member [Obsolete: use BRLL] Broomhill Formation [Obsolete: use BRLL] Broomhill Main Coal (Northumberland) Broomhill Member [Obsolete: use BRLL] Broomhouse Formation [Obsolete: use BHSE, GOHL] Broomhouse Sand and Gravel Formation Brora Arenaceous and Argillaceous Bed [Obsolete: use BRARG, BRARE] Brora Arenaceous Formation [Obsolete: use BALR, CYK] Brora Arenaceous Series [Obsolete: use CYK] Brora Arenaceous Series and upper part of Brora Argillaceous Series [Obsolete] Brora Argillaceous Formation (upper part, Fascally Siltstone Member) [Obsolete: use CYK] Brora Argillaceous Formation [Obsolete: use BALR, SSTV] Brora Argillaceous Series (upper part) [Obsolete: use CYK] Brora Argillaceous Series [Obsolete: use BRARG, SSTV] Brora Brick Clay Member Brora Coal [Obsolete: use BOCO] Brora Coal Bed Brora Coal Formation Brora Coal Member [Obsolete: use BOCO] Brora Coal, Shales, Shelly Clays and Sandstones, and 'Roof Bed' [Obsolete: use BROR] Brora Formation [Obsolete: use BETR] Brora Lower Oolite [Obsolete: use BOCO] Brora Roof Bed Brora Sandstone Member Brora Shale Formation [Obsolete: use BROR] Brora Shale Member Brotherton (Magnesian Limestone) Formation [Obsolete: use BTH] Brotherton Beds [Obsolete: use BTH] Brotherton Formation Broubster Till Member Broughderg Schists [Obsolete] Broughton Coal Broughton Moor Formation Broughton Moor Formation And Appletreeworth Volcanic Formation (Undifferentiated) Brow Vein Browgill Beds [Obsolete: use BRW] Browgill Formation Browgill Member [Obsolete: use BRW] Browgill Shales [Obsolete: use BRW] Brown And Grey Sandstone Member Brown Bank Bed [Obsolete: use BNB] Brown Bank Formation Brown Bank Ignimbrite Formation [Obsolete: use BBA] Brown Bank Tuff Formation Brown Clay with Stones [Obsolete: use CASS] Brown Howe Member [Obsolete: use BNH] Brown Howe Tuff Member Brown Metal Coal Brown Rake Coal (Nottingham And Derby) Brown Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use BEGR] Brown's Fireclay Brown's Vein Brownber Formation Brownber Pebble Bed [Obsolete: use BNBF] Brownber Pebble Beds [Obsolete: use BNBF] Brownlow Mudstone [Obsolete] Brownstone Group [Obsolete: use BRS] Brownstones [Obsolete: use BRS] Brownstones Formation Broxburn Marls Broxburn Shale Bruar Psammite Formation [Obsolete: use GCKP] Bruce A [Obsolete: use HUGI] Bruce B [Obsolete: use HUGI] Bruce Sandstone Member Bruce Upper Sands [Obsolete: use HUGI] Brunachan Psammite Formation Brunel Beds [Obsolete: use OGH] Brunel Formation [Obsolete: use BRU] Brunton Quarry Coal (Northumberland) Brunton Quarry Sandstone Brushford Member Brutach Dearg Member Bryans Coal (Lothian) Bryn Beds [Obsolete: use BSI] Bryn Bedwen Formation [Obsolete: use CER] Bryn Brith Beds [Obsolete: use BYN] Bryn Brith Grits [Obsolete: use BYN] Bryn Brith Member Bryn Coal (South Wales) Bryn Dowsi Mudstone Bryn Nicol Formation Bryn Nicol Formation, Coed Ifan Facies Bryn Nicol Formation, Pen Derlwyn Facies Bryn Siltstone Formation Bryn Syllty Disturbed Bed Bryn Tirion Member Bryn-Crin Basaltic Trachyandesite Bryn-Glas Formation Bryn-Glas Group [Obsolete: use BGF] Bryn-Glas Mudstones [Obsolete: use BGF] Bryn-Teg Volcanic Formation Bryncoch Coal (South Wales) Bryncroes Formation Bryne Formation [Norwegian Classification: reserved for possible future use] Brynloi Coal (South Wales) Brynrefail Group Brynwhilach Two-Feet Coal (South Wales) Bryozoa Band (Ravenstonedale) Brython Glacigenic Group Bu Ness Group [Obsolete: use BNG] Bu Ness Sandstone Formation Bualintur Formation Buccleuch Limestone [Duplicate: use BUCC] Buccleuch Limestone [Obsolete: use FFL] Buchan Beds [Obsolete: use BUG] Buchan Formation Buchan Formation [Duplicate: use BUHN] Buchan Gravels Formation Buchan Gravels Group [Obsolete: use BUG] Buchan Gravels Member [Obsolete: use BURG] Buchan Ridge Gravel Member Buchanan Clay Member Buchanan Formation [Obsolete: use BCHN] Buchlyvie Sandstone Member Buck Hills Greywacke [Obsolete: use CMBG] Buck Hills Grit [Obsolete: use CMBG] Buck Hills Member Buckator Formation Buckbanks Sandstone Member Buckhaven Planolites Bed Buckholm Formation [Obsolete: use ETRK, KKHP] Buckholm Grits [Obsolete: use QBY] Buckholme Formation [Obsolete: use TLEE] Buckie Beds [Obsolete: use BUC] Buckie Formation [Obsolete: use BUC] Buckie Limestone Formation Bucklandi Clays [Obsolete: use SMD] Bucklands Clays [Obsolete: use BKHM] Buckle Marls (Five) Buckle Marls (Four) Buckle Marls (One) Buckle Marls (Six) Buckle Marls (Three) Buckle Marls (Two) Bucklebury Common Gravel Member Bucklebury Gravel [Obsolete: use BYGR] Buckley Fireclay Formation [Obsolete: use ETM] Buckstone Grit [Obsolete: use BUR] Buddon Sands [Obsolete: use KNSA] Bude Formation Bude Formation And Bideford Formation (Undifferentiated) Bude Sandstones [Obsolete: use BF] Budleigh Salterton Conglomerate [Obsolete: use BSP] Budleigh Salterton Conglomerate and Sandstone [Obsolete: use CHES] Budleigh Salterton Pebble Bed [Obsolete: use BSP, CHES] Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds [Obsolete: use BSP] Budleigh Salterton Pebble Beds Formation [Obsolete: use CHES] Buff Coal (Bristol Area) Bught Craig Member Building Stones [Obsolete] Buildwas Beds [Obsolete: use BUI] Buildwas Formation Buildwas Formation And Coalbrookdale Formation (Undifferentiated) Builth Mudstones Formation Builth Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use BUVO] Builth Volcanic Group Buitenbanken Formation Buldoo Flagstone Formation [Obsolete: use CKBA] Bulkeley Hill Formation [Obsolete: use BHSF] Bulkeley Hill Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use HEY] Bull Cliff Bed Bull Coal (Somerset) Bull Crag Coal (Northumberland) Bull Gap Shales [Obsolete] Bull Vein [Obsolete: use BLLC] Bulldog Coal (South Lancashire) Buller's Hill Gravel [Obsolete: use BHGR] Buller's Hill Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use BHGR] Buller's Hill Gravel Member Bullerthorpe Lane Sandstone Bullhead Bed Bullhurst Coal (North Staffordshire) Bullhurst Rock (North Staffordshire) Bullingham Member Bullion Mine Coal (South Lancashire) Bullion Mine Rock [Obsolete: use GAS] Bullrock Greywacke [Obsolete: use DCBG] Bullrock Greywacke Formation [Obsolete: use DCBG] Bullrock Greywacke Member Bullslaughter Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use OB] Bulman Main Coal (Northumberland) Bulmer Vein Bulthy Formation Bunchrew Sandstone Member Bundoran Shale Formation Bungalow Formation [Obsolete: use CAGH] Bungilow Coal (North Staffordshire) Bunny Sand And Gravel Bunter (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete] Bunter Conglomerate Beds [Obsolete: use CHES] Bunter Pebble Beds [Obsolete: use CHES, CPB, KDM, NTC, PLWF] Bunter Sandstone [Obsolete: use SSG, CHES] Bunter Sandstone Formation Bunter Shale Formation Bunter Siltstone Member [Obsolete] Burcot Breccia [Obsolete: use HEY] Burcot Member Burdiehouse Limestone Bure Valley Beds [Obsolete: use DOBP, WRCG] Bure Valley Beds and Weybourne Crag [Obsolete: use HOWH, MUND] Bure Valley Formation Burford Coal Formation [Obsolete: use BRFC] Burford Coal Group [Obsolete: use BRFC] Burford Coal Member Burghead Beds [Obsolete: use BRSF] Burghead Sandstone [Obsolete: use BRSF] Burghead Sandstone Formation Burghie Shale Member [Obsolete: use BETR] Burghy Coal [Obsolete: use BGYC] Burgy Coal (South Lancashire) Burial Ground Buried Gravel Layer Burlington Member [Obsolete: use WRE] Burn Bridge Arenite [Obsolete: use CMBN] Burn of Benholm Peat [Obsolete: use BBP] Burn of Benholm Peat Bed Burn of Benholm Peat Member [Obsolete: use BBP] Burn Of Mar Sandstone Formation Burn Side Conglomerate Member Burncrooks Pyroclastic Member [Obsolete: use BCV] Burncrooks Volcaniclastic Member Burnfoot Bridge Coal (New Cumnock) Burnfoot Shales Burnham Chalk Formation Burnham Formation [Obsolete: use BCK] Burnhead Intrusion Burnhouse Lava Member Burnhouse Lavas [Obsolete: use BHLA] Burnhousemoor Member Burning Mount Plug Burnley Four Feet Coal Burnley Four Foot Coal (Lancashire) Burns Beds Burns Sandstone Member Burnside Formation [Obsolete: use BRN] Burnside Intrusion (Plug) Burnside Sandstone Formation Burntisland Lavas [Obsolete: use KNV] Burntisland Marine Band Burnwood Coal (North Staffordshire) Burnwood Ironstone Burra Firth Formation Burradon Coal (Northumberland) Burraton Formation Burrier Wick Till Formation Burrington Oolite Formation [Obsolete: use BO] Burrington Oolite Subgroup Burthel Beds [Obsolete: use KNN] Burtle Beds [Obsolete: use BUB] Burtle Formation Burtle Sands Beds [Obsolete: use BUB] Burton Cliff Formation [Obsolete: use LLSW] Burton Cliff Palynological Association Burton Formation Burton Joyce Marine Band Burton Lazars Head Burton Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use BURT] Burwardsley Hill Bed Burway Formation Burway Formation [Duplicate: use BUGP] Burway Group [Obsolete: use BUGP] Bush Coal (Fife) Bushley Green Sand and Gravel Member Bushley Green Terrace (Upper Part) [Obsolete: use SPHT] Bushley Green Terrace [Obsolete: use BGT] Bushley Green Terrace Deposits (River Severn) [Obsolete: use BGT] Bushley Green Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use BGT] Bushy Coal (South Wales) Bussell's Member Bussell's Mudstone Member [Obsolete: use BUSS] Busty Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Butcombe Sandstone Butcombe Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use AS] Bute Coal (South Wales) Bute Conglomerate Formation Bute Limestone [Obsolete: use ARL] Butt Hill Member [Obsolete: use KKF] Butterby Member Butterby Till Member Buttergask Flagstone Member Buttergask Formation [Obsolete: use BTG] Buttergask Member [Obsolete: use BTG] Butterly Marine Band Buttermere Formation Buttermere Formation (Hornfelsed) Buttershaw Limestone Butterton - Swynnerton Dykes Butterton Sandstone [Obsolete: use BUTS] Butterton Sandstone Bed Butterton Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use BUTS] Buttington Mudstone Formation Buxton Rock [Obsolete: use BUR] Buxton Rock Member Bwlch Groes Porphyritic Microgranite Bwlch Mawr Microgranodiorite Intrusion Bych Beds Bychton Two Yard Coal (North Wales) Bydown Chert [Obsolete: use COH] Byestead's Sandstone Byley Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use BYM] Byley Mudstone Formation And Wych Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Byley Mudstone Member Byne Hill Granite [Obsolete: use BYNE] Byne Hill Intrusion Byth Gravel [Obsolete: use HOBGR] Byth Till [Obsolete: use BYTIL] Byth Till Formation Bytham Catchments Subgroup Bytham Formation [Obsolete: use BYTH] Bytham Sand and Gravel Formation Bytham Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use ISAG] Bytham Sands and Gravels Formation [Obsolete: use BYTH] Bytham Sands and Gravels; Unit 2, Shouldham Sands of Lewis, p. 127-130 in Lewis et al., 1991 [Obsolete: use FOGR] C Sands [Obsolete: use PNTL] C-Bed Evaporite C2 and C2-3 Slate [Obsolete: use TVS] Caaf Water Limestone Formation Caban Conglomerate Formation Caban Conglomerate Formation (formerly Facies) [Obsolete: use CBN] Caban Conglomerate Formation (Lower Conglomerate Of Lapworth) Caban Conglomerate Formation (Upper Conglomerate Of Lapworth) Caban Conglomerate Formation: Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerate Formation: Fifth Sequence Of Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerate Formation: First Sequence Of Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerate Formation: Fourth Sequence Of Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerate Formation: Second Sequence Of Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerate Formation: Third Sequence Of Caban Conglomerate Facies Caban Conglomerates [Obsolete: use CBN] Caban Group [Obsolete] Cabrach Sandstone [Obsolete: use CAB] Cabrach Sandstone Formation Caburn Beds Caburn Flints Caburn Marl Caburn Sponge Bed Cadbury Beds [Obsolete: use CYBR] Cadbury Breccia Formation Cadder Clay Member [Obsolete: use CADR] Cadder Formation [Obsolete: use CADR] Cadder Sand and Gravel Formation Cadder Sand Formation [Obsolete: use CADR] Caddroun Burn Beds Cadeby (Magnesian Limestone) Formation [Obsolete: use CDF] Cadeby Formation Cadell's Parrot Coal Cademan Volcanic Breccia Member Cadgers Loan Rock [Obsolete: use CDLS] Cadgers Loan Sandstone Cadh'-an-Righ Shale Member Cadham Craw Coal Cadham Little Coal Cadham Main Coal Cadham Under Coal Cadnant Shales [Obsolete: use NOG] Cadnant Shales Formation [Obsolete: use NOG] Cae Adda Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use POTRF] Cae Castell Formation Cae'r-Mynach Formation Caedavid Coal (South Wales) Caenlochan Schist Formation Caer Beris Member Caer Caradoc Andesites [Obsolete] Caer Caradoc Rhyolites [Duplicate: use UCCR] Caer Caradoc Rhyolites [Obsolete] Caerau Coal (South Wales) Caerau Formation And Blaen Myherin Mudstones Formation (Undifferentiated) Caerau Mudstones Formation Caerau Mudstones Formation (Lower Tongue) Caerau Mudstones Formation (Upper Tongue) Caerbwdy Group Caerbwdy Sandstone Formation Caerbwdy Sandstone Formation And Solva Group (Undifferentiated) Caerbwdy Series [Obsolete: use PVC] Caered Flags [Obsolete: use CRAD] Caerfai Bay Shales Formation Caerfai Beds [Obsolete: use CIS] Caerfai Formation [Obsolete: use CIS] Caerfai Group Caerfai Series [Obsolete: use CIS] Caergribin Rhyolite Intrusion Caerhys Shale Formation Caerketton Group [Obsolete: use CAE] Caerketton Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use CAE] Caerketton Volcanic Member Caernarfon Bay Formation Caesar's Camp Formation [Obsolete: use CCGR] Caesar's Camp Gravel [Duplicate: use CCGA] Caesar's Camp Gravel [Obsolete: use CCGR] Caesar's Camp Gravel Formation Cailleach Head Formation Cairfai Bay Shales Formation [Obsolete: use CFBS] Cairn Gibbs Psammite Formation Cairn Liath Quartzite Member Cairn Of Claise Transition Formation Cairn Trench Intrusion Cairnbulg Diorite Cairndinnis Plug Cairnerzean Formation [Obsolete: use GDF] Cairnfield Actinolitic Flags [Obsolete: use CCFL] Cairnfield Calcareous Flag Formation Cairngarroch Intrusion Cairngorm Granitic Suite [Obsolete: use CGMGR] Cairngorm Pluton Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 1 Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 2 Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 3 Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 4 Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 5 Cairngorm Pluton, Phase 6 Cairnharrow Formation Cairns Of Ord Intrusion Cairnsmore Of Carsphairn Pluton Cairnsmore of Fleet Granite [Obsolete: use COFG] Cairnsmore Of Fleet Pluton Cairnwell Quartzite Formation Caister Coal Formation Caithness Flagstone Group Caithness Flagstone Series [Obsolete: use LCF, LSF, UCF, USF] Caithness Shelly Drift [Obsolete: use FOTI] Caithness Shelly Till Calcareous Conglomerate Group [Obsolete: use EN] Calcareous Grit [Obsolete: use ECG] Calcareous Grit, Lower [Obsolete: use LCG] Calcareous Group (Lower Culm Measures) [Obsolete: use TCH] Calcareous Sandstone Bed [Obsolete: use NANN] Calcareous Series, Durness Limestone, Durness Limestone or Dolomite [Obsolete: use DNG] Calcareous Shale Member Calcareous tufa Calciferous Sandstone [Obsolete: use BYC] Calciferous Sandstone Measures [Obsolete: use INV, SYG] Calcite Mudstone Group [Obsolete: use LLY] Calcrete Caldecote Volcanic Formation Caldecote Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use CAV] Calder Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use CDMM] Calder Mudstone Member Calder Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use WLSF] Calders Member Caldon Low Conglomerate Member Caldron Hill Sill Caledonia Glacigenic Group Caledonian Igneous Suite [Obsolete: use CIGSS] Caledonian Igneous Supersuite [Obsolete: use CIGSS] Caledonian Supersuite Calettwr Quartzite [Obsolete: use CAQ] Calettwr Quartzite Member Calettwr Quartzite Member And Hirnant Limestone Member (Undifferentiated) Caley Crags Grit Calhame Limestone California Clayband Ironstones California Glacigenic Group California Quarry Formation [Obsolete: use BTN] California Till Member Calke Abbey Sandstone Formation Callan Group Callander Craig Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CCCO] Callander Craig Conglomerate Member Callant Limestone Callovian And Oxfordian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Calmstone Coal (Sanquhar) Calmy Limestone Calne Freestone and Coral Rag [Obsolete: use STFD] Calne Sands Formation Calp Limestone Group Calp Limestone of the Calp or Middle Limestone [Obsolete: use GRLF] Calp Or Middle Series [Obsolete] Calp Sandstone of the Calp or Middle Limestone [Obsolete: use MMS] Calp Shale of the Calp or Middle Limestone [Obsolete: use BBSF] Calton Limestone [Obsolete: use MI] Cam Crags Sandstone Member Cam Spout Tuff Cam Spout Tuff Member [Obsolete: use CPT] Cam Valley Formation Camas Chil Mhalieu Formation Camas Malag Formation Camasunary Sandstone Member Camasunary Siltstone Member Cambeck Beds [Obsolete: use CMBB] Cambeck Member Camberley Sand Formation Cambir Dolerite Sheet-Swarm Cambois Little Coal (Northumbria) Cambrian And Ordovician Rocks (Undifferentiated) Cambrian Quartzite [Obsolete: use MCQ] Cambrian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Cambridge Bed [Obsolete: use CBG] Cambridge Greensand [Obsolete: use CBG] Cambridge Greensand Member Cambriense Marine Band Cambuslang Marble Camderry Member Camlo Hill Group [Obsolete: use NTM] Camnant Mudstone Formation Camnant Mudstones Formation [Obsolete: use CTE] Camp Fauld Till Formation Campanian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Campbell Park Marine Band Camphill Gelifluctate Bed Camphill Limestones Camphouse Quartz-Dolerite Intrusion Camps Shale Campsie Claybands Campsie Dyke Campsie Formation [Obsolete: use CMPL] Campsie Lava Member Campsie Limestone Member Camregan Group [Obsolete: use DLY] Camregan Limestone, Upper [Obsolete: use WOB] Canal Cutting Canal Embankment Canaston Beds Cancelloceras cancellatum Marine Band Cancelloceras cancellatum Marine Band [Duplicate: use G1A1] Cancelloceras cumbriense Marine Band Cancelloceras cumbriense Marine Band [Duplicate: use G1B1] Cancer Coal Candleston Oolite [Obsolete: use BFO] Caninia Dolomite [Obsolete] Caninia Oolite [Obsolete: use GUO] Caninia Shales and Dolomite [Obsolete: use CDM] Canisp Porphyry Sills Cann Sand Member Cann Wood Slate Formation [Obsolete: use TVY] Canna Formation Canna Lava Formation Cannapark Limestone [Obsolete: use TCH] Cannel Coal (Cumbria) Cannel Coal (In Pennine Lower Coal Measures South Lancashire) Cannel Coal (In Pennine Middle Coal Measures South Lancashire) Cannel Coal (Leicestershire) Cannel Coal (Machrihanish) Cannel Coal (Midgeholm) Cannel Coal (North Wales) Cannel Mine Coal [Obsolete: use CCSL] Cannel Mine Marine Band [Local Name: see MFMB] Cannel Rock (South Lancashire) Cannel Row Coal (North Staffordshire) Cannel Seam [Obsolete Code: Do Not Use] Cannock Chase Formation [Obsolete: use CHES] Canonbie Bridge Sandstone Formation Canonbie Five Foot Coal Canonbie Nine Foot Coal Canonbie Seven Foot Coal Canonbie Six Foot Coal Canonbie Three Foot Coal Cantray Till Member Canty Bay Sandstone Caochandye Quartzite Member Caoilte Formation Caoilte Sequence [Obsolete: use CAOL] Caoilte Subsequence [Obsolete: use CAOL] Cape Shore Formation Cape Wrath Sandstone Member Capel Curig Volcanic Formation Capel Parc Formation Capelaw Acid Volcanic Formation Capelaw Basic Group and Capelaw Acid Group [Obsolete: use CPW] Capelaw Basic Volcanic Formation Capelaw Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use CPW] Capelaw Volcanic Member Capistal Psammite Formation Capledrae Parrot Coal Caprington Sill Captain Sandstone Member Captain's Bridge Limestone Captain's Fireclay Caradoc And Ashgill Rocks (Undifferentiated) Caradoc Rocks (Undifferentiated) Caradoc Shales Caran Sandstone unit Carbeth Lava Member Carbeth Lavas [Obsolete: use CBTL] Carbonaceous Group [Obsolete: use DBPB] Carboniferous And Permian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Carboniferous Lavas [Obsolete: use GEIL] Carboniferous Limestone (Series) [Duplicate: use -2703] Carboniferous Limestone [Obsolete: use CL, PKLM, CLWYD, PEMB, BOHI, HOHI, TRLI] Carboniferous Limestone Series [Obsolete: use CKN, CLWYD, PKLM] Carboniferous Limestone Supergroup Carboniferous Rocks (Undifferentiated) Carboniferous-Permian Extensional Supersuite Carbost Conglomerate Member Cardiaster Beds [Obsolete: use PRC] Cardiff Group Cardigan Bay Formation Carding Mill Grit [Obsolete: use CDDG] Cardingmill Grit [Obsolete: use CDDG] Cardingmill Grit Member Careg Onen Formation Careg-Onen Beds [Duplicate: use CGO] Careg-Onen Beds [Obsolete: use OCO] Careg-Onen Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use LEEL] Careg-Wiber Volcanic Formation Carewoodrig Vent Carey Beds [Obsolete: use CYSI] Carey River Basalt Formation Carey Silt Member Carganamuck Limestone Formation Carghidown Beds [Obsolete: use CGD] Carghidown Formation Carham Limestone [Obsolete: use CHML] Carham Limestone Bed Carham Stone [Obsolete: use CHML] Carhurlie Coal Carland Sandstone Member Carlandcheek Vent Carlane Sandstone Formation Carleton Hall Clay Member Carleton Silt Formation Carlinden Formation [Obsolete: use CARL] Carlinden Shale Formation Carlingford Complex Carlingford Limestone Group Carlops Oil-Shale Carlops Shale Carlton Formation [Obsolete: use GUN] Carlton Formation and Harlequin Formation [Obsolete: use GUN] Carluke Coals Carluke Tower Coal (Central Coalfield) Carlyle Beds Carmel Formation [Obsolete: use CMEL] Carmel Group [Obsolete: use SCC] Carmel Head Gneiss Package Carmel Member Carmichael Burn Formation Carmichael Burn Group [Obsolete: use CARM, CMBN] Carmichael Group Carmill Gas Coal Carn A'Chlamain Member Carn A'Ghaill Member Carn An Daimh Transitional Member Carn Brea Intrusion Carn Chuinneag - Inchbae Augen Gneiss [Obsolete: use CCIA] Carn Chuinneag and Inchbae Augen Gneiss Carn Dubh Quartzite Member Carn Fadryn Quartz Microdiorite Carn Fadryn Suite Carn Gorm Pegmatite Suite Carn Limestone Member Carn Llidi Gabbro Carn Llidi Intrusion [Obsolete: use CLIN] Carn Llundain Formation Carn Mairg Quartzite [Obsolete: use DBCM] Carn Mairg Quartzite Formation Carn Marth Intrusion Carn Monadh Gravel Formation Carn Mor Sandstone Member Carn Odhar Granite Cupolas Carn Powell Facies (of Black Cock Beds) [Obsolete: use CWGL] Carn Powell Facies [Obsolete: use CWGL] Carn Powell Member Carn Teikever Granite Carn y Parc Formation [Obsolete: use CEI] Carn-y-Parc Formation [Duplicate: use CYP] Carnallitic Marl Carnamuck Formation Carnaneigh Green Beds Carnbroe Marine Band (Central Coalfield) Carnduff Halite Carne Formation Carneal Plug [Obsolete] Carnedd Iago Formation [Obsolete: use ALL] Carnedd Y Filiast Grit Member Carneddau Group [Duplicate: use CAU] Carneddau Group [Obsolete] Carneddau Volcanic Formation Carneddol Rhyolitic Tuff Formation Carnethy and Hillend Group [Obsolete: use CAHI] Carnethy and Hillend Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use CAHI] Carnethy Volcanic Member Carnhill Mugearite Carnmenellis Intrusion Carnmoney Plug Carnmore Sandstone Member Carnteel Formation [Obsolete] Carpenters Farm Gravel Member Carperstane Sill Carr House Coal (West Yorkshire) Carr Member Carrack Formation Carraig Artair Member Carraun Shale Formation Carraun Shale Formation And Dergvone Shale Formation (Undifferentiated) Carreg Bica Mudstone Member Carreg Yr Imbill Dolerite Carreg-Y-Llam Microgranodiorite Intrusion Carrick O'Hara Formation Carrick Volcanic Formation Carrick-A-Rade Tuff [Obsolete] Carrickabrackan Plug Carrickaness Sandstone Formation Carrickarade Vent Carrickarnan Complex Dolerites Carrickarnan Complex Granophyres Carrickateane Formation Carrickfergus Dyke [Obsolete] Carrickmacsparrow Limestone Member Carrickmore Blackband Ironstone Carrickmore Dyke [Obsolete] Carrickmore Granite Carrickmore Marine Band [Obsolete: use CRKM] Carrickmore Sandstone Group Carrickmore Shale Member Carriteth Coal (Northumberland) Carrock Diabase [Obsolete: use CFCOC] Carrock Fell Complex Carrock Fell Complex (Mosedale Division) [Obsolete: use CFCOM] Carrock Gabbro-Microgranite Division [Obsolete: use CFCOC] Carrock Gabbro-Microgranite Intrusions Carrock Granophyre [Obsolete: use CFCOC] Carrock Series [Obsolete: use CFCOC] Carron Basalt Formation Carron Bridge Lava Member Carron Bridge Lavas [Obsolete: use CBRL] Carron Formation [Obsolete: use CRN] Carron Sandstone Formation Carronrigg Smithy Coal (Drumbowie) Carscallon Sandstone Carse Clay [Obsolete: use COGW, COSCL] Carse Clay Formation Carse Clay, Claret Formation Carse of Gowrie Clay Member [Obsolete: use COGW] Carse of Gowrie Member Carse of Stirling Clay Member Carse's Vein Carsey Coal Carsluith Intrusion Carsphairn Conglomerate Member Carsphairn Rudite Formation [Obsolete: use CAPH] Carstone (Isle of Wight) [Obsolete: use MBSA] Carstone [Obsolete: use CA] Carstone Formation Carstone Grit [Obsolete: use CA] Carstone Grit of the Langton Series [Obsolete: use CA] Cartlett Beds Carvichen Pluton Carw Formation [Obsolete: use TGN] Carway Fach Coal (South Wales) Carway Fawr Coal (South Wales) Cascade Beds [Obsolete: use CSC] Cascade Conglomerate Member Cascade Grits and Conglomerates [Obsolete: use CSC] Cascade Member Cassie Till Formation Cast Bed Cast Castle Formation Castell Coch Limestone [Obsolete: use CCL] Castell Coch Limestone Formation Castell Crug Porphyritic Microgranite Castell Formation Castell Limestone Formation Castell March Formation Castle Coal (Douglas) Castle Cornet Gneiss Castle Eden Fissure-fill Formation Castle Espie Group Castle Espie Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use CASP] Castle Formation Castle Haven Conglomerate Member Castle Head Dolerite Castle Hill Beds Castle Hill Flints Castle Hill Formation [Obsolete: use GNF] Castle Hill Marls (One) Castle Hill Marls (Three) Castle Hill Marls (Two) Castle Hill Plug Castle Member [Obsolete: use CASSG] Castle Of Cowie Member Castle Point Member Castle Point Pelite Formation Castle Rocks Vent Castle Sand and Gravel Member Castlecary Limestone Castledikes Sandstone Castledykes Sandstone [Obsolete: use DBR] Castleford Four Foot Coal Castlehead Coals Castlehead Lower Coal Castlehead Upper Coal Castleton Limestones [Obsolete] Castletown Formation-Knockrushen Member [Obsolete: use KNRN] Castletown Limestone Castlewood Limestone Caswell Bay Mudstone Formation Caswell Bay Oolite Formation [Obsolete: use GUO] Caswell Bay Oolite Formation And Caswell Bay Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Cat Cleuch Formation Cat Gill Limestone Catcraig Limestone Catgill Wood Sand And Gravel Member Cathcart Sill Cathkin Braes Lava Member Caton Coal Grit [Obsolete: use WRST] Caton Shale [Obsolete: use SILS] Caton Shale Formation [Obsolete: use CSH] Caton Shale Member [Obsolete: use CSH] Caton Shales [Obsolete: use CSH] Catriona Formation Catriona Sequence [Obsolete: use CATR] Catsbit Limestone [Obsolete: use GL] Catshole Vein Coal (Pembrokeshire) Cattedown Member Catterline Conglomerate Formation Catterpallot Formation Catton Coal Cauldon Low Limestone [Obsolete] Causemountain Formation Causeway Tholeiite Member Cautley Mudstone Formation Cautley Mudstone Formation And Ashgill Formation (Undifferentiated) Cautley Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use CTV] Cautley Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use CTV] Cautley Volcanic Member Cave Deposits Cave Oolite [Obsolete: use ULL] Cave Oolite Member [Obsolete: use CVO] Cave Rock Member Cavenham Member Caw Formation [Obsolete: use CWT] Caw Mill Sandstone Caw Sandstone Formation Caw Tuffs [Obsolete: use CWT] Cawdale Member [Obsolete: use CAWD] Cawdale Tuff Member Cawdor Group [Obsolete: use BSG, EYL] Cawdor Limestone [Obsolete: use EYL] Cawk Cove Member [Obsolete: use CWK] Cawk Cove Sandstone Member Cawledge Bend Limestone Cayton Bay Formation [Obsolete: use LEBB] Cayton Clay Formation Cayton Clay Formation and Cornbrash Formation (Undifferentiated) [Duplicate: use CBCA] Cayton Gill Beds [Obsolete: use CGI] Cayton Gill Shell Bed Ceardaich Sand and Gravel Formation Cefn Bryn Shales [Obsolete: use AVO] Cefn Coch Grit Member Cefn Coed Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Cefn Einion Formation Cefn Formation Cefn Glas Coal (South Wales) Cefn Goch Grit [Obsolete: use CEG] Cefn Gwyn Tuff Cefn Gwyn Tuff Member [Obsolete: use CGTU] Cefn Hir Ashes [Obsolete: use CFH] Cefn Hir Member Cefn Mawr Limestone Formation Cefn Rock Cefn-Y-Fedw Sandstone [Obsolete: use CFS] Cefn-y-fedw Sandstone Formation Cefn-Y-Fedw Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use CFS] Cefn-Y-Fedw Series [Obsolete: use CFS] Cefngarreg Sandstone Formation Cefnnantmel Member Cefnyrhendy Oolite Member Ceinwen And Llanddwyn Spilitic Formation Ceiriad Formation Ceiswin Mudstone [Obsolete: use CSW] Ceiswyn Beds [Obsolete: use CSW] Ceiswyn Formation Ceiswyn Formation And Nod Glas Formation (Undifferentiated) Celtic Palaeogene Minor Intrusion Suite Celyn Beds Cemaes Group Cement Fireclay Cement-Stone [Obsolete: use NGRC] Cementstone Formation Cementstone Group [Duplicate: use CMST] Cementstone Group [Obsolete: use INV, BGN, CMNT] Cemetery Beds [Obsolete: use KC] Cemetery Coal (Burnley) Cemlyn Bay Formation Cennen Beds [Obsolete: use CEB] Cennen Formation Cenomanian And Turonian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Cenomanian Greensand [Obsolete: use MOGR] Cenomanian Limestone [Obsolete: use BRHD] Cenomanian sands [Obsolete: use MYS] Cenrhos Coal (South Wales) Centr Central Anglesey Gneiss Complex Central Anglesey Shear Zone [Obsolete: use PENMY] Central Anglesey Shear Zone And Berw Shear Zone (Undifferentiated) Central Cumbria (Albion) Glacigenic Subgroup Central Cumbria Drift Group [Obsolete: use CCGL, CCAG] Central Cumbria Glacigenic Subgroup Central Grampian (Albion) Glacigenic Subgroup Central Grampian Drift Group [Obsolete: use CGAG, CGDR, IAG, INVG] Central Grampian Glacigenic Group [Obsolete: use CGDR] Central Grampian Glacigenic Subgroup Central Group [Obsolete: use MULC] Central Highland Division [Obsolete: use GLBA, CEHI] Central Highland Migmatite Complex [Obsolete: use BADN] Central Highland Migmatites [Obsolete: use CEHI] Central Intrusion (Rum Layered Suite) Central Intrusion (Rum Layered Suite) [Duplicate: use RLC] Central Monzogranite Facies, Starav Intrusion Central Scotland Late Carboniferous Tholeiitic Dyke Swarm Central Starav Granite [Obsolete: use CSTAR] Central Wales Drift [Obsolete: use ELTI, MNTI, PLYNT] Centre 1 (Ardnamurchan Complex) [Obsolete: use ARD1] Centre 1 Cone-Sheet-Swarm Centre 2 (Ardnamurchan Complex) [Obsolete: use ARD2] Centre 2 Inner Basic Cone-Sheet-Swarm Centre 2 Outer Basic Cone-Sheet-Swarm Centre 3 (Ardnamurchan Complex) [Obsolete: use ARD3] Centre 3 Basic Cone-Sheet-Swarm Centre 3 Layered Gabbro Lopolith Cephalaspis Sandstone-Cornstone Cephalopod Bed Cephalopod Limestone Cerdic Formation Cerdic Sand [Obsolete: use NRD] Cerdic Shore [Obsolete: use NRD] Ceres Thick Coal Cerig Formation Cerrig Brith Formation Cerrig Gwynion Grits Facies (Caban Conglomerate Formation) Cerrig Gwynion Grits Member [Obsolete: use CYG] Cerrigwynion Grits [Obsolete: use CYG] Cethings Sandstone Member Ceunant Slates Chaigley Limestone Member Chalbury Glauconitic Member Chale Clay Member Chalfield Oolite Formation Chalfield Oolite Formation and Corsham Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Chalk Group Chalk Marl [Obsolete: use WMCH, BRHD] Chalk of Morvern [Obsolete: use GRIB] Chalk Of Mull - Morvern [Obsolete: use GRIB, IHEB] Chalk Rock [Obsolete: use CKR] Chalk Rock Formation [Obsolete: use CKR] Chalk Rock Member Chalk Silt Chalk with Flints (lower part) [Obsolete: use WCK] Chalk with Flints (Upper Part) [Obsolete: use BCK] Chalk Without Flints [Obsolete: use FCK, FYCK] Chalk, Lower (now Lower Chalk Formation) [Obsolete: use LCK] Chalk, Middle (now Middle Chalk Formation) [Obsolete: use MCK] Chalk, Undivided, Upper (Now Upper Chalk Formation) [Obsolete: use UCK] Chalkey Coal (North Staffordshire) Chalky Boulder Clay [Obsolete: use ODT] Chalky Gravel Chalky Series [Obsolete: use WOY] Chalky Siltstone Member Chalky Till Chalmerston Coal (Dalmellington, South Ayrshire) Chama Sand [Obsolete: use CHMS] Chama Sand Formation Chama Sand Member [Obsolete: use CHMS] Chamber Rock Champfleurie Shale Chance Pennystone Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Changue Formation [Obsolete: use DLR] Channel-Fill Deposits Channelbush Coal Channelbush Limestone Chanter Member [Obsolete: use CHNT] Chanter Sandstone Member Chapel Den Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use CATC] Chapel House Coal (Northumberland) Chapel House Limestone Formation Chapel Point Limestone [Obsolete: use MAHO] Chapel Point Limestone Member Chapelburn Coal Chapelgreen Coal Chapelhall Lower Fireclay Chapelhall Upper Fireclay Chapelknowe Till Formation Chapelton Burn Member Charlbury Limestone Member Charles Coal (South Staffordshire) Charles Hill Volcanic Beds [Obsolete: use CHVO] Charles Hill Volcanic Member Charles Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Charlestown Green Limestone Charlestown Main Limestone [Obsolete: use BLLS] Charlestown Station Limestone [Obsolete: use HUR] Charlotte Coal (South Lancashire) Charlotte Mine Coal [Obsolete: use CHTC] Charmandean Flint Charmouth Mudstone Formation Charmouth Mudstone Formation And Dyrham Formation (Undifferentiated) Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Dyrham Formation And Marlstone Rock Formation (Undifferentiated) Charmouth Mudstone Formation, Dyrham Formation, Marlstone Rock Formation And Whitby Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Charnian Supergroup Charnwood Lodge Agglomerate Member [Obsolete: use CMCL] Charnwood Lodge Member [Obsolete: use CMCL] Charnwood Lodge Volcanic Formation Chase Coals (South Staffordshire) Chatburn Limestone Formation Chatburn Limestone Formation And Thornton Limestone Member (Undifferentiated) Chatburn Limestone Group [Obsolete: use CHL] Chatburn Limestone Group And Worston Shale Group (Undifferentiated) Chatelherault Sandstone Chatsworth Grit Chatwall Flags Chatwall Flags And Chatwall Sandstone (Undifferentiated) Chatwall Sandstone Chavery Coal (Derbyshire And South Yorkshire) Chavery Coal (Lower Leaf) Chavery Coal (Upper Leaf) Cheadle Breccias [Obsolete: use HUN] Cheddar Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use CDL, CDRL] Cheddar Limestone Member Cheddar Oolite Formation [Obsolete: use CDRO] Cheddar Oolite Member Cheddleton Sandstones Chee Tor Limestone Member Chee Tor Rock [Obsolete: use CT] Chee Tor Rock Member [Obsolete: use CT] Cheese Bay Sill Cheeveley Coal (Northumberland) [Local Code: Use BPLY] Cheevely [Obsolete: use BPLY] Chelford Formation [Obsolete: use CHFDS] Chelford Sand Formation Chelsfield Gravel [Obsolete: use CHGR] Chelsfield Gravel Formation Cheltenham Limestone Member Cheltenham Sand and Gravel Cheltenham Sands [Obsolete: use CHSG] Chemical deposits Chemiss Coal (Fife) Chemiss Den Marine Bed Chemnitzia Oolite/Limestones [Obsolete: use MTOL] Cheney Longville Flags [Obsolete: use CHLF] Cheney Longville Formation Chenier deposits Chercombe Bridge Limestone Formation Chert And Black Shale With Sandstone Bands [Within HBS] Chert Beds (Of Devon) [Obsolete] Chert Beds (Of Flint) [Obsolete] Chert Beds (Of West Cumberland) Chert Beds [Obsolete: use BHC, PECH, COH, SHWK, WHCH] Chert Bodies in Crocaden Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use TCH] Chert Formation [Obsolete: use BPLM] Chert Series [Obsolete: use TCH] Cherty Beds [Obsolete: use POCH] Cherty Rock of Stotfield [Obsolete: use STOT] Cherty Series [Obsolete: use POCH] Cherty Shale (Llangollen) [Obsolete: use CFS] Cherwerfri Formation Cheshire - North Wales Catchments Subgroup Cheshire Coal (South Lancashire) Chester Formation Chester Pebble Beds Formation [Obsolete: use CHES] Chester'S Quarry Sill Cheviot Dyke Swarm Cheviot Glacigenic Subgroup Cheviot Lavas [Obsolete: use CHEV] Cheviot Pluton Cheviot Volcanic Formation Cheviot Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use CHEV] Cheviot Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use CHEV] Chevithorne Breccias [Obsolete] Chick Coal (Bristol Area) Chicksgrove Limestone Member [Obsolete: use TIY] Chicksgrove Member [Obsolete: use TIY] Chief Limestone Group [Obsolete: use AG, GSCL] Chiefswood Vent Child Okeford Sand Member Chillesford Beds [Obsolete: use CFB] Chillesford Church Sand Member Chillesford Clay [Obsolete: use CFC] Chillesford Clay Member Chillesford Member Chillesford Sand [Obsolete: use CFB] Chillesford Sand Member [Obsolete: use CFB] Chilmark Member Chilmark Oolite Member [Obsolete: use CHK] Chilton Stone [Obsolete: use TTST] China Coal (Falkirk; Central Coalfield) China Coal (Lancashire) China Mine Coal [Obsolete: use CHNC] China Mine Rock [Obsolete: use CHMR] China Rock Chinastones Chipping Norton Formation [Obsolete: use CNL] Chipping Norton Limestone [Obsolete: use CNL] Chipping Norton Limestone Formation Chipping Norton Limestone Formation And Rutland Formation (Undifferentiated) Chirbury Formation [Obsolete: use CBY] Chirbury Group Chirbury Series [Obsolete: use CBY] Chirdon No.1 Coal Chirdon No.1 Limestone Chirdon No.2 Coal Chirdon No.2 Limestone Chlorite Sands and Sandstones [Obsolete: use CLLW] Chloritic Marl [Obsolete: use BRHD, CBG, GLML] Chloritic Sands and Sandstones [Obsolete: use KOS] Chonetes Polita Limestone Chonetes Shale Chopping Victoria Coal Choppington Brockwell Coal Choppington Brookwell Coal Chorleywood Gravel Member Christchurch Member Christy's Walls Coal Chudleigh Group Chudleigh Knighton Clay And Sand Member Chudleigh Limestone Church Bay Tuff Formation [Obsolete: use NXCT] Church Bay Tuffs [Obsolete: use POTRF] Church Bay Tuffs And Skerries Grits (Undifferentiated) Church Door Buttress Breccias Church Hill Dyke [Obsolete] Churchway Coal (Forest Of Dean) Churston Member Churwell Thick Coal (West Yorkshire) Churwell Thin Coal (West Yorkshire) Chwarel Goch Facies [In Ystrad Meurig Grits Formation] Chwarelau Coal (North Wales) Chwefri Formation Ciger Coal Rock Cil-yr-ychen Limestone [Obsolete: use DWL] Cilan Formation Cilan Grits (In Part) [Obsolete: use CIG] Cilan Grits [Obsolete: use CIG] Ciliau Formation Cille Coals (Undifferentiated) (South Wales) Cille No.1 Coal (South Wales) Cille No.2 Coal (South Wales) Cille No.3 Coal (South Wales) Cille No.5 Coal (South Wales) Cilmaenllwyd Coal (South Wales) Cinder Bed Cinder Beds [Obsolete] Cinder Bench Coal (South Staffordshire) Cinder Coal (South Staffordshire) Cinderford Formation [Obsolete: use CIFD] Cinderford Member Cinderhill Main Coal (Nottingham And Derby) Cistern Coal City Sandstone Member Clach Alasdair Conglomerate Member Clach Leatad Pluton Clachaig Semipelite And Psammite Formation Clachghlas Granite Clachnaben Granite (Mount Battock Pluton) Clachtoll Formation Clackmannan Blackband Clackmannan Diamond Coal Clackmannan Forty Inch Coal Clackmannan Four Foot Coal Clackmannan Group Clackmannan Jewel Coal Clackmannan Lower Five-Foot Coal (Clackmannan) Clackmannan Musselband Coal Clackmannan Nine Foot Coal (Clackmannan) Clackmannan Two Foot Coal Clackmannan Upper Five Foot Coal (Clackmannan) Clackmannan Yard Coal Claddens Dyke Clady Limestone Member Claerwen Group Clair Group Claisfearn Semipelite Clanyard Bay Formation Clanyard Formation Clap Round Facies Formation Claragh Sandstone Formation Claragh Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use CLSG] Clarborough Beds [Obsolete: use CLB] Clarborough Formation [Obsolete: use CLB] Clarborough Member Claret Beds [Obsolete: use CTCL] Claret Clay Member Clashbenny Formation [Obsolete: use GEF] Clashindarroch Formation Clashnoir Semipelite Formation Clattering Band Clauchland Sill (South Arran) Claudy Formation Claughton Flag Series [Obsolete: use BACB] Claughton Flags [Obsolete: use CLAU] Claughton Formation [Obsolete: use SILS, CLAU] Claughton Member Claughton Moor Shales [Obsolete: use CLMS] Claughton Moor Siltstone Member [Obsolete: use CLMS] Claughton Moor Siltstones Clava Lodge Clay Member Clava Mudstone Member Clava Sand Member [Obsolete: use DROY] Clava Shelly Clay Member [Obsolete: use CLOCL] Clava Shelly Formation Clava Shelly Till [Obsolete: use CLST] Clava Shelly Till Member [Obsolete: use CUTI] Clavellata Beds [Obsolete: use CLR] Clavellata Beds Formation [Obsolete: use CLAV] Clavellata Formation Claxby Beds [Obsolete: use CI] Claxby Ironstone [Obsolete: use CI] Claxby Ironstone Formation Claxby Ironstone Formation and Hundleby Clay Member (Undifferentiated) Claxby Ironstone Formation And Tealby Formation (Undifferentiated) Claxby Ironstone Formation, Tealby Formation And Roach Formation (Undifferentiated) Clay Coal (S Yorkshire) Clay Coal (South Wales) Clay Cross Marine Band [Local Name: see VDMB] Clay Cross Soft Coal (Derbyshire) Clay in Upper Lias [Obsolete: use ULC] Clay with flints [Obsolete: use CWF, CHGR] Clay-with-flints Clay-with-flints Formation Clayband Ironstone Formation [Obsolete: use CBIF] Clayband Ironstone Measures [Obsolete: use CBIF] Clayband Ironstone Member Claygate Beds [Obsolete: use CLGB] Claygate Member Claygate Member And London Clay Formation (Undifferentiated) Clayknowes Coal (Lothian) Claymore Sandstone Member Claypole Limestone [Obsolete: use CLPL] Claypole Limestones Bed Clays-of-the-Cornbrash [Obsolete: use CAYC] Clayton Marine Band [Local Name: see SOMB] Claywood Ironstone Cleatham Limestone [Obsolete: use LLL] Cleatham Limestone Member [Obsolete: use CML] Cleaver Bank Formation [Obsolete: use CLBK] Cleaverbank Formation Clee Formation [Obsolete: use CFO] Clee Group [Obsolete: use CFO, WBK] Clee Hill Microgabbro Sill-swarm Clee Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use SB] Cleeve Cloud Member Cleeve Hill Beds [Obsolete: use ROBA] Cleland Roughband Ironstone Clement Coal (South Wales) Clenchers Mill Member Clennery Scar Vein Clent Breccias [Obsolete: use CLT] Clent Formation Clent Formation And Enville Formation (Undifferentiated) Clent Formation And Haffield Breccia Formation (Undifferentiated) Clent Group [Obsolete: use CLT] Clent Hills Breccia [Obsolete: use CLT] Clerkhill Appinite Suite Cleveland - Armathwaite Dyke. Cleveland Dyke On BGS Published Maps Cleveland Ironstone Formation Cleveland Ironstone Series [Obsolete: use CDI] Cleveland Sand Formation [Obsolete: use STA] Cleveland, Cockfield And Armathwaite Dyke [Obsolete: use CADY] Cleveland-Armathwaite-Barassie-Stevenson-Great Cumbrae-Toward Point Dyke [Obsolete: use CADY] Cleveleys Mudstone Member Clicker Tor Picrite Intrusion Cliff Coal (Milford, South Wales) Cliff End Member Cliff Member Cliff Vein [Obsolete: use CLFC] Cliffe Beds Cliffe Flints Cliffe Hardground Cliffe Marls (One) Cliffe Marls (Two) Clifford's Mesne Sandstone Cliffs End Greensand Bed Clift Hills 'Division' Clift Hills Phyllite [Obsolete: use DBHP] Clift Hills Phyllite Group [Obsolete: use CLHI] Clift Hills Phyllitic 'Group' [Obsolete: use CLHI] Clift Hills Phyllitic Formation Clifton Down Group [Obsolete: use BO, HBO, PEMB] Clifton Down Group And Hotwells Group (Undifferentiated) Clifton Down Limestone Formation Clifton Down Mudstone Formation Clifton Rock Cligga Head Intrusion Climpy Gas Coal (Forth Area) Clinterty Pluton Clintsfield Coal Clintsfield Grit Clippens Peat Formation Clisiophyllum Multiseptatum Band Clitheroe Limestone "Series" [Obsolete: use CLL] Clitheroe Limestone Formation Clitheroe Limestone Formation (Knoll-Reef) Clitheroe Limestone Formation And Hodder Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Clitheroe Limestone Series [Obsolete: use CLL] Cloalcleugh Coal Cloberhill Blackband Ironstone Cloberhill Coal Clochnahill Group [Obsolete] Clock's Cleuch Coal Clod Coal (Coalbrookdale) Clod Coal (Leicestershire, South Derbyshire, Nottingham And Derby) Clod Coal (North Staffordshire) Clogau Formation Clogau Shales [Obsolete: use CLU] Cloghan Green Beds Cloghan Hill Limestone Member Cloghany Limestone Member Cloghastucan Chalk Formation Cloghastucan Chalk Member [Obsolete: use CLC] Clogher Valley Anhydrite [Obsolete] Clogher Valley Formation Clogherny Member Clogherny Member [Duplicate: use CGHY] Cloghfin Sponge Formation Clogwyn Gottal Tuff Clogwyn Volcanic Group Clonelly Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use MMS] Clonmass Formation Close Hill Siltstone Close Hill Siltstone Member [Obsolete: use CLHS] Closeburn Limestone Formation Cloud Hill Dolomite Formation [Obsolete: use HYBH, CLHD] Cloud Hill Dolostone Formation Cloud Wood Member Cloughfin Sponge Bed Member [Obsolete: use CSP] Cloughton Formation Clousden Hill Coal (Northumberland) [Obsolete] Clousta Volcanic Member Clouston Hill Coal [Obsolete: use CNHC] Clovelly Court Shales Clown Coal Clown Marine Band [Obsolete: use CWMB] Clowne Coal (Nottingham, Derby And South Yorkshire) Clowne Marine Band Cluanie Granodiorite Cluanie Suite Clun Forest Formation [Obsolete: use DCS, RG, PAB] Clunch Clay [Obsolete: use OXC] Clunch Clay and Shale [Obsolete: use OXC] Clunch Coal (Coalbrookdale) Clune Fish Bed Clunes Complex Clwyd Group (Knoll Reef) Clwyd Limestone Group Clwyd Valley Formation Clydach Beds [Obsolete: use DDLM, CLD] Clydach Halt Member Clydach Valley Subgroup Clyde Beds [Obsolete: use PRTS, BOCH, LIWD, PAIS, KARN, CLYD] Clyde Catchments Subgroup Clyde Clay Formation Clyde Plateau Lavas [Obsolete: use CPV] Clyde Plateau Subsuite (Of MCLFS) Clyde Plateau Subsuite [Of SSDPV] Clyde Plateau Volcanic Formation Clyde Plateau Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use CPV] Clyde Plateau Volcanic Rocks [Obsolete: use CPV] Clyde Sandstone Formation Clyde Valley Formation Clydebank Clay Formation Clynekirkton Sandstone Formation Clynekirkton Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use ACHSD] Clynelish Quarry Sandstone Member Clypeus Grit [Obsolete: use CG] Clypeus Grit and White Oolite [Obsolete: use CG] Clypeus Grit Member Clyst Sands [Obsolete: use DAS] Clyst St Lawrence Formation Clyth Formation Clyth Subgroup (Helman Head Beds) [Obsolete: use CLYTH] Clyth Subgroup [Obsolete: use CLYTH] Cnoc An Fhithich Banded Semipelite Formation Cnoc An Fhithich Banded Semipelite Formation And Drumchastle Pale Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Cnoc Bhrostan Member Cnoc Creagach Member Cnoc Donn Phyllites, Quartzites, Limestone [Obsolete: use DADQ] Cnoc Donn Quartzite Formation Cnoc Donn Slate [Obsolete: use DADQ] Cnoc Fyrish Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CFY] Cnoc Fyrish Conglomerate Formation Cnoc Na Sroine Quartz-Syenite Cnoc Nan Cuilean Intrusion Coa Sandstone Member Coagh Conglomerate Member Coal "Series" [Obsolete] Coal A [Obsolete: use WMC] Coal Group, Upper (Durham) [Obsolete] Coal Marker Member [Obsolete: use STRM] Coal Measures [Obsolete: use COME] Coal Measures Group (Scotland) [Obsolete: use CMSC] Coal Measures Group [N Ireland only] Coal Measures Group And Warwickshire Group (Undifferentiated) Coal Measures Supergroup Coal Measures, Upper (E and W) [Obsolete: use BME] Coal Mining [Obsolete: use DMU] Coal Mosie (Clackmannan) Coal Pit Formation Coal Unit [Obsolete: use STRM] Coalbrookdale Formation Coalburn Dross Coal Coalburn Ell Coal Coalburn Nine Foot Coal Coalburn Six Foot Coal Coalburn Smithy And Dross Coals Coalburn Smithy Coal Coalcleugh Shell Band Coalisland Marine Band [Local Name: see SBMB] Coalpit Bay Mudstone Formation Coalport Formation [Obsolete: use HA] Coalsnaughton Main Coal (Clackmannan) Coaly Unit [Obsolete: use PNTL] Coalypath Coal Coarse gravel and sand [Obsolete: use DRGR] Coastal barrier deposits Coastal deposits and glaciofluvial deposits Coastal deposits of Banffshire [Obsolete: use KBSI] Coastal zone deposits Coastguard Station Vent Coat Walls Mudstone [Obsolete: use KRM] Coat Walls Mudstone Member [Obsolete: use KRM] Coatbridge Balmoral Coal (Central Coalfield) Coatbridge Musselband Coatbridge Musselband Coal (Central Coalfield) Coatbridge Musselband Ironstone Coatyards Coal (Northumberland) Coatyards Limestone Coatyards Limestone [Duplicate: use CYLM] Cobble Coal (Cheadle) Cobden Sandstone Cobham Common, Foxhills and Easthamstead Members [Obsolete: use SUHG] Cobham Lignite Bed Cochno Lava Member Cochno Lavas [Obsolete: use CCLA] Cock Burn Calcareous Schist Formation Cock Cairn Granite (Mount Battock Pluton) Cock Coal (Bristol Area) Cock Rig Formation Cockburn Formation Cockburns Law Intrusion Cocker Combe Tuff Cockerel Gravel Member Cockermouth Breccia-Conglomerate Cockermouth Lavas [Obsolete: use CKML] Cockermouth Lavas Formation [Obsolete: use CKML] Cockermouth Volcanic Formation Cockhill Limestone Cockhill Marine Band [Local Name: see E2A1] Cockington Beds [Obsolete: use CKF, BF] Cockleshell Coal (South Yorkshire and Derbyshire) Cockleshell Limestone Cocklett Scar Flags [Obsolete: use COSS] Cocklett Scar Sandstone Cocklett Scar Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use COSS] Cockley Beck Tuff Member Cockley How Tuff Member Cockley Pike Member [Obsolete: use CPK] Cockley Pike Sandstone Member Cockloft Coal (South Lancashire) Cockshead Coal (North Staffordshire) Codden Hill Beds [Obsolete: use COH] Codden Hill Chert [Obsolete: use COH] Codden Hill Chert Formation Codden Hill Group [Obsolete: use COH] Coddington Till Coddington Till Member Coed Caedyrys Coal (South Wales) Coed Duon Volcanic Formation Coed Ffyddlwn Formation Coed Wenallt Beds Coed-Y-Glyn Sill Coed-yr-allt Formation [Obsolete: use HA] Coedana Complex Coedana Granite Coeden Formation Coetmor Sandstone Member Coilacreich Intrusion Coire An Iubhair Formation Coire Cheap Formation Coire Daingean Semipelite Formation Coire Dubh Breccias Coire Eilde Tuffs Coire Na Circe Formation Coire Na Rainich Hybrid Ring-Dyke Coire Na Rainich Peridotite Raft Coire Nan Easan Tuffs Coire nan Laogh Semipelite Formation Coire Riabhach Phosphatic Formation Coire Uaigneich Granite (Cuillin Centre) Coke Coal (Bristol Area) Cokeyard Coal (Ayrshire) Coking Coal (Bristol Area) Coking Coal (S Yorkshire) Coking Coal (Somerset) Col-Bhein Formation Colchester Formation Cold Ash Gravel Member Coldbeck Limestone Formation Coldingham Beds [Obsolete: use COLB] Coldingham Formation Coldwell Beds [Obsolete: use CDW] Coldwell Beds and Horton Flags [Obsolete: use CDW, HNF] Coldwell Formation Coleby Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use CHAM, WHM] Coleby Mudstones [Obsolete: use CHAM, WHM] Coleford Formation [Obsolete: use COFD] Coleford High Delf Coal (Forest Of Dean) Coleford Member Colgate Sandstone Colinburn Coal (Central Coalfield) Colinswell Marine Band Coll-Tiree Swarm Colla Firth 'Group' [Obsolete: use COLA] Colla Firth Formation Colla Firth Permeation And Injection Belt Collapsed Building College Farm Clay Member Collering Sandstone Collieston Formation Collin Glen Formation Collingham Head Collinwell Sands Formation Collinwell Sands Member [Obsolete: use CLLW] Colluvium Collyhurst Sandstone Formation Collyweston Slate Colne Valley Deposits Colonsay Group Colpatie Coal Colsay Sandstone Member Colsterdale Limestone Colsterdale Marine Beds Colwall Gelifluctate Member Colwell Bay Member Colwell Limestone Colwick Formation [Obsolete: use CLW] Colwick Member Comb Coal (South Yorkshire and Derby) Combe deposits [Obsolete: use COD] Combe Down Oolite [Obsolete: use CODO] Combe Down Oolite Member Combe Downs Member Combe Formation [Obsolete: use CMMU, CMSH] Combe Martin Beach Limestone Combe Martin Slates Member Combe Mudstone Formation Combe Sand and Gravel Member Combe Shale [Obsolete: use CMMU] Combe Shale Formation [Obsolete: use CMMU] Combe Wood Chert [Obsolete: use COH] Comber Andesite Member Combined Cheltenham and Stanway Hill Formations [Obsolete: use BLPL] Combined Cheltenham Sand and Fan Gravel [Obsolete: use CHSG] Combined Oolite Marl and Upper Freestone [Obsolete: use SQAR] Comin Coch Formation Comley Andesites [Obsolete] Comley Breccia Bed Comley Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use LCML] Comley Rocks (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use COMY] Comley Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use LCSS, UCSS] Comley Sandstone Series [Obsolete: use LCSS, CMS] Commodore Formation Common Flat Limestone Compact Limestones Complex landslide deposits Complex Subsided Ground [Obsolete: use DDGR] Compstall Two Feet Comptoni Bed [Obsolete: use ACCO] Comrie Three Foot Coal Comrie Two Foot Coal Con Tom Member Conachair Granite Pluton Conan A Sequence [Obsolete: use CONA] Conan B Sequence [Obsolete: use CONA] Conan Formation Conan Sequence [Obsolete: use CONA] Conan Subsequence [Obsolete: use CONA] Conchar Formation Conchar Subsequence [Obsolete: use CONCH] Concretionary Limestone [Obsolete: use ROD, SEH] Concretionary Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use CNCL] Concretionary Limestone Member Concretionary Sandstone Series [Obsolete: use VTS] Concretionary Sandstones [Obsolete: use VTS] Conduit Conduit Excavation Coney Weston Sand and Gravel Member Coneypark Coxrod Coal Coneypark Lower Drumgray Coal Confinis Flags [Obsolete: use CNF] Confinis Flags Formation [Obsolete: use CNF] Confinis Formation Confusion Member Conglass Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use CGLS] Conglass Sandstone Formation Congleton Sand [Obsolete: use CHFDS] Conglomerate "Series" [Obsolete: use SVG] Conglomerate and Grit (Uriconian Group) [Obsolete: use UO] Conglomerate Beds [Obsolete: use CHES] Conglomerate Of Islay-Jura Succession [Obsolete] Conglomerates of Heavitree [Obsolete: use HVBR] Conglomerates of Morven [Obsolete: use LMOCO] Conglomeratic 'Division' of Corsewell Group [Obsolete: use CPC] Congo Coal (Dungannon) Coniacian To Campanian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Conisbrough Group Coniston Grit Formation [Obsolete: use CTG] Coniston Grits [Obsolete: use CTG] Coniston Grits And Studfold Sandstone [Obsolete] Coniston Group Coniston Limestone [Obsolete: use DNT] Coniston Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use DNT] Coniston Limestone Group [Obsolete: use DNT] Coniston Limestone Series [Obsolete: use DNT] Coniston Subgroup Conksbury Bridge Basalt [Obsolete: use CBB] Conksbury Bridge Lava [Obsolete: use CBB] Conksbury Bridge Lava Member Connswater Marl Formation Conrig Formation [Obsolete: use KKF] Constantine Bay Slate Formation [Obsolete: use TVS] Contorta Shales [Obsolete: use WBY] Convoy Group [Obsolete] Conway Rhyolite Formation [Obsolete: use COR] Conwy Castle Grit Member Conwy Mudstones Formation Conwy Rhyolite Formation Conwy Valley Formation Conybeare Group Conybeare Group [Duplicate: use CNYB] Cook Formation Cook Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use COOK] Cookstown Limestone Coolbeg Breccia Formation Coolcran Conglomerate Member Cooldaragh Formation Coombe Coal (Nottingham and Derby) Coombe deposits Cooper Eye Coal (Northumberland) Coplow Knoll Series [Obsolete: use COPL] Coplow Limestone Member Coplow Shales [Obsolete] Copney Pillow-Lava Formation Copper Mine Formation Coppy Hill Limestone Coprolite Bed [Obsolete: use CBG] Copster Green Sandstone Coquet Valley Formation Cora-Bheinn Member Coracle Sandstone Member Coral Bed Coral Knoll (in Kirton Cementstones) [Obsolete: use KCMK] Coral Rag [Obsolete: use CLRG, WYLS] Coral Rag Formation (Southern England) Coral Rag Member (Cleveland Basin) Coralea Phyllite Member Corallian [Obsolete: use AMC, WWB] Corallian Beds (Skye) Corallian Beds [Obsolete: use CR] Corallian Formation (Offshore Areas) Corallian Formation [Obsolete: use CR] Corallian Group Corallian Limestone [Obsolete: use BTF] Corallian Rocks [Obsolete: use CR] Coralliferous Group Coralliferous Series [Obsolete: use CRX] Coralline Crag [Obsolete: use CCG] Coralline Crag Formation Coralline knolls of patch-reef type [Obsolete: use KCMK] Coralline Limestone [Obsolete: use WLF] Coralline Oolite [Obsolete: use COO] Coralline Oolite Formation Corbar Grit Corbie Coal (Lothian) Corbie Craig Coal Corbie Craig Coal (Lothian) Corbie's Tongue Conglomerate Formation Corbiehall Coals Corbridge Limestone Corby Hall Intrusion Corbyn's Head Member Corfe Member Corgarff Limestone Member Corinacy Pelite Member Cork Rock Corkerhill Clayband Ironstone Corkey Rocks Plug Corkhill Sandstone Member Corley Beds [Obsolete: use CRSA] Corley Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CRSA] Corley Sandstone Cormorant Formation Corn Brash [Obsolete: use CB] Cornbrash [Obsolete: use CB] Cornbrash Formation Cornbrash Formation and Cayton Clay Formation (Undifferentiated) Cornbrash Formation And Cayton Shale Formation [Undifferentiated] Cornbrash Limestone Member [Obsolete: use CB] Cornbrook Sandstone [Obsolete: use COS] Cornbrook Sandstone Formation Corncockle Sandstone Formation Cornelly Oolite Formation Cornet Limestone Cornstone Beds (of Inverness, Nairn, Banff) [Obsolete: use ELCA] Cornstone Beds (of Stirling Area) [Obsolete: use KNW] Cornstone Beds [Duplicate: use CRNS] Cornstone Formation [Obsolete: use KNW] Cornstone-bearing Beds [Obsolete: use LSBU] Cornubian Catchments Subgroup Corodale Gneiss Coronation Coal (Fife) Coronea Formation Corral Coal (Dailly) Corrennie Intrusion Corrie Burn Horneblende Schist Corrie Lava Member Corrie Lavas [Obsolete: use CRRL] Corrie Limestone Corrie Sandstone Corrie Sandstone And Brodick And Lamlash Beds (Undifferentiated) Corrieyairack Granitic Complex [Obsolete: use CYACK] Corrieyairack Pluton Corrieyairack Subgroup Corrieyairack Subgroup And Glen Banchor Succession (Undifferentiated) Corrour Granulite Corry Member Corrycroar Beds Corrydon Psammite Member Corryhabbie Quartzite Formation Corsankell Limestone Corse Diamicton Formation [Obsolete: use CORSE] Corse Diamicton Member Corse Member [Obsolete: use CHLGE] Corse Of Balloch Member Corseclays Sandstone Formation Corsend Gelifluctate Bed Corsend Member, Kirkhill Formation [Obsolete: use CSEND] Corsewall (Point) Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CPC] Corsewall Formation Corsewall Group [Obsolete: use CLG] Corsewall Point Conglomerate Member Corsham Coral Bed Corsham Limestone Formation Corsham Member [Obsolete: use CSHF] Corston Coal (Bristol Area) Corstorphine Sill Corton Beds [Obsolete] Corton Formation [Duplicate: use CORF] Corton Formation [Obsolete: use HPGL] Corton Formation and Lowestoft Formation (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use HPLO] Corton Sand Member Corton Sands [Obsolete: use CORS] Corton Till [Obsolete: use CATI] Corton Till Member Corton Woods Sand and Gravel Member Corton Woods Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use CWSG] Corvanaghan Formation Corvanaghan Formation [Duplicate: use CORV] Corvie Group Corwen Grit [Obsolete: use CWG] Corwen Grit Member Coryton Breccias [Obsolete: use HVBR] Cosham Flint Cosheston Beds [Obsolete: use COB] Cosheston Subgroup Cot Castle Blackband Ironstone Cot Castle Clayband Cot Castle Shell Bed Cotehele Formation [Obsolete: use SME] Cotehele Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use SME] Cotes Bottom Flint Cotgrave Place Skerry [Obsolete: use COT] Cotgrave Sandstone Member Cotgrave Skerry (Member) [Obsolete: use COT] Cotgrave Skerry [Obsolete: use COT] Cotgrave Skerry Member [Obsolete: use COT] Cothall Limestone Member Cotham Beds [Obsolete: use CTM] Cotham Member Cotham Member and Westbury Formation (Undifferentiated) [Duplicate: use WBCT] Cotswold Sands [Obsolete] Cotswold Slates [Obsolete: use EYF] Cotteswold Sands [Obsolete: use BDS] Cottonshope Basalts [Obsolete: use COVO] Cottonshope Lavas [Obsolete: use COVO] Cottonshope Volcanic Formation Coulins Burn Striped Member Coull Grit Formation Counter Head Formation [Obsolete: use CHST] Counter Head Siltstone Formation Coupland Sike Limestone Member Cove Harbour Sandstone Cove Limestone Member Cove Lower Limestone Cove Lower Marine Band Cove Oil Shale Bed Cove Upper Limestone Cove Upper Marine Band Cove Vein Covehithe Clay Member Coventry Sandstone (middle part) [Obsolete: use KRS] Coventry Sandstone [Obsolete: use CYS, ASY] Coventry Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use ALY, ASY, MRD] Covered Structure Coversands Cow Rock Conglomerate Member Cowdenbeath Ell Coal Cowdenbeath Five Foot Coal Cowdenbeath Jewel Coal Cowdenbeath Seven Foot Coal Cowdenbeath Two Foot Coal Cowdenbeath Wee Coal Cowglen Limestone [Obsolete: use ILS] Cowglen Rough Coal (Glasgow) Cowglen Sclutty Coal (Glasgow) Cowglen Smithy Coal (Glasgow) Cowglen Stinking Coal (Glasgow) Cowhythe Gneiss [Obsolete: use CWPS] Cowhythe Psammite Formation Cowie Formation [Obsolete: use CWE] Cowie Harbour Conglomerate Member Cowie Harbour Fish-Bed [Obsolete: use CHSI] Cowie Harbour Siltstone Member Cowie Rock Cowie Sandstone Formation Cowlairs Sandstone Cowleaze Chine Member Cowleigh Park Beds [Obsolete: use CPA] Cowleigh Park Formation Cowleigh Park Formation [Duplicate: use CPA] Cowpits Five Foot Coal (Lothian) Coyles Of Muick Intrusion Coylumbridge Formation Crabtree Coal (North Staffordshire And Cheadle) Crackers Coal (Lancashire) Crackers Group [Obsolete: use ULOB, TCRS] Crackers Mine [Obsolete: use CRCK] Crackington Formation Crackington Formation (pars) [Obsolete: use DHLS, LAQU] Crackington Formation And Bude Formation (Undifferentiated) Crackington Measures [Obsolete: use CKF] Cracoe Limestone Formation Cradley Silts Bed Cradley Valley Formation Crafnant Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use SV] Crag [Obsolete: use SZWL] Crag Group Crag Group And Bytham Sand And Gravel Formation (Undifferentiated) Crag Hill Beds [Obsolete: use CRHL] Crag Hill Limestone [Obsolete: use CRHL] Crag Hill Limestone Member Crag Limestone Craghouse Tuff Member Craghouse Tuffs Member [Obsolete: use CHT] Crags Vent Craid A'Bhlair Formation Craig An Daimh Gravel Formation Craig An Daimh Member Craig Cau Formation Craig Coals Craig Hen-Gae Member Craig Hill Breccia Formation Craig of Monievreckie Conglomerate Formation Craig Rofft Sandstone Member Craig y Ffynnon Formation Craig Y Lam Formation [Obsolete: use CGU] Craig Y Lam Group [Obsolete: use CGU] Craig Y Llam Formation Craig Y Llam Group [Obsolete: use CYLF] Craig Yr Odyn Mudstone Member Craig-y-cwm Formation Craig-y-Gaer Coral Bed Craig-Y-Glyn Formation Craig-Y-Glyn Group [Obsolete: use CGYG] Craig-y-Llam Group [Obsolete: use CYLF, UAV] Craiganee Formation Craigavad Sandstone Formation Craigballyharkey Tonalite Craigbardahessiagh Granodiorite Craigbreck Conglomerate Bed Craigburn Limestone [Obsolete: use HHLS] Craigburn Shell Bed Craigcluggan Plug Craigdouffie Lava Member Craigdouffie Lavas [Obsolete: use CDLA] Craigenbush Limestone [Obsolete: use CAS] Craigenglen Beds Craigenhill Limestone Craigentimpin Lava Member Craigentimpin Lavas [Obsolete: use CTLA] Craighall Conglomerate Formation Craighead Limestone [Obsolete: use CRDL] Craighead Limestone Formation Craighead Volcanic Formation Craighill Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use FELL] Craigie Coal (Dailly) Craigies Lava Member Craigievar Formation Craigleith Sandstone Craigleith Sill Craigmaddie Muir Sandstone Member Craigmaddie Muir Sandstones [Obsolete: use CRMS] Craigmaddie Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use CRMS] Craigmaddie Sandstones [Obsolete: use CRMS] Craigmalloch Formation Craigmark Blackband Ironstone Craigmuschat Sill Craignish Phyllite [Obsolete: use DBCP] Craignish Phyllite Formation Craignook Coals (Midgeholm) Craignook Sandstone Craigrory Sandstone Bed Craigs Breccia [Obsolete: use DBR] Craigs Breccias Craigskelly Conglomerate Craithie Point Group Crammel Linn Sandstone Cramond Island Sill Crane Dyke Member Crane Formation Cranford Limestone Crank Coal (North Wales) Cranmore Member Crapwell Coppice Limestone Crathes Pluton Crathie Point Calc-Silicate Member Crathie Point Calcareous Flag Member [Obsolete: use CRPT] Crathie Schist And Limestone Formation Crathie Sheets Craven Grit Craven Group Cravenoceras brandoni Marine Band Cravenoceras brandoni Marine Band [Duplicate: use E1B1] Cravenoceras cowlingense Marine Band Cravenoceras cowlingense Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2A1] Cravenoceras gressinghamense Marine Band Cravenoceras gressinghamense Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2A2A] Cravenoceras leion Marine Band Cravenoceras leion Marine Band [Duplicate: use E1A1] Cravenoceras malhamense Marine Band Cravenoceras malhamense Marine Band [Duplicate: use E1C1] Cravenoceratoides edalensis Marine Band Cravenoceratoides edalensis Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2B1] Cravenoceratoides nitidus Marine Band Cravenoceratoides nitidus Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2B2] Cravenoceratoides nititoides Marine Band Cravenoceratoides nititoides Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2B3] Crawford Group Crawford Group And Moffat Shale Group (Undifferentiated) Crawfordjohn Dyke Crawfordjohn Essexite [Obsolete: use CRFJ] Crawfordston Coal (Ayrshire) Crawley Formation [Obsolete: use CRW] Crawley Member Crawshaw Sandstone Crawstone Coal (Coalbrookdale) [Obsolete] Crawton Group [Obsolete: use DRCR] Crawton Volcanic Formation Crayford Brickearth [Obsolete: use CFSI] Crayford Brickearth Formation [Obsolete: use CFSI] Crayford Silt Formation [Obsolete: use CFSI] Crayford Silt Member Creag An Loin Psammite Formation Creag Buidhe Semipelite Formation Creag Dhubh Psammite Formation Creag Innich Sandstone Formation Creag Leacach Quartzite [Obsolete: use CLQU] Creag Leacach Quartzite Formation Creag Liath Pelite Member Creag Liath Psammite Formation Creag Meagaidh Psammite Formation Creag Mhor Conglomerate Member Creag Mhor Conglomerates [Obsolete: use CMC] Creag Mhor Limestone Member Creag Na Sanais Semipelite Formation Creag Nam Ban Psammite Formation Creag Nan Gall Granodiorite Creag Strollamus Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre: Phase 4) Creagan Formation Creagan Group [Obsolete: use DBCG] Creagan Loisgte Member Crease Limestone [Obsolete: use GUO] Crease Limestone And Whitehead Limestone (Undifferentiated) Crease Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use GUO] Crediton Beds [Obsolete: use CRBR] Crediton Breccia Formation Crediton Breccias [Obsolete: use CRBR] Crediton Conglomerates [Obsolete: use CRBR] Creech Barrow Limestone Member Creech Brick Clay Member Creedy Park Sandstone Formation Creekmoor Clay Member Creekmoor Sand Member Creepie Coal (Sanquhar) Creeslough Formation Creeslough Formation And Ards Black Schist (Undifferentiated) Creeting Sand Member Creetown Granite Creg Agneash Sandstone Formation Cregennen Formation Creggan Chalk Formation Creggan Chalk Member [Obsolete: use CGCK] Creggan Moar Mudstone Formation Creigiau Brithion Formation [Obsolete: use BRT] Crendon Sand Creran Bridge Quartzite Formation Creran Flags Formation Cressbrook Dale Lava [Obsolete: use CBDL] Cressbrook Dale Lava Member Cretaceous Rocks (Undifferentiated) Cretaceous rocks [Obsolete: use IHEB] Crewi Formation Crewyn Formation [Obsolete: use LLBG] Cribarth Formation Cribbwr Fach Coal (South Wales) Cribbwr Fawr Coal (South Wales) Cribyn Ddu Member Crichope Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use TWN] Crickley Limestone and Crickley Oncolite [Obsolete: use CRKY] Crickley Member Crickmail Limestone [Obsolete: use OHL] Crieve Hill Oolite [Obsolete] Criffel Granite, Criffel and Dalbeattie (Granite) Mass [Obsolete: use CDPL] Criffel-Dalbeattie Granodiorite Complex Criffel-Dalbeattie Pluton Crigglestone Rock Crinan Grit Formation Crinan Grits [Obsolete: use DBCR] Crinan Subgroup Crinan Subgroup And Tayvallich Subgroup (Undifferentiated) Crinan Subgroup Caenlochan Schist [Obsolete: use TUSC] Cringate Interbasaltic Beds [Obsolete: use CRNV] Cringate Volcaniclastic Member Criniod Grit [Obsolete: use CRG] Crinkle Member [Obsolete: use CRK] Crinkle Tuff Member Crinkle Tuffs [Obsolete: use CRK] Crinoid Bed Crinoid Grit Member Croaghgarrow Formation Croaghubrid Dark Schists [Obsolete: use DBCS] Croaghubrid Pelite Formation Crocadon Formation [Obsolete: use SME] Crockanaver Limestone Member Crockey Hill Esker Member Crocknagargan Beds [Obsolete] Croft Member Crofthead Coal Crofthead Slatyband Ironstone Crofts End Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Crogenen Slates [Obsolete: use CREN] Croisaphuill Formation Croisaphuill Group [Obsolete: use CAP] Crom Psammite Formation Cromar Pluton Cromarty Fish Bed Cromarty Sand Member [Obsolete: use BNSA] Cromarty Sandstone Member Cromdale Hills Quartzite Member Cromer Diamicton [Obsolete: use BGTI] Cromer Forest Bed Series [Obsolete: use WRCG] Cromer Forest-bed Formation Cromer Knoll Group Cromer Member [Obsolete: use BGTI] Cromer Till (Lowest Member) [Obsolete: use HPTI] Cromer Till (Sand Member) [Obsolete] Cromer Till (Upper Member) [Obsolete: use WATI] Cromer Till [Obsolete: use BRLA, HPGL, LOFT, SMCL] Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 To Elsterian Deposits, Undifferentiated (Offshore) Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 to Elsterian mud and sand, interbedded (offshore) Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 to Elsterian sand (offshore) Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 To Saalian Channel Fill Deposits, Undifferentiated (Offshore) Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 To Saalian Diamicton, Firm To Hard (Offshore) Cromerian Complex Interglacial 2 to Saalian mud and sand, interbedded (offshore) Cromhall Coal (Bristol Area) Cromhall Sandstone Formation Cromlix Formation [Obsolete: use CXF] Cromlix Mudstone Formation Cronk Sumark Slate Cropper Gate Rock [Obsolete: use BRSR] Cropthorne Member [Obsolete: use CRTD] Cropthorne Sand and Gravel Member Cropthorne Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use CRTD] Cropwell Bishop Formation [Obsolete: use BCMU] Crosby Thwaite Formation [Obsolete: use WNY] Cross Hands Rock [Obsolete: use DASHR] Cross Hill Andesite Cross Lane Limestone [Obsolete: use CSLL] Cross Lane Limestones Bed Cross Slieve Group Cross-Bedded Quartzite [Obsolete: use BAQ] Cross-Bedded Series [Obsolete: use MRG] Crossbasket Ironstones Crossbrae Farm Peat Bed Crossbrae Gelifluctate [Obsolete: use CBGEL] Crossbrae Gelifluctate Bed Crossbrae Head [Obsolete: use CBGEL] Crossbrae Member [Obsolete: use CBFMP] Crossbrae Peat [Obsolete: use CBFMP] Crossbrae Till Formation Crossdale Grit Crossdale Mudstone Crossdale Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use SILS, CROM] Crossdale Shales [Obsolete: use CROM] Crossgates Sandstone Crosshouse Sill Crossi Bed [Obsolete] Crosskirk Bay Formation Crosskirk Flagstone Formation [Obsolete: use CKBA] Crossopodia Shales Crosspodia Shales and Penkill Flags [Obsolete: use PKF] Crossridge Formation [Obsolete: use CMBN] Crosswood Ash Croughton Member [Obsolete: use SHIP] Crousa Down Gravel Beds [Obsolete: use COGR] Crousa Gravels Crovie Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DCST] Crovie Group [Obsolete: use CRO] Crovie Sandstone [Obsolete: use DCST] Crovie Sandstone Group Crovie Till Member Crow Cherts Crow Coal (A) [Obsolete: use CRWC] Crow Coal (B) [Obsolete: use CROC] Crow Coal (Cumbria) Crow Coal (Dungannon: Duckmantian) Crow Coal (Dungannon: Pendleian) Crow Coal (Durham) Crow Coal (Ingleton) Crow Coal (West Yorkshire) Crow Delf Coal (Forest Of Dean) Crow Hill Conglomerate And Sandstone Member Crow Limestone Crow Sandstone Crowberry Ridge Tuff Crowland Bed Crown Coal (North Wales) Crows-Foot Coal (South Wales) Croxton Sand And Gravel Member Cruachan Formation Cruachan Intrusion Cruachan Phase, Starav Granite [Obsolete: use CRUA] Crug Limestone Crugan Mudstone Formation Crugan Mudstones [Obsolete: use CRMU] Cruiser Formation Crumbouke Coal (South Lancashire) Crumbouke Mine Coal [Obsolete: use CRUM] Crummack Formation [Obsolete: use STK] Crummock Water Intrusion Crumpy Coal Crutchman Sandstone [Obsolete: use MLRS] Crutherland Coals Crutherland Coals And House Coal Crychan Formation Crying Crag Sandstone Cryne Coal (Lothian) Cuckfield Stone [Obsolete: use CKST] Cuckfield Stone Bed Cuckfield Stone Member [Obsolete: use CKST] Cucklington Oolite [Obsolete: use CLR] Cucklington Oolite Member Cuckmere Beds Cuckmere Flint Cuckmere Valley Formation Cuckoo Coal (Bristol Area) Cudworth Coal (Yorkshire) Cuil Bay Slate Formation Cuil Bay Slates [Obsolete: use DACB] Cuilfail Zoophycus Flint Cuillin Centre (Skye Central Complex) Cul Nan Gad Pluton Culbokie Silt Formation Culchavie Striped Formation Culdaff Limestone Culdoich Till Member Culfargie Beds [Obsolete: use CUSA] Culfargie Sand Member Culham Sands with Cherts Member Cullaidh Shale Formation Cullardoch Diorite Cullen Quartzite [Obsolete: use CUQU] Cullen Quartzite Formation Cullivait Silts Formation Cullivoe Lens Member Culm [Obsolete: use CHUD, CU] Culm Group [Obsolete: use CU] Culm Measures [Obsolete: use CU, SME] Culm Measures and Upper Devonian Slates [Obsolete: use BREN] Culm Supergroup Culnagrew Sandstone Formation Culvennan Intrusion Culver Chalk Formation Culver Chalk Formation And Norfolk Chalk Formation (Undifferentiated) Culver Chalk Formation And Portsdown Chalk Formation (Undifferentiated) Culver Chalk Member [Obsolete: use CUCK] Cumberworth Thin Coal (South Yorkshire) Cumbrae-Stevenston Dyke Cumbria-Lancashire Catchments Subgroup Cumbrian Coast Group Cumbrian Esk Alluvium Member Cumbrian Esk Valley Formation Cumbriense Marine Band [Obsolete: use G1B1] Cumcrook Limestone Cumnock Claud Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Ell Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Fifty Fathom Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Forty Fathom Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Low Ell Coal Cumnock Major Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Musselband Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Thirty Inch Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Three Dirt Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnock Twenty Three Fathom Coal (South Ayrshire) Cumnor Formation [Obsolete: use KTON, STFD] Cuniger Rock Marine Band Curdly Ironstone Curly Coal (South Wales) Curragh Formation Curran Point Halite Member Currarie Formation Curving Coal (South Wales) Cushat Limestone Cushendall Formation Cushendall Porphyry Cushendun Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CCC] Cushendun Formation Cushendun Granodiorite Cushnie Pluton Cut Away Landscape Cutcombe Slates Member Cuthill Limestone Member Cutties Hillock Sandstone Cwar Glas Member Cwm Barn Formation Cwm Berem Marine Band [Local Name: see LGMB] Cwm Clwyd Ash [Obsolete: use CCT] Cwm Clwyd Tuff [Obsolete: use CCT] Cwm Clwyd Tuff Formation [Obsolete: use CGTU] Cwm Clyd Sandstone Cwm Crychan Formation [Obsolete: use TRE, BRNY, CRYH] Cwm Degwel Mudstone Member Cwm Eigiau Formation Cwm Eigiau Formation And Lower, Middle And Upper Crafnant Formations (Undifferentiated) Cwm Eigiau Formation And Pen-Ychain Rhyolitic Complex (Undifferentiated) Cwm Graig Ddu Formation Cwm Gwaun Formation Cwm Hesgen Formation [Obsolete: use DYN] Cwm Mawr Coal (South Wales) Cwm Yr Aethnen Mudstones [Obsolete: use CYA] Cwm Yr Aethnen Mudstones Formation Cwm Yr Aethnen Shales [Obsolete: use CYA] Cwm-Amliw Group [Obsolete: use CMA] Cwm-Amliw Series [Obsolete: use CMA] Cwm-Amliw Tuff Formation [Obsolete] Cwm-Yr-Eglwys Formation Cwm-Yr-Hob Member Cwmbarn Member [Obsolete: use CWN] Cwmbyr Coal (South Wales) Cwmcringlyn Formation Cwmere Formation Cwmffrwd Formation Cwmhesgen Formation [Obsolete: use DLU, DYN] Cwmmawr Coal (South Wales) Cwmorthin Formation [Obsolete: use ALL] Cwms Rhyolites [Obsolete] Cwmsymlog Formation [Obsolete: use RHS] Cwmyniscoy Mudstone Formation Cwmystwyth Grits Group Cwrt-yr-ala Formation Cymerig Limestone [Obsolete: use CY] Cymerig Limestone Member Cyrena Limestones [Obsolete: use VTS] Cyrtograptus Grayi Mudstones [Obsolete: use LAU] Cystoid Limestone [Obsolete: use CYO] Cystoid Limestone Member D-Bed Evaporite D2 Limestones [Obsolete: use CFML] Dab Limestone Unit Dabchick Coal (Somerset) Dacite Group [Obsolete: use STAD] Daddyhole Limestone [Obsolete: use DHL] Daddyhole Member Dailly Ell Coal Dailly Ground Coal Dailly Group [Obsolete: use DAI, STNG] Dailly Main Coal Dailly Parrot Coal Dailly Series [Obsolete: use DLY, PNO, DAI] Dailly Subgroup Dailly Wee Coal Dalby Group Dalcharn Biogenic Formation [Obsolete: use DNPS] Dalcharn Biogenic Member [Obsolete: use DMBG] Dalcharn Cryoturbate Member [Obsolete: use RECR] Dalcharn Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use CDGR] Dalcharn Lower Till Formation [Obsolete: use ATTI] Dalcharn Palaeosol Formation Dalcharn Upper Till Formation [Obsolete: use CYTI] Dale Head Breccia Member Dale Head Member [Obsolete: use DHD] Dales Voe Grit [Obsolete: use DAVO] Dales Voe Grit Formation [Obsolete: use DAVO] Dales Voe Grit Member Dalharco Limestone Dalkeith Under Coal (Lothian) Dalkeith Upper Coal (Lothian) Dalla Bank Limestone Dallabank Limestone Dallas Psammite Formation Dalmahoy Oil-Shale Dalmahoy Shale Dalmahoy Sill Dalmanella Lunata Beds [Obsolete: use CEF] Dalmary Sandstone Member Dalmellington Blackband Ironstone Dalmellington Diamond Coal Dalmellington Ell Coal Dalmellington Extra Coal Dalmellington Lower Diamond Coal Dalmellington Major Coal Dalmellington Two Foot Coal Dalmellington Upper Diamond Coal Dalmellington Upper Ell Coal (South Ayrshire) Dalness Breccias Dalness Ignimbrite Member Dalradian Rocks (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use DALN] Dalradian Supergroup Dalradian Supergroup And Moine Supergroup (Undifferentiated) Dalreoch Division [Obsolete: use DLR] Dalreoch Formation Dalroy Sand Member Dalry Blackband Ironstone Dalry Clayband Ironstone Dalry Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use LSC] Dalry Sandstone Member Dalserf Mussel Band (Central Coalfield) Dalswinton Moraine Formation Dalton Beds [Obsolete: use DLB] Dalton Formation Dalton Limestone (Northumberland) Dalton Rock Daltulich Psammite Formation Daltulich Semipelite Formation [Obsolete: use DALT] Dalvrecht Slate Formation Dalzell Works Lingula Band Dam House Bridge Tuff Member Dam or Barrage Damery Beds Dandy Coal (Lancashire) Dandy Mine Coal [Obsolete: use DYCO] Dandy Rock Dane Hills Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use AS] Dane Hills Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use AS] Danian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Danian To Ypresian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Danny Bridge Limestone Formation Daren Rhestyn Coal (South Wales) Daren-Ddu Coal (South Wales) Daren-Ddu Rider Coal (South Wales) Dargan Limestone Formation Dark Grey Mudstone [Obsolete: use DMM] Dark Grey Mudstone Member [Obsolete: use MSW] Dark Group Dark Group of Blair Atholl Series [Obsolete: use DLDS] Dark Limestone Dark Limestone and Dark Schist within Blair Atholl Subgroup [Obsolete: use DLDS] Dark Schists Dark Slade Member Darlington Clay Formation Darnford Conglomerate Member Darnley Coal Darnley Fireclay Darren Ddu Limestone Member Darroch Coal (North Ayrshire) Dart Formation Dart Formation [Duplicate 1: use DART] Dart Formation [Duplicate 2: use DART] Dart Schists [Obsolete: use DART] Dartford Silt [Obsolete: use DASI] Dartford Silt Member Dartington Limestone Member Dartmoor Granite [Obsolete: use DMR] Dartmoor Intrusion Dartmouth Beds [Obsolete: use DRTM] Dartmouth Group Dartmouth Group [Obsolete: use DRTM] Dartmouth Slates [Obsolete: use BIN, DRTM, WTD] Dartry Limestone Formation Darvel Lava Member Darvel Lavas [Obsolete: use DLLA] Darwen Flags Darwin Formation Dash Picrite [Obsolete] Dasses Sill Daugh Coal (Sanquhar) Daugleddau Group Dava Subgroup Dava Succession [Obsolete: use DAVA] David's Hole Beds [Obsolete: use KSL] David's Stone Limestone Daviot Conglomerate Formation Davy Coal Dawlish Sands [Obsolete: use DAS] Dawlish Sandstone [Obsolete: use DAS] Dawlish Sandstone Formation Dawlish Sandstones [Obsolete: use DAS] Dawlish sandstones and breccias [Obsolete: use DAS] Dayia Beds Daylesford Sand and Gravel Member Ddolhir Beds [Originally Dolhir] Ddugaled Coal (South Wales) Ddwyryd Shales [Obsolete: use NOG] Dean Coal (Durham) Deanshillock Gravel Formation Dearcaige Quartzite Member Dearg Member Dearg Till Formation [Obsolete: use SUTI] Debris cone [Obsolete: use TCON] Debris flow deposits Deception Coal (Lothian) Deckanhydrit [Obsolete: use ZECH2] Dee Bridge Sandstone Dee Valley Formation Deep Coal (Coalbrookdale) Deep Coal (South Staffordshire) Deep Conglomerate Formation Deep Hard Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) Deep Hard Rock Deep Main Coal (Vale Of Belvoir) Deep Rider Coal Deep Rider Coal (Warwickshire) Deep Soft Coal (Nottingham And Derby) Deep Soft Rock Deep Yard Coal (South Lancashire) Deepdale Formation [Obsolete: use DPD] Deepdale Sandstone Formation Deepmine Coal Deer Park Andesite Deer Park Shales Deerhope Burn Flagstones [Obsolete: use DHP] Deerhope Formation Deerhope Siltstones [Obsolete: use DHP] Deerness Volcanic Member Deeside Limestone [Obsolete: use DLI] Deeside Limestone Formation Deeside Subsuite Defence Establishment Deformation till Deganwy Mudstone [Obsolete: use COMU] Degnish Limestone [Obsolete: use DBDL] Degnish Limestone Formation Delabole Member Delabole Slates [Obsolete: use UDSL, TVY, DLBS, TSL] Delamere Sandstone Member Delnabo Conglomerate Formation Delnadamph Volcanic Member Delta Bench Coal (North Wales) Delta Coal (North Wales) Demesne Limestones Demetae Group Den Coal (Fife) Den Siltstone Formation [Obsolete: use BRMU, DSF] Den Siltstone Member Denbigh Grits [Obsolete: use DFG] Denbigh Grits Formation Denbigh Grits Group [Obsolete: use DG] Denbighshire Grits and Shales [Obsolete: use PEG] Denbury Crinoidal Limestone [Obsolete: use DCL] Denbury Crinoidal Limestone Formation Denend Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use LEY] Denend Member [Obsolete: use DNDGR] Denham Valley Terrace Deposits Denny Lower Blackband Ironstone Denny Muir Lava Member Denny Muir Lavas [Obsolete: use DMLA] Denny Upper Blackband Ironstone Dennyloanhead Ball Coal Denstone Formation [Obsolete: use TPSF] Dent Group Denton Mill Limestone Derbyhaven Beds [Obsolete: use DBH] Derbyhaven Formation Derenenach Mudstone Formation Derfel Limestone Member Dergvone Shale Formation Deri Beds [Obsolete: use DER] Deri Formation Derlwyn Formation Derreens Limestone Member Derry Coal (Dungannon) Derrycreevy Sandstone Formation Derrygonnelly Sandstone Formation [Obsolete] Derryhill Lava Member Derryloran Formation Derryloran Grit Formation [Obsolete: use DLN] Derryloran Grit Member [Obsolete: use DLN] Derryloran Grits [Obsolete: use DLN] Derryvale Sandstone [Obsolete] Derryvree Till [Obsolete] Dersingham Beds [Obsolete: use DEB] Dersingham Beds/Snettisham Clay [Obsolete: use DEB, SNC] Dersingham Formation Derwenlas Formation Derwyddon Sandstone Formation Desertcreat Group Desertmartin Limestone Formation Desoglin Limestone Developed Farmland Developed Habitat Developed Parkland Devil's Bridge Formation Devil's Chimney Oolite [Obsolete: use CLCL] Devil's Chimney Oolite and Cleeve Hill Oolite [Obsolete: use CLCL] Devil's Chimney Oolite and Fiddler's Elbow Limestone [Obsolete: use CLCL] Devil's Hole Sandstone Member Devoke Water Greisen Devoke Water Member [Obsolete: use DKT] Devoke Water Tuff Member Devon Red Sandstone Devonian And Carboniferous Rocks (Undifferentiated) Devonian Fintona Group [Obsolete: use SLI] Devonian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Dhoon Pluton Diabaig Formation Diamicton Diamond Coal Diamond Coal (North Staffordshire) Diamond Coal (Northumberland) Diamond Coal (Patna) Diamonds Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Diamonds Ironstone And Silver Threads Ironstone (Undifferentiated) (South Staffordshire) Diatomite Dibhole Coal (West Yorkshire) Dibidil Grit Member Dicky Gobbler Coal (South Derbyshire) Dicky Hare Cove Flags [Obsolete: use DICH] Dicky Hare Member [Obsolete: use DICH] Dicky Hare Semipelite Member Dicranograptus Shales [Obsolete] Dictyocaris Member [Obsolete: use CHSI] Diddup Limestone Didymograptus Bifidus Beds [Obsolete: use ABGW] Didymograptus Bifidus Beds And Didymograptus Murchisoni Beds (Undifferentiated) Didymograptus Shales [Obsolete: use SMU] Didymograptus Superstes Mudstones [Obsolete: use SMU] Diebidale Pelite Formation Digg Siltstone Member Dilhorne Coal (Cheadle) Dilhorne Coal (Derbyshire) Dimlington Bed (Dimlington Silts) Dinantian Dykes (Within MCPAD) Dinantian Intrusion (Within MCPAI) Dinantian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Dinantian To Westphalian Sills Of Lothians And Fife Dinantian Volcanic Rocks (Undifferentiated) Dinas Bran Beds [Obsolete: use DBG] Dinas Bran Formation Dinas Bran Group [Obsolete: use DBG] Dinas Dolerite Dinas Island Formation Dingle Beds (Lower Old Red Sandstone) [Obsolete: use KILS] Dingle Beds [Obsolete: use FIN, TPMS, BRC, BLM] Dingle Conglomerate Member Dingle Mudstone Member Dinorwic Formation [Obsolete: use REL] Dinwoodie Beds Dionide Beds Diplograptus Modestus Shales [Obsolete: use GLSH] Dippal Burn Formation Dippin Sill (South Arran) Dipple Fish Bed Dipton Burn Marine Beds Dipton Foot Shell Bed Dirk Sandstone Member Dirleton Plugs Dirrington Great Law Sill Dirt Coal Dirt Pot Grit Dirty Coal (South Wales) Dirty Rider Coal (South Wales) Discovery Coal (Lancashire) Diseworth Member [Obsolete: use DIS] Diseworth Sandstone Dissolution Mining Distinkhorn Dyke Swarm Distinkhorn Pluton Disturbed Blackheath Beds Disturbed Ground Ditcheat Clay Member Dittisham Member Ditton Group [Obsolete: use DTG] Ditton Marine Band [Local Name: see BJMB] Ditton Subgroup [Obsolete: use FWW] Diver Coal Division 3 (sandy clays) [Obsolete: use BKGS] Division 4 (sands with chert and ironstone) [Obsolete: use FHMS] Division A3 of King (1981) [Obsolete: use OCKD] Division B and the lower part of Division C of King, 1981 [Obsolete: use AVLY] Division D [Obsolete: use MFLD] Division D of the Bristol Area [Obsolete] Dixon Ground Member Doagh Limestone Member Dobb's Plantation Member Dobbie's Vein Dobbin Sandstone Formation Dock Dockra Limestone [Obsolete: use BLLS] Doctors Coal Doctors Mine Marine Band [Local Name: see HTMB] Doddiscombe Beds [Obsolete: use DDC] Doddiscombe Formation Doddiscombe Formation And Codden Hill Chert Formation (Undifferentiated) Dodington Ash Rock Member Dodman Formation Dodman Phyllites [Obsolete: use DMN] Dodman Series [Obsolete: use DMN] Dodman Series/Dodman Phyllites [Obsolete: use DMN] Doe Coal (South Lancashire) Doe Mine Coal [Obsolete: use DOEM] Doethie Formation Dog Crag Tuff Member Dog Falls Psammite Formation Dogger [Obsolete: use NS, DGR] Dogger Bank Formation Dogger Formation Dogger Formation and Saltwick Formation (Undifferentiated) Dogger Formation, Saltwick Formation, Eller Beck Formation and Cloughton Formation (Undifferentiated) Dogger Ironstone [Obsolete: use DGR] Doggy Coal Doghole Coal (South Lancashire) Doghole Mine Rock [Obsolete: use DHMR] Doghole Rock Dol-cyn-afon Formation Dol-cyn-afon Member [Obsolete: use DYN] Doldowlod Conglomerate Member Dolfawr Mudstones Formation Dolgarrog Volcanic Formation Dolgau Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use DGU] Dolgau Mudstones [Obsolete: use DGU] Dolgau Mudstones Formation Dolgau Mudstones Formation (Lower Tongue) Dolgau Mudstones Formation (Upper Tongue) Dolgellau Formation Dolgellau Formation And Dol-Cyn-Afon Formation (Undifferentiated) Dolgellau Member [Obsolete: use DLU] Dolgelly Beds [Obsolete: use DLU] Dolhir Beds [Obsolete: use DO] Dolhir Formation Doll Member Dollis Hill Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use DHGR] Dollis Hill Gravel Member Dolomite Beds (of Appin) (Not Appin Dolomite) [Obsolete] Dolomitic Beds [Obsolete: use TEDO] Dolomitic Conglomerate [Obsolete: use MMMF] Dolomitic Conglomerate and Red Marl [Obsolete: use MMMF] Dolphinholme Mudstone Dolphinholme Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use DLP] Dolwen Formation Dolwen Grits [Obsolete: use DOG] Dolwen Mudstones [Obsolete: use BMM] Dolwen Mudstones Formation [Obsolete: use DMF] Dolyfan Conglomerate Member Dolyhir Limestone Formation Don Group [Obsolete: use ZG] Donaghadee Sandstone Formation [Obsolete] Donald's Hill Ignimbrite Formation Donegal Appinite Suite Donegore Plugs [Obsolete] Donside Gneisses [Obsolete: use CRR] Doobally Sandstone Member Doolie Ness Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use DNCO] Doolie Ness Conglomerate Member Doon Dyke Swarm Doon Hill Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DHLC] Doon Hill Conglomerate Member Doon Limestone Doonbought Plug Dora Villa Dyke [Obsolete] Dorback Intrusive-Complex Dores Sandstone Dornabac Member (Central Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) Dornabac Member (Central Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) [Duplicate: use RLC1] Dornoch Formation Dornoch Mudstone unit Dorrery Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use DRSM] Dorrery Sandstone Member Dorset Anhydrite [Obsolete] Dorset Stour Formation Double Coal (Coalbrookdale) Double Coal (Warwickshire) Double Coal Rock Doubler Stones Sandstone Dougaled Coal (South Wales) Dougaled Rider Coal (South Wales) Doughend Sandstone Member Douglas Bridge Limestone Member Douglas Coal Douglas Ell Coal Douglas Fireclay Member Douglas Four Foot Coal Douglas Humph Coal Douglas Main Coal (Douglas) Douglas Main Limestone [Obsolete: use HUR] Douglas Muir Quartz-Conglomerate Member Douglas Nine Foot Coal Douglas Parrot Coal Douglas Seven Foot Coal (Douglas) Douglas Six Foot Coal Douglas Smithy Coal Douglas Splint Coal (Douglas) Douglas Stoney Coal Douglas Thirty Inch Coal Douglas Three Foot Coal (Douglas) Douglas Under Limestone [Obsolete: use BBLS] Douglas Water Arenite Formation Douglas Wee Limestone [Obsolete: use BLLS] Douglasbrae Limestone Douk Ghyll Beds [Obsolete: use NORB] Doularg Formation Doulting Beds Dounalt Limestone Formation Dounans Limestone [Obsolete: use DSLM] Dounans Limestone Formation Dounreay Shore Formation Dounreay Siltstone Member [Obsolete: use DRAY] Doup Crag Tuff Member Doupster Oil Shale Dove Crag Member [Obsolete: use DOCR] Dove Crag Tuff Member Dove Hole Formation Dove Holes Tuff Dove Rock Vent Dovedale Limestone [Obsolete] Dovestone Redbeds Formation Dovey Valley Formation Dowbridge Mudstone Formation Doweel Breccia Formation Dowhills Beds [Obsolete: use DHLS] Dowhills Mudstone Formation Dowlais Limestone [Obsolete: use GACA] Dowlais Limestone Formation Down Cliff Clay [Obsolete: use DCC] Down Cliff Clay Member Down Cliff Sand Member Down Cliff Sand Member And Thorncombe Sand Member (Undifferentiated) Down Cliff Sands [Obsolete: use DCSA] Down Cliffs Clay [Obsolete: use DCC] Down Hill Marine Band [Local Name: see CAMB] Downan Point Lava Formation Downend Formation [Obsolete: use DN, WINT] Downend Formation and Mangotsfield Formation (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use DNMG] Downend Group [Obsolete: use DN] Downend Member Downend Member And Mangotsfield Member (Undifferentiated) Downholland Silt Downie Point Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DPCO] Downie Point Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use DPCO] Downie Point Conglomerate Member Downie's Loup Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use CYD] Downies Loup Sandstones (Stirling) [Obsolete: use CYD] Downton Castle Sandstone Formation Downton Castle Sandstone Formation And Temeside Mudstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Downton Castle Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use DCS] Downton Farm Gravel Member Downton Marls [Obsolete] Downton Series [Obsolete: use DOW] Downton Subgroup [Obsolete: use MIH] Downtonian Red Marl [Obsolete: use LG] Downtonian sandstone including quartzite-conglomerate [Obsolete: use MAWO] Downwash Gravel Dowra Sandstone Member Dowsing Dolomite Formation [Obsolete: use DWDL] Dowsing Formation Dowsing Formation and Dudgeon Formation Doxall Coal (Bristol Area) Doyle Gneiss Drake Formation Drake Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use DRKE] Drap Coal (South Wales) Draughton Limestone Draughton Shales Dredged or Drainage Channel Drefach Group Drews Coal (South Wales) Drift (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use SUPD] Drift deposits [Obsolete: use GBG] Drift Geology Not Mapped [For Digital Map Use Only] [Obsolete: use SUPNM] Drigg Beach Till Member Drigg Holm Sand Member Drigg Moorside Silt Member Drigg Point Sand Formation Drigg Till Formation Drimmie Lava Member Droitwich Halite Formation [Obsolete: use DHT] Droitwich Halite Member Dromore Sandstone Member Dronach Shale Member [Obsolete: use LDYW] Dropping Craig Bed Dropping Craig Formation [Obsolete: use DRP] Drosgol Beds [Obsolete: use DRF] Drosgol Formation Drosgol Grits [Obsolete: use DRF] Drosgol Group [Obsolete: use DRF] Dross Coal Drowsell Coal (North Wales) Druid Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DRC] Druid Conglomerate Member Druid Conglomerates [Obsolete: use DRC] Druim An Fhurain Sandstone Member Druim Chuibhe Psammite Formation [Obsolete: use KLPS] Druim Fada Quartzite Member Druim Na Saille Pelite Formation Drum Fireclay Drumadoon Intrusion (South Arran) Drumard Member Drumarg Conglomerate Formation Drumbeg Formation [Obsolete: use DRBG] Drumbeg Sand and Gravel Formation Drumbrick Sandstone Member Drumchastle Pale Limestone Formation Drumchorick Siltstone Formation Drumchorick Siltstone Formation, Benbulben Shale Formation And Tubbrid Sandstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Drumcullen Formation Drumderfit Conglomerate Member Drumflugh Limestone Member Drumgesh Shale Formation Drumgivery Limestone Member Drumgrange Limestone Drumhirk Formation Drumkeeran Siltstone Formation [Obsolete: use DKSF] Drumlish Conglomerate Formation Drumlish Formation [Obsolete: use DISH] Drumlithie Sand and Gravel Formation Drumman More Sandstone Formation Drummangarvagh Member Drummock Beds [Obsolete: use DKG] Drummock Group [Obsolete: use DKG] Drummore Gravel Formation Drummore Gravel Member [Obsolete: use DRGR] Drummournie Biogenic Member Drummuck Subgroup Drummuir Calcareous Member Drumnessie Lava Member Drumnessie Lavas [Obsolete: use DNLA] Drumochter Succession Drumocter Succession [Obsolete: use GCKP] Drumowen Sandstone Member Drumpark Marine Band Drumskinny Sandstone Member Drumwhirn Member Drumyork Flags [Obsolete: use DYF] Drumyork Flags Formation Dry Doddington Nodule Bed Dry valley deposits Drybrook Limestone [Obsolete: use DS, HBO] Drybrook Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use HBO] Drybrook Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use CHSA] Dryburn Foot Limestone Dryburn Limestone [Obsolete: use GL] Dryden Flags [Obsolete: use DRY] Dryden Flags Formation Dryden Formation [Obsolete: use DRY] Dryden Limestone Dryden Shales [Obsolete: use DRY] Drygarn Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CBN] Drygill Mudstone Formation Drygill Shales [Obsolete: use DRSH] Dubh Loch Member [Obsolete: use ALBE] Duchray Hill Gneiss [Obsolete: use DHGN] Duchray Hill Gneiss Member Dud Sandstone Duddo Limestone Duddon Bridge Tuff Member Duddon Bridge Tuffs [Obsolete: use DH, DBT] Duddon Conglomerate Member Duddon Hall Tuff Formation Duddon Hall Tuffs [Obsolete: use DH] Dudgeon Formation Dudgeon Saliferous Formation [Obsolete: use DGSL] Dudley Basaltic Sill-and-vent-swarm Dudley Limestone [Obsolete] Dufftown Limestone Member Dufton Shale Formation Dug Head Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use DHS] Duke Coal (Rothbury Area) [Obsolete: use BRMN] Duke Coal (South Wales) Dukinfield Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Dulais Coal (South Wales) Dulas Bay Subgroup Dulas Coal (South Wales) Dulas Coal And Nine Feet Coal Dulas Limestone [Obsolete: use DLSL] Dulas Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use LEEL] Dulcey Dock Member Dull Coal (West Yorkshire) Dullan Member [Obsolete: use GOLS] Duloch Sandstone Duloch Under Limestone Dumbarton Rock Plug Dumblar Rigg Sandstone Dumbreck Cloven Coal (Central Coalfield) Dumbreck Sandstone Dumdruff Hill Lava Member Dumdruff Hill Lavas [Obsolete: use DHLA] Dumfries Sandstone [Obsolete: use LCH] Dump Marine Band Dun Caan Shale Member Dun Coal (Scremerston) Dun Gallain Grit Formation Dun Limestone [Obsolete: use DNL] Dun Limestone Member Dun Member Dun Scalpsie Banded Amphibolite Dunaghy Formation Dunain Hill Conglomerate Formation Dunalastair Quartzite Formation Dunalastair Semipelite Formation Dunans Clay Member Dunans Shale Member Dunaskin Clayband Ironstone Dunaskin Fireclay Dunaskin Limestone Dunaskin Rock Dunbar Sandstone Formation Dunbarella Bed Dunbeath Till [Obsolete: use DUTI] Dunbeath Till Formation Dunblane Formation [Obsolete: use DUF, TEF] Dunblane Member [Obsolete: use DUF] Dunblane Sandstone Member Dunchideock Volcanics [Obsolete] Dunconnel Hill Plug Dundarg Castle Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DCST] Dundarg Conglomeratic Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use DDG] Dundarg Sandstone Formation Dundary Castle Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use DCST] Dundee Flagstone Formation Dundee Formation [Obsolete: use DEF] Dundonald Sill Dundry Freestone Dune sandstone [Obsolete: use BRI] Duneaton Volcanic Formation Dunfallandy Hill Pluton Dunfermline Splint Coal (Fife) Dunfermline Under Coal (Fife) Dungavel Group Dungavel Hill Conglomerate Member Dungeon Ghyll Member [Obsolete: use DGY] Dungeon Ghyll Sandstone Member Dungiven Formation Dungiven Formation [Duplicate 1: use DUNN] Dungiven Formation [Duplicate 2: use DUNN] Dungiven Limestone [Obsolete: use DUNN] Dunglass Coal Dungoil Linear Vent-System Dungy Drift [Obsolete: use DYDC] Dungy Drift Coal (Somerset) Dungy Head and Dancing Ledge members (Isle of Purbeck) [Obsolete: use POCH] Dunion Hill Plug Dunkeld Grit Dunkpool Limestone Dunlin Group Dunlin Shale Member [Obsolete: use DRKE] Dunlin Shale Unit [Obsolete: use DUNL] Dunlin Silt Unit [Obsolete: use DUNL] Dunlin Siltstone Member [Obsolete: use AMND, BURT, COOK] Dunnage Copse Gravel Member Dunnerdale Formation [Obsolete: use DNF] Dunnerdale Sandstone Formation Dunnerdale Tuffs [Obsolete: use DNF] Dunnet Head Sandstone Formation Dunnet Head Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use DUH, OYS] Dunnet Marls Dunnet Sandstone Dunnet Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use DUH] Dunnet Shale Dunnet Shell Bed Dunnottar and Crawton Groups (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use DRCR] Dunnottar Castle Conglomerate Formation Dunnottar Castle Formation [Obsolete: use CHAV] Dunnottar Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DRG] Dunnottar Group [Obsolete: use CRN, DRCR] Dunnottar-Crawton Group Dunoon Phyllite [Obsolete: use DCDP] Dunoon Phyllite Formation Dunphail Semipelite Formation Dunrobin Bay Formation [See Also DUNR] Dunrobin Bay Group [See Also DRB] Dunrobin Beds [Obsolete: use DRB] Dunrobin Castle Member Dunrobin Pier Conglomerate Member Dunrossness Phyllite [Obsolete: use DUPH] Dunrossness Phyllitic Formation Dunrossness Phyllitic Formation [Duplicate: use DUPH] Dunrossness Phyllitic Group [Obsolete: use DUPH] Dunrossness Spilitic Formation Dunrossness Spilitic Group [Obsolete: use DUSP] Dunscombe Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use AS, BCMU] Dunside Formation Dunsil And First Waterloo Coal (Vale Of Belvoir) Dunsil Coal (West And South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) Dunsmore Gravel Member Duntulm Formation Dunwich Group Dura Den Fish Bed [Obsolete: use DDF] Dura Den Formation [Obsolete: use DDF] Dura Den Member Durbog Coal (North Wales) Dure Clough Sandstone Dure Clough Sandstones Member [Obsolete: use DUCS] Durham Complex [Obsolete: use TYWE] Durham Fissure Fillings [Obsolete: use CEDN] Durham Low Main Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Durham Low Main Post Sandstone Durham Lower Till (boulder clay) [Obsolete: use WETI] Durham Lower Till [Obsolete: use BHTI] Durham Member Durham Upper Till [Obsolete: use HNTI] Duricrust Durine Formation Durine Group [Obsolete: use DUR] Durisdeer Formation Durley Sand Member Durlston Beds [Obsolete: use DURN] Durlston Formation Durn Hill Quartzite [Obsolete: use ARPS] Durn Hill Quartzite Formation Durness Group Durness Limestone or Eriboll Limestone [Obsolete: use DNG] Durness or Eriboll Series [Obsolete: use DNG] Durnhill Quartzite [Obsolete: use KYQU] Dutch Classification System [Root term only - reserved for possible future use] Dwfor Mudstone Formation Dwyfach Formation Dyehouse Coal (South Lanacashire) Dyffryn Flags [Obsolete: use DFN] Dyffryn Flags Facies (Caban Conglomerate Formation) Dyffryn Flags Facies [Obsolete: use DFN] Dyffryn Flags Facies Formation [Obsolete: use DFN] Dyffryn Mymbyr Tuff Dykebar Coal Dykebar Limestone Dykebar Marine Band Dykebar Marls Dykeneuk Limestone [Obsolete: use CAL] Dyneley Knoll Flags Dyrham Formation Dyrham Formation And Beacon Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Dyrham Formation And Marlstone Rock Formation (Undifferentiated) Dyrham Rock [Obsolete] Dyrham Silt(s) [Obsolete: use DYS] Dyrham Siltstone Formation [Obsolete: use DYS] Dysart Main Coal (Fife) Dysart Musselband Dyserth Limestone Group (Knoll-Reef) Dyserth Limestone Group [Obsolete: use CLWYD] Dyserth Limestone Group [Obsolete: use CRAV] Dyserth Quarry Limestone [Obsolete: use LNML] Eagle Crag Member [Obsolete: use EAGC] Eagle Crag Sandstone Member Eagle Crag Tuffs and Honister Slates [Obsolete: use EAGC] Eagle Moor Member [Obsolete: use EMSG] Eagle Moor Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use EMSG] Eagle Moor Sand and Gravel Member Eagle Sandstone Eaglesham Lava Member Eaglesham Lavas [Obsolete: use CBLA, EMLA] Earl David's Parrot Coal (Fife) Earlswood Till Early Cambrian Rocks (Undifferentiated) Early Permian Dyke (Within MCPAD) Early Permian Intrusion (Within MCPAI) Earn Gravel [Obsolete: use TEGR] Earnley "Division" [Obsolete] Earnley 'Division' [Obsolete: use MARF, EA] Earnley Formation [Obsolete: use EA] Earnley Sand Formation Earnley Sand Formation And Marsh Farm Formation (Undifferentiated) Earnock Blackband Ironstone Earnock Clayband Ironstone Earth flow deposits Earthwork Sandstone Earthy Coal (Lancashire) Earthy Delf Eas Mor Granite (Western Red Hills Centre: Phase 9) Easdale Slate [Obsolete: use DBES] Easdale Slate Formation Easdale Subgroup Easebourne Member Easington Formation [Obsolete: use EASN] Easington Raised Beach Formation East Barra Meta-Igneous Complex East Brow Member East Burra Group East Carlton Grit East Durham Till Formation [Obsolete: use NSG] East Fife Basanitic And Foiditic Plugs And Vents East Glen Tilt Pluton [Obsolete: use CLACH] East Grampian (Albion) Glacigenic Subgroup East Grampian Drift Group [Obsolete: use EGD] East Grampian Glacigenic Group [Obsolete: use EGD] East Grampian Glacigenic Subgroup East Grange Till Member [Obsolete] East Greenland Province East Harbour Formation [Obsolete: use CHST] East Kilbride Common Coal East Kirkton Limestone East Leys Member [Obsolete: use CORSE] East Leys Till [Obsolete: use CORSE] East Linton Lava Member East Linton Member [Obsolete: use ELLA] East Lothian Basanite And Foiditic Plugs And Vents East Lothian Subsuite (Of MCLFS) East Ogwell Limestone [Obsolete: use EOL] East Ogwell Limestone Formation East Stayvoyage Vein East Thelma Member [Obsolete: use BRAE] East Wear Bay and Abbots Cliff Formations [Obsolete: use ZZCH] Easter Glen Quioch Psammite [Obsolete: use TAPS] Easter Main Coal Eastern Glenelg Gneiss Eastern Gneiss And Sand Voe Group [Intimate Mixture] Eastern Gneisses Eastern Gneisses and Hillswick Group (Undifferentiated) Eastern Granite (Northmaven Pluton) Eastern Intrusion (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion (Rum Layered Suite) [Obsolete: use RLE] Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 1 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 10 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 11 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 13 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 14 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 15 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 2 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 3 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 5 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 7 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 8 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Layered Intrusion, Unit 9 (Rum Layered Suite) Eastern Red Hills Centre (Skye Central Complex) Eastern Uriconian [Obsolete: use UO] Eastern Yar River Formation Eastertown Siltstone Member Eastgate Formation [Obsolete: use CARM, EGT, WGAT] Eastgate Formation and Newside Arenite Member [Obsolete: use NWAE] Eastgate Sandstone Member Easton Anhydrite Member Easton Bavents Clay Member [Obsolete: use CFC] Easton Four Feet Coal (Bristol Area) Easton Seven Feet Coal (Bristol Area) Eastside Marine Band Eathie Beds Eathie Fish Bed Ebchester Formation Ebchester Sand And Gravel Formation Eccliffe Member Eccup Marine Band Ecton Limestone Formation Ecton Limestones Formation (Knoll-Reef) Ecton Limestones Formation [Obsolete: use ECL] Ecton Member Edale Shale Group [Obsolete: use BSG] Edale Shales [Obsolete: use BSG, ESH] Eday Beds [Obsolete: use EDY] Eday Flags [Obsolete: use EDF] Eday Flagstone Formation Eday Group Eday Lavas [Obsolete: use DSV] Eday Marl [Obsolete: use EDMA] Eday Marl Formation Eday Sandstones [Obsolete: use EDY] Eday Volcanic Rocks [Obsolete: use DSV] Eday Volcanics [Obsolete: use DSV] Edder Acres Formation [Obsolete: use TYWE] Edderton Fish Bed Eddystone Gneiss Eden Member [Obsolete: use EDTI] Eden Shales Formation Edendork Coal Edenside Till Member Edenvale Beds [Obsolete] Edergole Formation Edergole Sandstone [Obsolete: use EGS] Ederny Limestone Member Edge Hill Eleven Foot And Three Foot Coals (New Cumnock Area) Edge Hill Nine Foot Coal (New Cumnock Area) Edge Hill Twelve Foot Coal (New Cumnock Area) Edge Marine Band Edgton Limestone [Obsolete: use EL] Edgton Limestone Member Edinburgh Castle Plug Edlington Formation Edmondia Coal (Nottingham) Edmondia Marine Band Edmondia Punctatella Bed Edwalton Formation [Obsolete: use EDW] Edwalton Member Edzell Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use CXF] Edzell Mudstones [Obsolete: use EDM] Edzell Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use THF] Edzell Sandstones [Obsolete: use EDS] Eelwell Limestone [Obsolete: use EWL] Eelwell Limestone Member Eem Formation Eemian mud and sand, interbedded (offshore) Eemian To Weichselian Diamicton, Firm To Hard (Offshore) Eemian to Weichselian gravel (offshore) Eemian to Weichselian mud, firm to hard (offshore) Eemian to Weichselian sand (offshore) Eemian to Weichselian sand and gravel, interbedded (offshore) Eemstelsel [Obsolete: use EE] Egedale Slate Formation [Obsolete: use DAKP] Eggardon Chert Beds Eggardon Grit [Obsolete: use ECG] Eggardon Grit Member Eggesford-Type Culm [Obsolete: use BEAL, CKF] Egginton Common Member [Obsolete: use EGSG] Egginton Common Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use EGSG] Egginton Common Sand and Gravel Member Eglinton Member Eglinton Shelly Till Member Eglish Sandstone Formation Eglwys Rhobell Formation Eglwyseg Limestone [Obsolete: use LGHL] Eglwyseg Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use LGHL] Egmond Ground Formation Ehen Alluvium Formation Ehen Valley Sand And Gravel Member Ehen Valley Silt Member Eidda Formation [Obsolete: use CEI] Eigg Lava Formation Eight Feet Coal (South Staffordshire) Eight Foot Coal Eight Yard Limestone [Obsolete: use FFL] Eight-Yard Limestone Eighteen Inch Coal Eighteen Inch Coal (Cumbria) Eighteen Inch Coal (South Wales) Eil-Arkaig Dyke Swarm Eilde Flags [Obsolete: use GRAM] Eilde Flags Formation Eilde Quartzite [Obsolete: use DAEQ] Eilde Quartzite Member Eilde Schist [Obsolete: use DAES] Eilde Schist Member Eilde, Binnein and Glen Coe Quartzites [Obsolete: use DALO] Eildon Hills Laccolith Eilean A'Bhaird Member Eilean Dubh Formation Eilean Dubh Formation And Ghrudaidh Formation (Undifferentiated) Eilean Dubh Group [Obsolete: use ELD] Eilean Liath Grit Formation Eilean Shona Neck Eilean Siar Glacigenic Group Eileans Sandstone Member Ekofisk Formation Elbow Deposits [Obsolete: use ELW] Elbow Formation Eldersfield Formation [Obsolete: use ELM] Eldersfield Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use SIM] Eldroth Grit Eldroth Grit Formation [Obsolete: use EDG] Element of Kirkhill Upper Till [Obsolete: use CORSE] Elenid Formation [Obsolete: use ELTI, WALES] Elenid Till Member Elgin Calcrete Formation Elgol Sandstone Formation Elidir Group Elie Eleven Foot Coal Elie Salt Coal Ell Coal Ell Coal (Central Coalfield) Ell Coal (Dailly) Ell Coal (Warwickshire) Ell Coal and Ryder Coal (Undifferentiated) (Warwickshire) Ell Index Coal (Central Coalfield) Elland Flags Elland Flagstones Leaf 1 Elland Flagstones Leaf 2 Elland Flagstones Leaf 3 Elland Flagstones Leaf 4 Elland Flagstones Leaf 5 Elland Flagstones Leaf 6 Elland Flagstones Leaf 7 Elland Flagstones Leaf 8 Elland Flagstones Leaf 9 Ellel Crag Sandstone Ellen Coal [Obsolete: use UNMH] Ellen Seam Ellenora Coal (Douglas) Ellens Geo Conglomerate Ellenthorpe Gill Limestone Eller Beck Bed [Obsolete: use EBB] Eller Beck Formation Ellerbeck Formation Ellergill Beds Ellerick Formation Ellerker Limestone [Obsolete: use LLL] Ellerker Limestone Member [Obsolete: use ELL] Ellery Syke Limestone Ellon Formation Ellwand Slate Elmsall Coal (West Yorkshire) Elrick Psammite And Semipelite Formation Elsham Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use ELS] Elsham Sandstone Member Elspeth Formation Elspeth Sequence [Obsolete: use ELSP] Elsterian To Holsteinian Deposits, Undifferentiated (Offshore) Elsterian To Holsteinian Diamicton, Firm To Hard (Offshore) Elsterian to Holsteinian mud and sand, interbedded (offshore) Elsterian to Holsteinian mud, firm to hard (offshore) Elsterian to Holsteinian sand (offshore) Elswick Mudstone Formation Elsworth Rock [Obsolete: use ELR] Elsworth Rock Formation Elsworth Rock Group [Obsolete: use ELR, WWB] Elsworth Rock Series [Obsolete: use WWB] Elsworth Series [Obsolete: use ELR] Elton Beds [Obsolete: use ELT] Elton Formation Elton Group [Obsolete: use ELTU] Elvans [Obsolete] Elveden Formation Elvington Glacial Lake Formation [Obsolete: use ELV] Elvington Glaciolacustrine Formation Elwick Member [Obsolete: use ELWK] Elwick Moraine Member Elwy Formation Elwy Group [Obsolete: use EY] Elygrain Vent Ember Lane Basaltic Pyroclastic-Breccia Vent Embleton Diorite [Obsolete: use EMBL] Embleton Microdiorite Intrusions Embsay Limestone [Obsolete: use EML] Embsay Limestone Member Embury Shale Emerald Formation Emerald Sandstone [Obsolete: use EMLD] Emley Rock Endrick Formation [Obsolete: use ENDR] Endrick Sand Member Enfield Silt Formation [Obsolete: use ESI] Enfield Silt Member Engan Spilitic Formation Engineered Embankment (Undivided) Engineered Excavation (Undivided) Engineering Excavation (Tunnelling) [Obsolete: use DSR] Enler Group Ennerdale Granite [Obsolete: use ESK] Ennerdale Granophyre [Obsolete: use ENIN] Ennerdale Intrusion Ennerdale Intrusion, diorite [Obsolete: use ENIN] Ennerdale Intrusion, granite [Obsolete: use ENIN] Ennerdale Intrusion, granophyre [Obsolete: use ENIN] Ennerdale Intrusion, microdiorite [Obsolete: use ENIN] Enterkin Mudstone Formation Enville Beds [Obsolete: use EB, EN] Enville Breccia [Obsolete] Enville Formation [Obsolete: use EN] Enville Member Eocene And Oligocene Rocks (Undifferentiated) Eocene Rocks (Undifferentiated) Eocene To Miocene Rocks (Undifferentiated) Eocene To Pliocene Rocks (Undifferentiated) Epidotic Grit Formation [Obsolete: use TBE] Equivalent To Pendle Top Grit. Equivalent To The Lower Part Of The Culver Chalk Equivalent To The Upper Part Of The Culver Chalk Erbistock Formation [Obsolete: use HA, SAL] Erbistock Group [Obsolete: use ERB] Ercall Granophyre Eriboll Formation Eriboll Group [Obsolete: use ARDV] Eriboll Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use ERSA] Eriboll Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use ERSA] Eriksson Formation [Obsolete: use STAT] Eriksson Member [Obsolete: use STAT] Erins Quartzite [Obsolete: use DBEQ] Erins Quartzite Formation Eriswell Member Erlend Acid-Intermediate Intrusives Erlend Basalts Erlend Silicic Intrusives Ernan-Glass Metabasic Swarm Errington Member Errol Beds [Obsolete: use ERRCL] Errol Clay Formation Errol Member Erskine Clay Member Erskine Formation [Obsolete: use ERSK] Erwan Fach Formation Eryri Formation [Obsolete: use LNTI, WALES] Eryry Glacigenic Formation Escarpment Member Escrick Moraine [Obsolete: use ESKRM] Escrick Moraine Member Esha Ness Sedimentary Rocks Esha Ness Volcanic Formation Esk Evaporite Formation [Obsolete: use EEV] Esk Evaporite Member Esk Pike Formation [Obsolete: use ESP] Esk Pike Hornstone [Obsolete: use ESP] Esk Pike Sandstone Formation Eskbank Wood Formation Eskdale Granodiorite [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdale Group [Obsolete: use ZG] Eskdale Intrusion [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdale Intrusion, granite [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdale Intrusion, granodiorite [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdale Intrusion, microgranite [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdale Intrusions Eskdale Moor Injection Breccia Eskdale Pluton [Obsolete: use ESK] Eskdalemuir Dyke Eskdalemuir Formation Esker [Obsolete: use EK] Esker deposits Eskett Limestone Formation Eskmouth Extra Coal Essex White Ballast [Obsolete: use KGCA] Essie Till Formation Estheria Shales [Obsolete: use LASH] Estheria Shales plus Mytilus Shales [Obsolete: use LASH] Estuarine "Series" [Obsolete] Estuarine Alluvium [Obsolete: use TFD] Estuarine alluvium and higher estuarine alluvium [Obsolete: use SLEV] Estuarine Limestones [Obsolete: use WBRO] Estuarine Series [Obsolete: use BOCO] Etive Dyke Swarm Etive Formation Etive Pluton Etive Plutonic Complex [Obsolete: use ETIVE] Etive Rhyolite Member Etive Sub-Unit [Obsolete: use ETVE] Etruria Formation Etruria Formation, Halesowen Formation And Salop Formation (Undifferentiated) Etruria Marl [Obsolete: use ETM] Etruria Marl Formation [Obsolete: use ETM] Etruria Marl Series [Obsolete: use ETM] Ettrick Group Ettrick Sandstone [Obsolete: use BNSA] Ettrickbridge Formation Etwall Member [Obsolete: use ETSG] Etwall Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use ETSG] Etwall Sand and Gravel Member Eumorphoceras bisulcatum Marine Band [Obsolete: use E2A2] Eumorphoceras ferrimontanum Marine Band Eumorphoceras ferrimontanum Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2A2] Eumorphoceras pseudobilingue Marine Band [Obsolete: use E1B2] Eumorphoceras yatesae Marine Band Eumorphoceras yatesae Marine Band [Duplicate: use E2A3] Eureka Coal (South Derbyshire) Ewingston Sill Excavata Beds [Obsolete: use SHIP] Exceat Flint Excelsior Coal (Leicestershire) Exe Breccia [Obsolete: use EBR] Exe Breccia Formation Exe Valley Formation Exeter Group Exhall Conglomerate [Obsolete: use EXSA] Exhall Sandstone Exminster Breccias [Obsolete: use HVBR] Exminster Conglomerates [Obsolete: use HVBR] Exmoor Group Exmouth Beds [Obsolete: use AYB] Exmouth Formation [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exmouth Mudstone and Sandstone Formation Exmouth Mudstone and Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exmouth Sandstone and Mudstone [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exmouth Sandstone and Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exmouth Sandstones [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exmouth Sandstones and Mudstones [Obsolete: use EMSA] Exogyra Nana Beds [Obsolete: use OKLY] Exogyra Nana Clay [Obsolete: use OKLY] Exogyra Nana Zone [Obsolete: use OKLY] Expanded Standard Black Band Succession [Obsolete: use PLMA, BKBD] Extensus Flags Eyam Group [Obsolete: use EYL] Eyam Limestone Formation Eyam Limestones Formation (Flat-Reef) Eyam Limestones Formation (Knoll-Reef) Eyam Limestones Formation [Obsolete: use EYL] Eycott Group [Obsolete: use EVG] Eycott Lava [Obsolete: use EVG] Eycott Volcanic Group Eyebroughty Sill Eyebroughty Vent Eyemouth Vent Eyemouth Volcanic Formation Eyford Member Eyford Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use EYF] Eymore Farm Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Eynort Mudstone Formation Eynsham Gravel and Stanton Harcourt Gravel [Obsolete: use SURA] Eype Clay [Obsolete: use EYCL] Eype Clay Member Eype Mouth Limestone Member F Seam F1 F1 And F2 Fachwen Formation Fachwen Formation And Minfford Formation (Undifferentiated) Fahan Grits Fahan Slates Fair Head Sill Fair Isle Group Fair Sandstone Unit Fairbottom Coal (South Lancashire) Fairbottom Mine Coal [Obsolete: use FMCO] Fairlie Sandstone Formation Fairlight Clays Fairmilehead Volcanic Member Fairmilehead, Braids and Blackford [Obsolete: use BRAI, FAI, BLCK] Fairy Cave Mudstone Member Falcarragh Limestone Falfield Beds Falhouse Rock Fallgate Volcanic Formation Fallowhill Coal Falls Falls of Phones Semipelite Formation Falmouth Beds [Obsolete: use GRO, PORO] Falmouth Series [Obsolete: use GRO, PORO] False Bedded Grit [Obsolete: use BAQ] False Bedded Limestone [Obsolete: use TOF] False Bedded Quartzite, Lower Quartzite [Obsolete: use BAQ] False Ell Coal (Derby) False-Bedded Quartzite Formation [Obsolete: use BAQ] False-Bedded Quartzite Member [Obsolete: use BAQ] Fan Gravel Fanad Pluton Fankerton Limestone Fanogle Sandstone [Obsolete: use MEST] Far House Member Faraday House Shell Bed Marine Band Faraday Road Member Farclas Sand Member [Obsolete: use BETR] Farden Member Farewell Rock [Obsolete: use TELPP] Farigaig Formation Faringdon Sand Formation Faringdon Sponge Gravel Member Faringdon Sponge Gravels [Obsolete: use FSG] Farley Member [Obsolete: use TKB] Farlington Marls (One) Farlington Marls (Two) Farlough Coal Farlow Group [Obsolete: use FRL] Farlow Sandstone Formation Farlow Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use FRL] Farlow Series [Obsolete: use FRL] Farm Coal (South Wales) Farne Group Farnham Glaciofluvial Formation Faroe Group Faroe Plateau Basalts Faroe Plateau Lava Group Faroe-Shetland Channel Formation Faroe-Shetland Channel Sequence [Obsolete: use FSC] Faroes Province Farragon Beds [Obsolete: use FAVO] Farragon Volcanic Formation Farrington Formation [Obsolete: use FRF] Farrington Formation and Barren Red Formation (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use FABR] Farrington Formation, Barren Red Formation, Radstock Formation and Publow Formation [Obsolete: use FBRP] Farrington Group [Obsolete: use FRF] Farrington Member Farrington Member And Barren Red Member (Undifferentiated) Farrington Member, Barren Red Member, Radstock Member And Publow Member (Undifferentiated) Farriter Bridge Sandstone Member [Obsolete] Fascally Sandstone Member Fascally Siltstone Member Faskadale Laminated Gabbro Zone Faughlin Lava Member Faughlin Lavas [Obsolete: use FGHL] Fauldhead Musselband Fault Zone Rocks, Unassigned Faunal organic deposits [Obsolete: use ORGD] Fawcett Coal (Northumberland) Fawes Wood Limestone Formation Feal Intrusion Fearn Pluton Fearnaght Formation Feldspathic gneiss of Strathy [Obsolete: use MSC] Felin-Wen Formation Felin-Wen Formation And Hendre Shales Formation (Undifferentiated) Fell Green Formation [Obsolete: use BFA] Fell Sandstone Formation Fell Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use FELL] Fells Limestone Fells Shale Felmersham Member Felsenmeer [Obsolete: use BLOC] Felsitic agglomerate [Obsolete: use CMBA, BENS] Felton St Mary's Limestone Fen and Terrace Gravel [Obsolete: use FEG] Fen Clay (Godwin, 1940); Butery Clay (Skertchly, 1877) [Obsolete: use BYD] Fen Clay [Obsolete: use OXC] Fen Clay Formation (part) [Obsolete: use OXC] Fen Farm Limestone [Obsolete: use FFML] Fen Farm Limestones Bed Fen gravel [Obsolete: use ABSG, MRCG] Fen Lower Peat Bed Fen peat Fen Sand and Gravel Fen Silt Fen-Margin Gravel [Obsolete: use FEG] Fence Conglomerate [Obsolete: use WGAT, CARM, FEN] Fence Conglomerate Member Fence Member Fenland Formation Fenton Coal (West and South Yorkshire) Fenton Limestone [Obsolete: use FNTL] Fenton Limestone Bed Fenwick Limestone (Northumberland) Feorlin Sandstone Formation Ferder Formation Fereneze Lava Member Fereneze Lavas [Obsolete: use FZLA] Ferguslie Fireclay Fernagh Andesite and Dacite Formation [Obsolete: use FRNA] Fernagh Formation Fernham Sand Member Fernieslack Palaeosol Bed Fernrag Coal (Somerset) Ferriby Chalk Formation Ferriby Formation [Obsolete: use FYCK] Ferricrete Ferruginous Band [Obsolete: use CI] Ferruginous Limestone Ferruginous Limestone Series [Obsolete: use SMD] Ferruginous Oolite (Belemnite Bed) [Obsolete: use LECK] Ferruginous Sand [Obsolete: use FRS] Ferruginous Sands [Obsolete: use FRS] Ferruginous Sands and Sandstones [Obsolete: use FHMS] Ferruginous Sands Formation Feshiebridge Psammite Formation Fethaland 'Series' [Obsolete: use SDVO] Fethaland Garnet Mica Schist Formation Fethaland Metagabbro Ffairfach Grit [Obsolete: use FFG] Ffairfach Grit Formation Ffairfach Grit Member [Obsolete: use FFG] Ffairfach Group [Obsolete: use FFG] Ffernant Formation Ffestiniog Flags Formation Ffestiniog Formation [Obsolete: use FF] Ffestiniog Group [Obsolete: use FF] Ffinnant Sandstone Formation Ffridd Graig-Wen Formation Ffynnon Limestones Fiachanis Gritty Sandstone Member Fibua Formation Fiddich Sand Member [Obsolete: use BETR] Fiddler Shell Bed Fiddlers Vein Coal (Pembrokeshire) Fidra Sill Field Coal (South Wales) Fiery Coal (In South Wales Middle Coal Measures Formation) Fiery Coal (In Swansea Member, South Wales) Fiery Coal (South Lancashire) Fiery Delf (Lancashire) Fife Ness Beds [Obsolete: use FNB] Fife Ness Formation Fifth (Bushley Green Lower Part) Terrace of the Severn [Obsolete: use BGT] Fifth Level Lacustrine Alluvium (Fermanagh) Fifth Limestone (Cumbria) Fifth Limestone To Seventh Limestone (Undifferentiated) (Cumbria) Fifth Limestone To Sixth Limestone (Undifferentiated) (Cumbria) Fifth or Pershore Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use PERT] Fifth Shale Member Fifth Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use PERT] Fifth Terrace (River Severn) [Obsolete: use BGT] Filltirgerig Beds Fimbriata-Waltoni Bed (sensu lato) and Upper Epithyris Bed [Obsolete: use BLAD] Fin Glen Lava Member Fin Glen Lavas [Obsolete: use FGLA] Finavon Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use FCO] Finavon Conglomerate Member Findern Clay Member Findhorn Complex [Obsolete: use FDHN] Findhorn Formation Findhorn Pluton Findhorn Pluton, Phase 1 Findhorn Pluton, Phase 2 Findhorn Pluton, Phase 3 Findhorn Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use FSA] Findhorn Siltstone unit Findlater Castle Quartzite [Obsolete: use FICQ] Findlater Castle Quartzite Member Findlater Flag Formation Findlater Flags [Obsolete: use FIFL] Findochty Quartzite Member Findochty Sub-Group [Obsolete: use FINQ] Findon Fish Bed Findon Group Fine Freestones [Obsolete: use BHO] Finery Coal (South Wales) Finglack Till Formation Finnarts Conglomerate Member Finnie's Main Coal Finsbury Gravel [Obsolete: use FIGR] Finsbury Gravel Member Finstall Member Fintona Beds [Obsolete: use SHAN, FIN] Fintona Group Fintown Pelite Fintry Hills Group [Obsolete: use FHLA] Fintry Hills Lava Member Fiona Formation Fiona Sequence [Obsolete: use FONA] Fionn Choire Formation Fionn Formation Fionn Sequence [Obsolete: use FION] Fionn Subsequence [Obsolete: use FION] Fire Beacon Chert Formation [Obsolete: use COH] Fireach Beag Kyanite Gneiss Member Firebeacon Chert [Obsolete: use TCH] Fireclay Balls Ironstone Fireclay Balls Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Fireclay Coal Fireclay Coal (Birmingham) Fireclay Coal (Cumbria) Fireclay Coal (Somerset) Fireclay Coal (South Staffordshire) Fireclay Group Of Coals (North Wales) Firedamp Coal (North Wales) Firestone Coal (Somerset) Firestone Sandstone Firestone Sill Firestone, Upper Green-Sand or Malmstone [Obsolete: use UGS] First Abden Limestone First Brimham Grit [Obsolete: use LOBM] First Brown Metal Coal (West Yorkshire) First Cromer Till [Obsolete: use HPTI] First Ell Coal (Nottingham and Derby) First Kingshaw Limestone First Limestone (Cumbria) First Limestone [Obsolete: use GL] First Limestone To Second Limestone (Undifferentiated) (Cumbria) First Mine Coal First Northmoor Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use NO] First or 10 Foot Terrace [Obsolete: use NO] First or Birlington (Birlingham) Terrace [Obsolete: use BRET] First Piper Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham and Derby) First Shale Member First Smalley Coal (Leicester and Derby) First Smalley Marine Band [Local Name: see HNMB] First St John's Coal (South Yorkshire And Derby) First Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use BRET] First Terrace [Obsolete: use ME1] First Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use NO, BRET] First Terrace Deposits or Floodplain Gravels Plus Sunk Channel [Obsolete: use NO] First Terrace of the Ouse [Obsolete: use FELM] First terrace of warp [Obsolete] First Wales Coal First Waterloo Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) Firth Coal Formation Fish Bed Formation Fishbourne Member Fishburn Estheria Band Fisher Beds [Obsolete: use FIS] Fisher Formation Fishgarth Wood Till Member Fishguard Volcanic Complex [Obsolete: use FIV] Fishguard Volcanic Group Fishguard Volcanic Series [Obsolete: use FIV] Fishpool Farm Grits Fiskavaig Formation Fisson's Quarry Conglomerate Fittleworth Beds [Obsolete: use FIB] Fittleworth Member Fitzroy Member Five Clouds Grit [Obsolete: use FCS] Five Clouds Sandstones Five Feet Coal (Leicestershire) Five Feet Coal (South Wales) Five Foot Coal Five Foot Coal (Milford, South Wales) Five Quarters Coal ( Lancashire) Five Quarters Coal (South Wales) Five Roads Marine Band [Local Name: see EMMB] Five Yard Coal (North Wales) Five Yard Limestone [Obsolete: use FYL] Five Yard Limestone Member Five-Feet Coal (North Staffordshire) Five-Feet-Gellideg Coal (South Wales) Five-Foot Coal (Tranent) Five-Quarter Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Fivestanks Oil-Shale Fjerritslev Formation Fladdabister Limestone (?Formation) Fladen Deposits [Obsolete: use WGDF] Fladen Group Fladen Member Flaggy Delf Coal (South Lancashire) Flags Formation Flagstaff Limestone Formation Flamborough Chalk Formation Flamborough Formation [Obsolete: use FCK, ROWE] Flanders Moss Peat Formation Flandrian deposits [Obsolete: use QHU] Flat Holm Limestone Member Flathill Flint Flatt Coal Flatts Coal (North Staffordshire) Flaxby-Tollerton Moraine Member Fleckies Meadow Conglomerate [Obsolete: use DCST] Fleet Member [Obsolete: use UCB] Fleet Pluton (Phase 1) Fleet Pluton (Phase 2) Fleetwood Dyke Group Fleming Hall Formation [Obsolete: use FLH] Fleming Hall Tuff Formation Fleswick Anhydrite Fleswick Dolomite Fletcher Bank Grit Fletcher Bank Grit and Midgley Grit (Undifferentiated) Flett Formation Flex Coal (Lothian) Flexible Limestone Flichity Semipelite Formation Flint Coal Rock Flinty Gravel Flinty Rhyolites Flitchity Psammite Formation Flixton Member [Obsolete: use BKBD, PLMA] Flockton Coal (Undifferentiated) (West Yorkshire) Flockton Thick Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Flockton Thin Coal (West and South Yorkshire) Flodigarry Shale Member Flood Control Basin Flood Defence Embankment Flood plain gravel [Obsolete] Floodplain gravels [Obsolete] Floodplain sand and gravel [Obsolete] Floodplain terrace [Obsolete] Floodplain terrace deposits [Obsolete] Floodplain terrace deposits and submerged channel [Obsolete] Floodplain terrace deposits plus buried channel [Obsolete] Floor Coal (Nottingham And Derby) Flora Formation Flora Sequence [Obsolete: use FLOR] Floral organic deposits [Obsolete: use ORGD] Flounder Formation Flow Moss Lava Member Flow Moss Lavas [Obsolete: use LFMLA, UFMLA] Flow till Flow Till, Devensian Flows Flugga Sandstone Member Fluid Extraction Fluvial alluvium [Obsolete: use STAY] Fluvial and older river sands and gravels [Obsolete: use ORSG] Fluvial and older river sands and gravels with associated clay [Obsolete: use ORSG] Fluvial deposits Fluvial deposits (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use FLUV] Fluvial diatomite Fluvial parts of Swettenham and Lytham formations [Obsolete: use RIBV] Fluvio-aeolian deposits Fluvio-glacial flood gravels [Obsolete: use SHREW] Fluvio-glacial sand and gravel [Obsolete: use GFSG] Fluvio-marine Crag [Obsolete: use NCG] Fluvioglacial Deposits Fluvioglacial Gravel Fluvioglacial sand and gravel [Obsolete: use GFSG] Fluvioglacial Sand and Gravel, Loch Lomond Readvance [Obsolete] Fluvioglacial terrace [Obsolete: use GFTD] Flying Reed Coal Flying Reed Coal (South Staffordshire) Fochabers Sandstone Formation Fochriw Coal (South Wales) Fodderletter Calcareous Flag Formation Fodderstone Gravel Member Foel Ddu Rhyodacite Formation Foel Fadian Formation Foel Formation Foel Formation, Llanarmon Formation And Loggerheads Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Foel Formation, Llanarmon Formation And Loggerheads Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) (Knoll-Reef) Foel Fras Volcanic Complex Foel Grach Basalt Formation Foel Gron Granophyric Microgranite Foel Tyrch Formation Foel Y Ddinas Mudstones [Obsolete: use FYD] Foel Y Ddinas Mudstones Formation Foel-Y-Ddinas Mudstones [Obsolete: use FYD] Fogger Reef Limestone Foggs Coal (South Lancashire) Foggs Mine Coal [Obsolete: use FOGC] Folkeston Coal (Milford, South Wales) Folkeston Vein [Obsolete: use FOLC] Folkestone Beds [Obsolete: use FO] Folkestone Formation Folkestone Formation And Sandgate Formation (Undifferentiated) Folkestone Sands [Obsolete: use FO] Follifoot Grit [Obsolete: use LFG, UF] Folly Coal (Milford, South Wales) Folly Sandstone Folly Vein [Obsolete: use FLYC] Fontmell Magna Sand Fontmell Magna Sand Member [Obsolete: use FMS] Fooden Limestone Foot Coal (Coalbrookdale) Foot Coal (Milford, South Wales) Foot Coal (South Lancashire) Foot Of Whiskey Sike Coal Foot of Whisky Sike Coal (Northumberland) Foot Vein [Obsolete: use FOCO] Foraminifera Marine Band [Local Name: see EMMB] Ford (Magnesian Limestone) Formation [Obsolete: use FML] Ford Formation Ford Formation (Patch-Reef) Ford Formation (Shelf-Edge Reef) Fordell Marine Band Forden Mudstone Formation Forden Mudstones Formation [Obsolete: use FMF] Fordon Evaporite [Obsolete: use FOEV] Fordon Evaporite Formation Fordon Evaporites [Obsolete: use FOEV] Fordyce Limestone Formation Fore Burn Complex Foreland Grits [Obsolete] Forest Bed Forest Clay [Obsolete: use OXC] Forest Hollow Beds [Obsolete] Forest Lodge Member Forest Marble [Obsolete: use FMB] Forest Marble Formation Forest Marble Formation And Cornbrash Formation (Undifferentiated) Forest Of Deer Pluton Forge Sandstone Fork Vein Coal (South Wales) Formerly included in Claragh Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use BNMS] Fornham Member Forres Sandstone Group Forse Till Member Forster's Hill Limestone Fort Augustus Granite Gneiss Fort William Formation Forth Beds [Obsolete: use FH] Forth Catchments Subgroup Forth Clay Formation Forth Formation Forth Valley Formation Forth-Teith Formation [Obsolete: use MVG] Forties Sandstone Member Forty Yard Coal (Somerset Coalfield, Pensford) Forty Yard Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) Forty Yard Marine Band [Local Name: see MFMB] Forty Yard Seam Forty Yard Vein Coal Fossiliferous mudstones and siltstones [Obsolete: use WLN] Foston Limestones [Obsolete: use FSTL] Foston Member Foughill Complex Dolerites Foughill Complex Granophyres Foul Hosie Limestone Foul Port Mudstone Member Foula Formation Foula Sandstone Foulis Silt Formation Foulport Mudstone Member Foundered strata Four Ashes Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use FASG] Four Ashes Sand And Gravel Formation Four Ashes Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use FASG] Four Fathom Limestone [Obsolete: use FFL] Four Fathom Limestone Member Four Feet Coal (Ingleton) Four Feet Coal (Titterstone Clee) Four Feet Coal (Warwickshire) Four Feet Vein Coal Four Foot Coal Four Foot Coal (Cheadle) Four Foot Coal (Derbyshire) Four Foot Coal (Wyre Forest) Four Foot Earth Fireclay Four-Feet Coal (South Wales) Fourlaws Coal (Northumberland) Fourlaws Limestone Fourteen Inch Under Coal [Obsolete: use PFIUC] Fourteen-Inch Coal (Glasgow Area; Central Coalfield) Fourth (Kidderminster) Terrace of the Severn [Obsolete: use KRT] Fourth Hosie Limestone Fourth Limestone (Cumbria) Fourth Limestone [Obsolete: use ESKT] Fourth Limestone To Seventh Limestone (Undifferentiated) (Cumbria) Fourth Limestone To Sixth Limestone (Cumbria) Fourth or Ailstone Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use CRTD] Fourth or Hanborough Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use HAN] Fourth Shale Member Fourth Terrace (Deposits) [Obsolete: use CRTD] Fourth Terrace (River Severn) [Obsolete: use KRT] Fourth Terrace [Obsolete: use ME4] Fourth Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use CRTD, HAN] Fourth Waterloo and First Ell Coal (Vale Of Belvoir) Fourth Waterloo Coal (Nottingham And Derby) Fourth Waterloo Sandstone Fourth Waterloo Sill Fourth, High or 100-Foot Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use HAN] Fowls Heugh Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use WCO] Fownhope Formation Fox Cliff Siltstone Member Foxdale Pluton Foxearth Coal Foxfield Coal (Cheadle) Foxholes Coal (South Lancashire) Foxholes Mine Coal [Obsolete: use FOXH] Foxholes Rock Foxley Tuff [Obsolete: use FT] Foxley Tuff Formation Foxmould and Cowstone Beds [Obsolete: use FXMD] Foxmould Member Foxmould Sands [Obsolete: use FXMD] Foyers Formation Foyers Igneous Complex Foyle Marl Frances Craig Sill Frances Extra Coal Frances Wood Coal Fraser Shale Fraser Shell Bed Fraserburgh Formation Freehay Member Freeland Member [Obsolete: use FL] Freeland Sand and Gravel Member Freeland Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use FL] Freemanstown Picrite Freestone Series [Obsolete: use POFR] Fremington Member Fresgeo Sandstone [Obsolete: use FGSA] Fresgeo Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use FRSB] Fresgoe Sandstone [Obsolete: use FGSA] Fresgoe Sandstone Bed [Obsolete: use FGSA] Fresgoe Sandstone Member Freshfield Sandstone Member Freshney Sandstone Member Freshwater alluvium [Obsolete: use ALV] Freshwater Beds [Obsolete: use STAM] Freshwater East Formation Freshwater Gravel Member Freshwater West Formation Friar Waddon Member [Obsolete: use PEP] Friars Bay Marls (One) Friars Bay Marls (Three) Friars Bay Marls (Two) Friars Point Limestone Formation Friarton Gravel [Obsolete: use TEGR] Frigate Formation [Obsolete: use FLMR] Frigg Sandstone Member Frith Crag Breccia Member Frith Crag Member [Obsolete: use FRCR] Frith Crag Tuffs [Obsolete: use FRCR] Frizington Limestone Formation Frizington Limestone Formation And Eskett Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Frizington Limestone Formation And Sixth Limestone (Cumbria) (Undifferentiated) Frocester Hill Oolite and Selsey Hill Oolite [Obsolete: use CRKY, CLCL] Frodingham Ironstone Member Frodsham Sandstone Member Frog Hall Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use FRHA] Frog Hall Sand and Gravel Member Frog Lane Coal (South Wales) Froghall Haematite [Obsolete: use FHI] Froghall Ironstone Froghall Stone [Obsolete: use FHI] Froghill Farm Gravel Member Frogmore Gravel Frome Clay and Fuller's Earth (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use FEFR] Frome Clay Formation Frome Terrace Deposits, 2 Member Frome Terrace Deposits, 3 Member Frome Terrace Deposits, 4 Member Frome-Piddle Formation Fron Frys Formation Fron Frys Slates [Obsolete: use FFR] Fron Newydd Member Fron-fawr Formation Frondderw Ash [Obsolete: use FRT] Frondderw Tuff Member Froswick Formation [Obsolete: use FSW] Froswick Tuff Formation Froswick Tuffs [Obsolete: use WOU, FSW] Fucoid Beds [Obsolete: use FUB] Fucoid Beds Formation [Obsolete: use FUB] Fucoid Beds Member Fucoid Shales [Obsolete: use FUB] Fulbeck Member [Obsolete: use FULB] Fulbeck Sand and Gravel [Obsolete: use FULB] Fulbeck Sand and Gravel Member Fulledge Thin Coal (Lancashire) Fulledge Thin Mine Coal [Obsolete: use FTCO] Fuller's Earth [Obsolete: use FRC, FE] Fuller's Earth Formation Fuller's Earth Formation and Frome Clay Formation (Undifferentiated) Fuller's Earth Rock Member Fulletby Beds [Obsolete: use ROH] Fulmar Formation Fulmar Sands [Obsolete: use FLMR] Fungle Granite (Mount Battock Pluton) Fungous Coal (Coalbrookdale) Fungus Coal [Coalbrookdale] Funzie Conglomerate Formation Furnace Coal (Lancashire) Furnace Coal (Northumberland) Furnace Coal (Yorkshire) Furze Hill Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use FHMS] Fyal Lava Member Fydlyn Felsitic Beds [Obsolete: use NGW] Fydlyn Felsitic Formation [Obsolete: use NFFF] Fydlyn Group [Obsolete: use NGW] Fylde Halite Member Fynddog Grits [Obsolete: use DFG] Gaerfawr Formation Gaerfawr Group [Obsolete: use GAFA] Gafallt Shales [Obsolete: use GA] Gafallt Shales Facies (Caban Conglomerate Formation) Gafallt Shales Facies Formation [Obsolete: use GA] Gag Lane Limestone [Obsolete] Gaick Plateau Moraine Formation Gaick Psammite Formation Gair Burn Coal Gair Limestone [Obsolete: use CAL] Gairbeinn Pebbly Psammite Member Gairbeinn Psammite Formation [Obsolete: use BMPP, GABR] Gaisby Rock Gala 7 [Obsolete: use TLEE] Gala Group Gala Group And Hawick Group (Undifferentiated) Gala Unit 1 Gala Unit 2 Gala Unit 3 Gala Unit 4 Gala Unit 4 And Gala Unit 5 (Undifferentiated) Gala Unit 5 Gala Unit 6 Gala Unit 7 Gala Unit 8 Galboly Chalk Formation Galboly Chalk Member [Obsolete: use GCK] Galdenoch Formation Galdenoch Group [Obsolete: use GDF] Gale Seam Gallagh Bridge Formation Galley Sands [Obsolete: use CYSA] Galloway Granitic Suite Gamlan Black Shales [Obsolete: use GMSH, GN] Gamlan Flags and Grits [Obsolete: use GMSH] Gamlan Formation Gamlan Shale Group [Obsolete: use GN] Gamlingay Clay [Obsolete: use AMC] Gamma Coal (North Wales) Gamrie Bay Sandstone Formation Gamrie Fish Bed [Obsolete] Ganey Coals Bed(s) (Coalbrookdale) Ganister Clay Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Ganister Coal Ganister Coal (Goyt Trough) Ganister Rock Gannochy Conglomerate Formation Gannochy Formation [Obsolete: use EDS, GYF, STHC, THF] Garabal Hill - Glen Fyne Pluton Garantiana Mudstone Member Garantiana Mudstone Member And Cullaidh Shale Formation (Undifferentiated) Garantiana Shale Member [Obsolete: use GASH] Garbad Sill (South Arran) Garbh-Dhail Quartz-Gabbro Ring-Intrusion Garburn Dacite Formation Garburn Formation (part) [Obsolete: use GAD] Garburn Formation [Obsolete: use GAD] Gardden Lodge Marine Band [Local Name: see CWMB] Gardden-Fawr Ash [Obsolete: use GOT] Garden Course (Vein) [Obsolete: use GNCC] Garden Course Coal (Somerset) Gardenstown Conglomerate Formation Gargunnock Hills Group [Obsolete: use GHLA] Gargunnock Hills Lava Member Gargunnock Sandstone [Obsolete: use KPF, SCK] Garheugh Formation Garheugh Formation [Duplicate: use GAR] Garibaldi Blackband Ironstone (Central Coalfield) Garibaldi Clayband Ironstone Garibaldi Coal (Central Coalfield) Garland Vein Coal (Pembrokeshire) Garlant Coal (South Wales) Garleton Hill Vent Garleton Hills Volcanic Formation Garleton Hills Volcanic Rocks [Obsolete: use GHV] Garn Bach Dacite Garn Boduan Microgranodiorite Intrusion Garn Caws Sandstone [Obsolete: use GACA] Garn Caws Sandstone Formation Garn Dolerite Garn-gofen Formation Garnant Coal (South Wales) Garnedd-Wen Beds [Obsolete: use GNWF] Garnedd-Wen Formation Garnel Burn Pelite Member Garnetiferous Group [Obsolete: use ETRK, TLEE] Garnfor Microgranite Pluton Garnkirk Limestone [Obsolete: use CAL] Garnkirk Lower Fireclay Garnkirk Main Fireclay Garrique Cornstone Formation [Obsolete: use KNW] Garrison Sill Garron Chalk [Obsolete: use GRCK] Garron Chalk Formation Garron Chalk Member [Obsolete: use GRCK] Garron Point Actinolitic Schists [Obsolete: use GART] Garron Point Group [Obsolete] Garron Point Tremolitic Flag Member Garscube Wee Coal Garsdale Limestone Formation Gartartan Conglomerate Member Garth Grit Member Garth Hill Beds Garth House Formation Garth Tuff Garth Tuff [Duplicate: use GT] Gartocharn Till Formation Garva Bridge Psammite Formation Garvagh Bridge Member Garvald Lava Member Garvald Lavas [Obsolete: use GVLA] Garvald Sill Garve Psammite Formation [Obsolete: use REP] Garvock Group [Obsolete: use ATGK] Garw Coal (South Wales) Garwallt Ash [Obsolete: use GWT] Garwallt Group [Obsolete] Garwallt Tuff Member Garwood Group Gask Intrusion Gastrioceras cancellatum Marine Band [Obsolete: use G1A1] Gastrioceras cumbriense Marine Band [Obsolete: use G1B1] Gastrioceras listeri Marine Band [Obsolete: use LSMB] Gastrioceras sigma Marine Band [Obsolete: use R2C2] Gastrioceras subcrenatum Marine Band [Obsolete: use SBMB] Gastropod Beds Gastropod Limestone Gasworks Mudstone And Cartlett Beds (Undifferentiated) Gasworks Mudstones Gasworks Sandstone Formation Gaughin Quartzite Formation Gault [Obsolete: use GLT] Gault Clay [Obsolete: use GLT] Gault Clay Formation [Obsolete: use GLT] Gault Formation Gault Formation And Upper Greensand Formation (Undifferentiated) Gavells Clough Sandstone Gavells Clough Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use GVCS] Gawber Coal (West Yorkshire) Gawthwaite Formation Gawthwaite Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use BKR] Gayle Limestone Gaythorn Limestone Gedden Coal Gees Coal (South Lancashire) Gelli Coals (South Wales) Gelli Dolerite Gelli Tuff Member Gelli-Grin Calcareous Ash Formation Gelli-Grin Calcareous Ash Series [Obsolete: use GEL] Gelli-Grin Calcareous Ashes [Obsolete: use GEL] Gellideg Coal (South Wales) Gelliswick Bay Formation [Obsolete: use FWW] Gelvin Till [Obsolete] General's Rock Sandstone Geordie Coal Geordie's Coal George's Roust Vein Georges Island Till German Bands Ironstone Gerrards Cross Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use GCGR] Gerrards Cross Gravel Member Gerrards Cross Member [Obsolete: use GCGR] Getting Rock Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Ghrudaidh Formation Ghrudaidh Formation [Duplicate: use GUD] Ghrudaidh Group [Obsolete: use GUD] Gibbet (Conglomerate) Hill Group [Obsolete: use KHS] Gibbet Hill Conglomerate [Obsolete: use GHC] Gibbet Hill Conglomerate Bed Giffnock Jewel Coal (Glasgow) Giffnock Main Coal Giffnock Sandstone Gilfach Coal (South Wales) Gill Coal (Douglas) Gillcambon Till Formation Gillers Inn Coal (Bristol Area) Gillespie Coal (Lothian) Gillfoot Beds [Obsolete: use GISD] Gillfoot Member [Obsolete: use GISD] Gillfoot Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use GISD] Gillfoot Sandstone Member Gillis Field Microporphyroblast Gneiss Member Gilmerton Ironstone Gilmerton Limestone [Obsolete: use HUR] Gilnahirk Formation [Obsolete: use GILN] Gilnahirk Group Gilwern Clay Formation [Obsolete: use GWCL] Gilwern Clay Member Gilwern Oolite [Obsolete: use GWO] Gilwern Oolite Formation Gilwern Volcanic Formation Gin Head (Older) Vent Gin Head Vent Gin Mine Marine Band [Local Name: see AGMB] Gingham Coal (South Lancashire) Gingham Mine Coal [Obsolete: use GMCO] Ginstane Ironstone Girlsta Limestone [Obsolete: use GIRL] Girlsta Limestone Formation Girvan - Ballantrae Complex [Obsolete: use BX] Girvan Formation [Obsolete: use CLYCA] Girvan Group Girvanella Band [Obsolete: use GVB] Girvanella Nodular Band Gisburn Cotes Beds Gisburn No.1 Limestone Gisburn No.2 Limestone Gisburn No.3 Limestone Gisburn No.4 Limestone Gisburn No.5 Limestone Given's Coal (Rothbury Area) [Obsolete: use TILY] Glac An Dorchadois Member Glac An Dorchadois Member, Brutach Dearg Member And Cnoc Creaghach Member (Undifferentiated) Glacan Mor Basic Magmatic Breccia Intrusion Glacial Brick Clay Glacial Channel Deposits Glacial deposits Glacial Deposits (Irish Sea Ice) Glacial deposits, 1 Glacial Deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea Ice) Glacial Deposits, Heterogeneous Glacial Deposits, Heterogeneous, Devensian (Irish Sea Ice) Glacial Drift (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use GDU] Glacial Erratic (Parent Rock Unspecified) Glacial Gravel Glacial lake deposits (including penecontemporaneous fluviatile deposits) [Obsolete: use ALNE] Glacial lake deposits [Obsolete: use GLLD] Glacial meltwater deposits [Obsolete: use GFDU] Glacial Raft (Great Limestone) Glacial sand and gravel [Obsolete] Glacial sands and gravels [Obsolete: use BLSG] Glacial Silt Glacial Silts And Clays Glacial till [Obsolete: use TILL] Glacially over-ridden terrain (by readvance ice) [See descriptions for limitations of use] Glacially over-ridden terrain (by readvance ice), mostly fines [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacially over-ridden terrain (by readvance ice), mostly gravels [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacially over-ridden terrain (by readvance ice), mostly sand [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacially over-ridden terrain (by readvance ice), mostly till [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacigenic deposits Glacio-marine deposits (undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use GMDU] Glaciofluvial deltaic (and/or subaqueous fan) deposits Glaciofluvial deltaic deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial deltaic deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea ice) Glaciofluvial deposits Glaciofluvial deposits (Irish Sea ice) Glaciofluvial deposits (undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use GFDU] Glaciofluvial deposits (undifferentiated), 1 [Obsolete: use GFDU1] Glaciofluvial deposits, 1 Glaciofluvial deposits, Anglian Glaciofluvial deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea ice) Glaciofluvial deposits, Devensian (Welsh ice) Glaciofluvial deposits, Mid Pleistocene Glaciofluvial deposits, undifferentiated (Irish Sea ice) [Obsolete: use GFDUI] Glaciofluvial deposits, undifferentiated (Middle Pleistocene) [Obsolete: use GFDMP] Glaciofluvial deposits, undifferentiated, Anglian [Obsolete: use GFDUA] Glaciofluvial deposits, undifferentiated, Devensian (Welsh ice) [Obsolete: use GFUDW] Glaciofluvial deposits, undifferentiated, Devensian [Obsolete: use GFDUD] Glaciofluvial fan deposits Glaciofluvial fan deposits 1, Devensian Glaciofluvial fan deposits 2, Devensian Glaciofluvial fan deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits, Anglian Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea ice) Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits, Devensian (Welsh ice) Glaciofluvial ice contact deposits, Mid Pleistocene Glaciofluvial sand and gravel Glaciofluvial sheet and channel deposits Glaciofluvial sheet deposits Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, 1 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, 2 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, 3 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Anglian Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea ice) Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian (Welsh ice) Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian, 1 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian, 2 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian, 3 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Devensian, 4 Glaciofluvial sheet deposits, Mid Pleistocene Glaciofluvial Sub-Glacial Deposits Glaciofluvial sub-glacial deposits (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use GFSU] Glaciofluvial terrace deposits Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, 1 Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, 2 Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, 3 Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, 4 Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, Devensian Glaciofluvial terrace deposits, Mid Pleistocene Glaciolacustrine beach deposits Glaciolacustrine deltaic deposits Glaciolacustrine deltaic deposits, Devensian Glaciolacustrine deposits Glaciolacustrine deposits (age unknown) Glaciolacustrine deposits (Anglian) Glaciolacustrine deposits (Irish Sea ice) Glaciolacustrine deposits (Loch Lomond Readvance) Glaciolacustrine deposits [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glaciolacustrine deposits, 1 Glaciolacustrine deposits, Devensian Glaciolacustrine deposits, Devensian (Irish Sea ice) Glaciolacustrine deposits, Mid Pleistocene Glaciolacustrine deposits, mostly fines [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glaciolacustrine deposits, mostly gravels [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glaciolacustrine deposits, mostly sands [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glaciolacustrine deposits, undifferentiated [Obsolete: use GLLD] Glaciolacustrine pro-glacial deposits [Obsolete: use GLPG] Glaciolacustrine proglacial deposits [Obsolete: use GLLD] Glaciolacustrine sand and gravel [Obsolete: use GLLD] Glaciolacustrine silt and clay Glaciolacustrine sub-glacial deposits Glaciolacustrine subaqueous fan deposits Glaciomarine beach deposits Glaciomarine deltaic deposits Glaciomarine deposits Glaciomarine sea-bed deposits Glaciomarine subaqueous fan deposits Glaciomarine subtidal deposits Glaciotectonic thrust terrain, mostly gravels [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glaciotectonic thrust terrain, mostly sands [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacitectonic thrust terrain [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glacitectonic thrust terrain, mostly fines [see descriptions for limitations of use] Glamaig Granite (Western Red Hills Centre: Phase 1) Glamorgan Drift [Obsolete: use GLGL] Glamorgan Formation [Obsolete: use WALES] Glamorgan Glacigenic Formation Glannoventia Formation Glanrafon Beds [Obsolete: use CAU] Glanrafon Slates [Obsolete] Glanypwll Formation [Obsolete: use DYN] Glanyrafon Formation Glanyrafon Formation (Lower Tongue) Glanyrafon Formation (Upper Tongue) Glaramara Tuff Glaramara Tuff Member [Obsolete: use GMT] Glas Bheinn Mhor Granite (Skye Eastern Red Hills Centre: Phase 1) Glas Bheinn Porphyritic Dolerite Intrusion Glas Choire Sandstone Member Glas Coire Alluvial Member [Obsolete: use GCAL] Glas Eilean Basaltic Vent Glas Eilean Lava Formation Glasallt-Fawr Formation Glascarnoch Psammite Formation Glascoed Mudstone Formation Glascoed Mudstone Formation And Ton Siltstone Formation (Undifferentiated) Glasgow Ell Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Ell Index Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Main Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Main Under Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Shale Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Splint Coal (Central Coalfield) Glasgow Upper Coal (Central Coalfield) Glashvin Silt Member Glaslyn Formation Glass Coal (Midlothian) Glass Coal (Musselburgh, Midlothian) Glass Houghton Rock Glassee Coal (Fife) Glasslin Burn Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use DRCR] Glassmullen Plug Glauconitic and micaceous sands of the zone of Mortoniceras inflatum [Obsolete: use CANS] Glauconitic Beds [Obsolete: use PSND] Glauconitic Marl [Obsolete: use CBG] Glauconitic Marl Member Glauconitic sands (in part) and ferruginous grit [Obsolete: use USPS] Glauconitic Sands [Obsolete: use BLFM, CLLW] Glauconitic Sandstone Member Gleann Baddoch Dolomite [Obsolete: use BADL] Gleann Beag Limestone Member Gleann Beag Phyllites Gleann Beag Ribbed Limestone Gleann Beag Schist [Obsolete: use GLCS, GTSC] Gleann Beag Schist Formation Gleann Charadail Member Gleann Nan Gabhar Slate Member Gleann Oraid Formation Gleaston Dolomite Gleaston Formation [Obsolete: use AG] Gleaston Formation And Bowland Shale Formation (Undifferentiated) Gleaston Group [Obsolete: use GTGP] Glebe Farm Bed Gledstone Kennels Beds Gleilyd Coal (South Wales) Glen Achall Psammite and Semipelite Member Glen App Conglomerate [Obsolete: use GAP] Glen App Conglomerate Member Glen App Group [Obsolete: use CLG] Glen Baddoch White Limestone Glen Balleira Formation Glen Banchor Subgroup Glen Banchor Succession [Obsolete: use GLBA] Glen Banvie Formation Glen Banvie Pluton Glen Banvie Series [Obsolete: use DAGB] Glen Bay Gabbro Intrusion Glen Bay Granite Intrusion Glen Beag Schist [Obsolete: use GBSC] Glen Buck Pebbly Psammite Formation Glen Caladale Formation Glen Calcareous Member Glen Clunie Graphitic Schist Formation Glen Clunie Schist Formation [Obsolete: use GCGS] Glen Coal (West Lothian) Glen Coe Quartzite Member Glen Coe Quartzite Member [Duplicate: use DAGQ] Glen Coe Sedimentary "Series" [Obsolete: use GLVO] Glen Coe Volcanic "Series" [Obsolete: use GLVO] Glen Coe Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use GLVO] Glen Derry Diorite Glen Dessary Intrusion [Obsolete: use GDESY] Glen Dessary Pluton Glen Dessary Syenite S1 Glen Dessary Syenite S2 Glen Dhoo Formation Glen Doe Psammite Formation Glen Doll Pluton Glen Dubh Sandstone Formation Glen Dye Silts Formation Glen Ea's Vein Glen Effock (Pelite) Group [Obsolete: use GES] Glen Effock Schist Formation Glen Effock Schists [Obsolete: use GES] Glen Egedale Slate Formation Glen Fintaig Semipelite Formation Glen Gairn Pluton Glen Garry Vein Complex Glen Girnock Calcareous Formation Glen Gloy Quartzite Formation Glen Gour Quartzite and Pelite Member Glen Kyllachy Granite [Obsolete: use GNKY] Glen Kyllachy Intrusion Glen Kyllachy Pluton Glen Lethnot (Grit) Group [Obsolete: use GLGT] Glen Lethnot Grit Formation Glen Lethnot Grits [Obsolete: use GLGT] Glen Loch Phyllite and Limestone Formation Glen Lochsie Calcareous Schist Member Glen Loin Quartzite Member Glen Loth Formation Glen Loy Complex Glen Member Glen More (Centre 1) Suite Glen Moriston Vein Complex Glen Orrin Intrusion Glen Park Volcanic Detrital Member [Obsolete: use GBV] Glen Parva Clay [Obsolete: use GPCL] Glen Parva Formation [Obsolete: use CBP] Glen Parva Member [Obsolete: use BOSW] Glen Rushen Formation Glen Sanda Facies [Strontian Pluton] Glen Sannox Conglomerate Glen Scaddle Complex [Obsolete: use GNSC] Glen Scaddle Intrusion Glen Shee Pluton Glen Shira Subgroup And Corrieyairack Subgroup (Undifferentiated) Glen Sligachan Granite (Western Red Hills Centre: Phase 2) Glen Sluan Schist [Obsolete: use DCGS] Glen Sluan Schist Formation Glen Spean Subgroup Glen Suie Limestone Member Glen Taitneach Schist Member Glen Tanar Quartzite and Mica Schist Group [Obsolete: use TPS] Glen Tanar Quartzite Member Glen Tanner Quartzite [Obsolete: use GTQ] Glen Tilt Intrusive-Complex Glen Turret Psammite And Semipelite Member Glen Urquhart Complex Glenade Sandstone Formation Glenade Sandstone Formation And Bellavalley Formation (Undifferentiated) Glenarm Chalk [Obsolete: use GAC] Glenarm Chalk Formation Glenarm Chalk Member [Obsolete: use GAC] Glenashdale Sill (South Arran) Glenbervie Porphyry [Obsolete: use LNP] Glenboig Limestone Glenboig Lower Fireclay (Central Coalfield) Glenboig Marine Band Glenboig Upper Fireclay (Central Coalfield) Glenbuchat Graphitic Schist Formation Glenbuck Group Glenbuck Group And Monks Water Group (Undifferentiated) Glenburn Volcanic Detrital Member [Obsolete: use GBV, GPVD] Glenburn Volcaniclastic Member Glencar Limestone Formation Glencartholm Volcanic Beds [Obsolete: use GV] Glencartholm Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use GV] Glencartholm Volcanic Member Glencoe Caldera-Volcano Complex Glencoe Quartzite [Obsolete: use DAGQ] Glencoe Quartzite Member [Obsolete: use DAGQ] Glencoe Ring Intrusions Glencoe Ring Intrusions, Early Fault Intrusion Glencoe Ring Intrusions, Main Fault Intrusion Glencoe Volcanic Formation Glencolumbkille Limestone Glencolumbkille Pelite Formation Glendaruel Limestone Glendearg Formation Glendian Laminated Gabbro Zone Glendouran Breccia Formation Glendowran Formation Glendun Formation Glendun Schists [Obsolete] Glenelly Formation Glenelly Formation [Duplicate 1: use GLLY] Glenelly Formation [Duplicate 2: use GLLY] Glenelly Greenbeds [Obsolete: use GLLY] Glenfarne Dolerite [Obsolete] Glenfiddich Pelite Formation Glenfinnan Division [Obsolete: use GLEN] Glenfinnan Group Glenfinnan Group and Loch Eil Group (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use LNES] Glenfoot Beds [Obsolete: use DYF] Glenfuir Coal (Central Coalfield) Glenga Amphibolite Member Glengawna Formation Glengawna Formation [Duplicate: use GAA] Gleniffer Lava Member Gleniffer Lavas [Obsolete: use GLLA] Glenkeel Member Glenkiln Black Shales [Obsolete: use GBS] Glenkiln Shale Formation Glenkiln Shales [Obsolete: use GBS] Glenlee Formation Glenlivet Granite Glenluce Intrusion Glenmard Mudstone Member Glenmore Member Glenn Member Glennoo Limestone Formation [Obsolete] Glenramskill Formation [Obsolete: use GRK] Glenramskill Sandstone Formation Glenshalloch Shale Formation [Obsolete: use GLSH] Glenshalloch Shales Glenshesk Tuff Formation Glenshirra Subgroup Glenshirra Succession [Obsolete: use GRGL] Glenstaghey Formation Glentane Hill Sill Glentham Formation [Obsolete: use BWL, BWC, RLD] Glenvale Formation [Obsolete: use GEF] Glenvale Sandstone Formation Glenview Limestone Member Glenwells Conglomerate Formation Glenwells Shale Formation Glenwhan Formation [Obsolete: use PPF] Glenwhargen Formation Glion Cam Formation [Obsolete: use CRMR, GLDH] Glion Cam Unit [Obsolete: use GLDH] Globe Coal (Somerset) Gloddaeth Purple Sandstone Formation Glos Oolite Series [Obsolete: use SDT] Glur-Bheinn Member Glycymeris Sandstone Glyn Dyfrdwy Group [Obsolete] Glyn Formation Glyn Gower Formation [Obsolete: use GYG] Glyn Gower Siltstones [Obsolete: use GYG] Glyn Gower Siltstones Member Glyn Grit [Obsolete: use GYN] Glyn Grit and Limestone [Obsolete: use GYN] Glynbourne Hardgrounds Glynch Valley Formation Glynde Beds Glynde Marls (One) Glynde Marls (Two) Glyngwilym Coal (South Wales) Glynllifon Trachydacite Glynn Hill Andesite [Obsolete] Glyptograptus Teretiusculus Shales [Obsolete: use LRM] Gnapiog Coal (South Wales) Goat Gills Member Goat Island Limestone Goat Scar Dacite Member Gobb Sill Goblin Combe Oolite Formation Gobnascale Pelite Member [Obsolete] Godir Rhyg Mudstone Member Godir Tudur Mudstone Member Godolphin Intrusion Godor Ash [Obsolete: use GOT] Godor Tuff Member Golan Burn Member Golan Well Pebbly Psammite Member Golden Coal (Lothian) Golden Coal (South Wales) Goldenberry Hill Sill Goleugoed Formation Golf Course Golspie Formation Golt [Obsolete: use GLT] Gomersal Rock Gonachan Glen Linear Vent-System Gonerby Member [Obsolete: use DYS] Goniatites Spiralis Beds [Obsolete] Goodall's Coal Goodig Coal (South Wales) Goodockhill Fireclay (Central Coalfield) Goodockhill Slatyband Ironstone (Central Coalfield) Goodrington Member Goodwick Volcanic Formation Goose Sandstone Member Gop Hill Limestone [Obsolete: use LNML] Gordale Limestone Member Gordon House Sand and Gravel Member Gorestown Mudstone Member Gorge Sandstone Gorllwyn Coal (South Wales) Gorllwyn Grits [Obsolete: use MOH] Gorllwyn Rider Coal (South Wales) Gorllwyn-Fach Member Gormack Lavas Member Gormire Limestone Member Gorpley Grit Gorse Hall Rock Gorse Member [Onshore] Gorse Mudstone Member Gorsley Limestone Gorteagh Tonalite Gortfinbar Conglomerate Formation Gortnagross Sandstone Member Gortnaree Sandstone Member Gortnaskea Coal (Dungannon) Gosford Bay Sill Gosforth Glacigenic Formation Gossabrough Metadiamictite Formation Gossan Gourdie Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use HCF] Gourdon Formation [Obsolete: use GNF, RCC] Gourdon Harbour Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use GNF] Gourdon Sandstone Formation Gourock Formation [Obsolete: use GOSA] Gourock Granite Gourock Sand Formation [Obsolete: use GOSA] Gourock Sand Member Gourock Sandstone Member Gouther Crag Breccia Member Gouther Crag Member [Obsolete: use GRCG] Govan Blackband Ironstone (Glasgow) Govan Coal Gowk Stane Volcaniclastic Member Gowk Stane Volcaniclastic Member [Duplicate: use GOWK] Gowkstane Member [Obsolete: use GOWK] Gowlaun Shale [Obsolete: use GOS] Gowlaun Shale Formation Gowlaun Shale Formation, Lackagh Sandstone Formation And Bencroy Shale Formation (Undifferentiated) Gowna Group Gowrie Member Gowrie Silt Member [Obsolete: use GWR] Gracilis Marine Band [Obsolete: use R2A1] Graianog Sandstone Graianog Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use ALL] Graig Coal (South Wales) Graig Fawr Limestone Member Graig-Wen Sandstone Formation Graigog Coal (South Wales) Graigog Marine Band [Local Name: see MTMB] Graigog Rider Coal (South Wales) Graigola Coal (South Wales) Grain Burn Member Grain Heads Siltstone Member Grainbeck Limestone Grainsgill Greisen Grammysia Bed [Obsolete: use CWGL] Grammysia Beds [Obsolete: use CWGL, GYB] Grammysia Member Grampian Catchments Subgroup Grampian Division [Obsolete: use GRAM] Grampian Group Grampian Group (Undivided) [Obsolete: use AUGL] Grampian Group And Appin Group (Undifferentiated) Grampian Group and Dava Succession (Undifferentiated) Grampound and Probus Series [Obsolete: use GRO, PORO] Grampound Formation Grampound Grit [Obsolete: use CRNE, GRAD, RDBR, TRSA] Grampound Group [Obsolete: use GRAD] Gramscatho Beds [Obsolete: use POAN, GRO] Gramscatho Group Gramscathos Beds [Obsolete: use GRO] Granby Limestones [Obsolete: use GRBL, SMD] Granby Member Grange Crags Andesite Member Grange Formation [Obsolete: use GROS] Grange Hill Sand Formation Grange Member Grange Sandstone Grange Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use GRNS] Grange-Over-Sands Formation Grangemouth Beds [Obsolete: use GMSI] Grangemouth Formation Grangemouth Silt Member Granite [Obsolete] Grant Sand Member [Obsolete: use MANS] Grantham Formation Grantham Formation And Northampton Sand Formation (Undifferentiated) Granton Sandstones Grantown Formation Grantown Granite Pluton Grantown Pluton [Obsolete: use GRTN] Graptiliferous Mudstones [Obsolete: use SKB] Graptolite Shales Gras Isaf Coal (South Wales) Gras Uchaf Coal (South Wales) Grassington Grit [Obsolete: use PENDL] Grassington Grit Formation [Obsolete: use GGF] Grauer Salzton Formation Gravel Caverns Conglomerate Member Gravel terrace [Obsolete: use KINGM, DOWNF, BACKC] Gravel Terraces [Obsolete] Gravel, sand and loam [Obsolete: use CWSG] Graveland Quartzite Member Graven Complex Gray Sandstone Group Grayber Limestone Grays Brickearth [Obsolete: use ILSI] Greasborough Coal Great Arc Sandstone Great Britain Glacigenic Supergroup [Obsolete: use GBG] Great Britain Superficial Deposits Supergroup Great Caverns Conglomerate [sic] [Obsolete: use GCC] Great Coal (Somerset) Great Coal (Titterstone Clee) Great Cockup Picrite [Obsolete] Great Conglomerate [Obsolete: use GCGL] Great Conglomerate Formation Great Course [Obsolete: use GTCC] Great Course Coal (Somerset) Great Easby Clay Formation Great Easby Member Great Estuarine Group Great Estuarine Series [Obsolete: use GEST] Great Farlow Sandstone Formation Great Glen Fault Zone Great House Agglomerate Great House Intrusion Great Ladstones Breccia Member Great Ladstones Member [Obsolete: use GTLA] Great Langdale Tuff Formation Great Limestone [Obsolete: use GL] Great Limestone Member Great Mine Limestone Great Oolite [Obsolete: use CFDO, GOG] Great Oolite Clay [Obsolete: use BWC] Great Oolite Formation [Obsolete: use CFDO] Great Oolite Group Great Oolite Limestone [Obsolete: use BWL, CFDO, GOG, IRCH, WHL] Great Oolite of Malmesbury District [Obsolete: use CSHF] Great Oolite Series [Obsolete: use GOG] Great Orme Limestone [Obsolete: use LGHL] Great Orme Limestone Formation [Obsolete: use LGHL] Great Quartzite Great Row Coal (North Staffordshire) Great Row Formation [Obsolete: use GTR] Great Row Measures [Obsolete: use GTR] Great Row Member Great Scar Limestone [Obsolete: use GSCL] Great Scar Limestone Group Great Seam Coal (Lothian) Great Strickland Limestone Great Vein [Obsolete: use GRTC] Great Wanney Crags Sandstone Great Whin Sill Great Whinscale Dacite Member Great Whinscale Member [Obsolete: use TNM] Great Whinscale Rhyolite [Obsolete: use GWD] Great White Sandstone [Obsolete: use ESA] Great Wood Gravel Member Greatmoor Hill Vent Green Ammonite Beds [Obsolete: use GAB] Green Ammonite Member Green Beds "Sensu Stricto" [Obsolete: use RTF] Green Beds [Duplicate: use GBD] Green Beds [Obsolete: use GRE] Green Beds [Obsolete: use PRC] Green Beds Formation Green Cleugh Siltstones Green Coal (South Wales) Green Croft Till Member Green Grove Sandstone Green Keuper Basement Beds [Obsolete: use RTF] Green Lane Coal Green Member Green Mudstones "Member" Green Slates Greenan Castle Ash [Obsolete: use GCP] Greenan Castle Pyroclastic Member Greenan Formation [Obsolete: use GNNS] Greenan Sandstone Formation Greenbeds [Obsolete: use LKV] Greencastle Green Beds Greencliff Beds [Obsolete: use BF] Greengairs Lime Coal (Airdrie; Central Coalfield) Greengairs Smithy Coal (Central Coalfield) Greengate Well Limestone Greenhall Limestone [Obsolete: use DWL] Greenheugh Sandstone Formation Greenhill Andesite Member [Obsolete] Greenhill Felsic Member Greenhow Limestone Greenmoor Rock Greenoakhill Sand and Gravel Member Greensand and Sandstone [Obsolete: use SYS] Greensand Formation Greensand Group [Obsolete: use UGS] Greensand of Morvern [Obsolete: use MOGR] Greensands [Obsolete: use HBG] Greenscoe Tuff Formation Greenses Coal (Northumberland) Greenses Limestone [Obsolete: use OXL] Greenshiels Intrusion Greenside Volcaniclastic Member Greenstone And Spilite Volcanics Greenstone And Spilite Volcanics [Obsolete] Greenstone Conglomerate Greenstone Conglomerate [Obsolete] Greenway Tuff Member Greenyards Coal Greeto Lava Member Greeto Lavas [Obsolete: use GRLA] Gregynog Mudstone Member Grendon Member Grendon Member And Ecton Member (Undifferentiated) Grennan Point Formation Of The Rhins Of Galloway Grenoside Rock Grenoside Sandstone Grenoside Sandstone Coal Grenzanhydrit Formation Greta Grit Greta Grits Formation [Obsolete: use GRGT] Gretna Till Formation Grey and Tea Green Marls and Sully Beds [Obsolete: use BAN] Grey Beds Grey Chalk Member [Obsolete: use ZZCH] Grey Chalk Subgroup Grey Downtonian [Obsolete] Grey Friar Tuff Member Grey Grits [Obsolete: use GRG] Grey Grits Formation Grey Limestone Series [Obsolete: use SCR] Grey Limestone, Upper [Obsolete: use CFML] Grey Marl Member Grey Marls [Obsolete: use BAN] Grey marls and yellow sandstones with chert [Obsolete: use ISMS] Grey Measures of Yorkshire and Nottingham [Obsolete: use PLCM, PMCM, PSLCM, PSMCM] Grey Salt Clay Member [Obsolete: use ZECH3] Grey Sands [Obsolete: use GSDT] Grey Sandstone Facies [Obsolete: use DASA] Grey Sandstone Member Grey Sandstone Series [Obsolete: use GSA] Grey Shale Grey Shale Member Grey Shale Series [Obsolete: use GREY] Grey Shales [Obsolete: use GREY] Grey Shales Formation [Obsolete: use GREY] Grey Slate [Obsolete: use TVS] Grey's Crag Coal (Northumberland) Greylake Member Greys Crags Greys Limestones Member Greystoke Till Formation Greystone [Obsolete: use TAL, TBF] Greystone Formation [Obsolete: use BREN] Greystone or Passage Beds [Obsolete: use YED] Greywacke Conglomerate [Obsolete: use GRWC] Greywacke Conglomerate Formation Gribin Mudstones Gribun Chalk [Obsolete: use GRIB] Gribun Chalk Formation Grid Sandstone Member Grieston Formation Grieston Slates [Obsolete: use GSN] Griffe Grange Bed [Obsolete: use WDL] Grigadale Microgranite Intrusion Grimley Andesite Grimley-Type Porphyroid [Obsolete: use GYA] Grindslow Shales [Obsolete: use GDS] Grindslow Siltstones Grindstone Limestone Grindstone Post Member Grindstone Sandstone Grindstone Sill Grinllwm Grits Grinllwm Slates Grinshill Sandstone [Obsolete: use HEY] Grinstead Clay [Obsolete: use GRC] Grinstead Clay Formation [Obsolete: use GRC] Grinstead Clay Member Gristhorpe Member Grit Sill Grits Group [Obsolete: use WHG] Grits in Skiddaw Slates [Obsolete: use SKG, LWF] Gronant Group [Obsolete: use CLWYD, CRAV] Grorudite Swarm [Obsolete: use PARH] Group XVI [Obsolete: use CAW] Grouping of Harford Sands [Obsolete: use HFD] Grove Coal (South Staffordshire) Grovesend Beds [Obsolete: use GDB] Grovesend Formation Grovesend Member [Obsolete: use GDB] Grudaidh Formation Grugie Pluton Grumack Hill Quartzite Member Gruney And Fethaland Formation Gruting Greenschist Formation Gryphaea Bed [Obsolete: use GRGR] Gryphaea Grit [Obsolete: use GRGR] Gryphite Grit [Obsolete: use GRGR] Gryphite Grit and Buckmani Grit [Obsolete: use GRGR] Gryphite Grit Member Gualdswell Lava Member Gubaveeny Shale Member Gubbin And Balls Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Gubbin Ironstone (South Staffordshire) Gubbin Ironstone [Also Known As Grains Or Chance] Gubeon Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Gubeon Marine Band [Local Name: see AMMB] Guirdil Arkose [Obsolete: use TCAS, TCSM] Guirdil Member Guiseley Grit Gull Rock Shale Gullane Formation Gully Member Gully Oolite Formation Gully Redbed Formation Gun Gardens Main Marl Gun Gardens Marls (One) Gun Gardens Marls (Three) Gun Gardens Marls (Two) Gunnerton Fell Limestone Gunnscroft Limestone Gunnscroft Limestone Bed [Obsolete: use ARYL] Gunthorpe Formation [Obsolete: use GUN] Gunthorpe Member Gupton Formation Gur Coal (Coalbrookdale) Gurnard Member Gurrington Slate Formation Gutter Coal (Titterstone Clee) Gutterfoot Sand Member Gutterford Burn Flagstones Gwaelo Formation Gwaelo Sequence [Obsolete: use GWA] Gwaelo Subsequence [Obsolete: use GWA] Gwaenysgor Limestone Formation Gwalchmai Formation Gwastaden Group Gwastadnant Grits Gwddel Felsitic Formation Gwendraeth Coal (South Wales) Gwent Levels Formation Gwern Feifod Lava Member Gwern Feifod Tuff Member Gwern Gof Tuff Gwern Gof Tuff Formation Gwern-Feifod Group [Obsolete] Gwersyllt Little Coal (North Wales) Gwespyr Sandstone Gwespyr Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use GS] Gwna Group Gwna Melange Formation [Duplicate: use GWNM] Gwna Melange Formation [Obsolete: use NGW] Gwrych Limestone Gwscwm Coal (South Wales) Gwscwm Rider Coal (South Wales) Gwyddel Felsitic Formation [Obsolete] Gwynedd Supergroup Gwynllwg Formation [Obsolete: use WLLEV] Gyfenni Wood Shale Formation Gyffin Shales [Obsolete: use COMU] Gypseous Shales Gyrn Ddu Microgranodiorite Pluton Gyrn Goch Granite Intrusion H Seam H1 Habberley Shale Formation Hackley Limestone Member Hackness Rock Member Hackney Gravel Formation [Obsolete: use HAGR] Hackney Gravel Member Haddenham Formation Haddington's Vein Haddiscoe Sand and Gravel Member Haddiscoe Sands and Gravels [Obsolete: use HGV] Haddo House Pluton Haddock Sandstone Unit Hadley Formation [Obsolete: use ETM] Haffield Breccia Formation Haffield Conglomerate [Obsolete: use HBR] Hafod Coal (South Wales) Hafod Fawr Formation Hafod Heulog Marine Band [Local Name: see HTMB] Hafod Ifan Limestone Member Hafod Member Hafotty Formation Hafotty Group [Obsolete: use HF] Haggard Coal (Milford, South Wales) Haggard Vein [Obsolete: use HAGC] Haggis Grit and Conglomerate [Obsolete: use CKRI] Hagley Ash [Obsolete: use HGY] Hagley Shale Formation Hagley Shales [Obsolete: use HGSH] Hagley Volcanic Formation Hagley Volcanic Formation [Duplicate: use HGY] Hagley Volcanic Formation, Hagley Shale Formation And Whittery Volcanic Formation (Undifferentiated) Hagley Volcanic Group [Obsolete: use HGY] Hagshaw Group Haig Fras Granite Haigh Moor Coal (West Yorkshire) Haigh Moor Rock Haigh Yard Coal (South Lancashire) Hailes Lava Member Hailes Member [Obsolete: use HSLA] Hailes Sandstone Hairmyres Limestone Hairy Craig Sill Haisborough Group Haist Pebbly Sandstone Member Haist Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use HAT] Hake Mudstone Member Halberton Breccia Formation Haldon Gravel [Obsolete: use HGR] Haldon Gravel Formation Haldon Gravels [Obsolete: use BHGR] Haldon Sands [Obsolete: use UGSD, ACGR, CUSC, THSS, WLSS] Haldon Sands Formation [Obsolete: use ACGR, CUSC, UGSD, WLSS] Hale Common Gravel Member Hales Clay [Obsolete: use HAC] Hales Clay Member [Obsolete: use ORW, UPR] Halesowen Beds [Obsolete: use HA] Halesowen Formation Halesowen Formation [Duplicate: use HA] Halesowen Group [Obsolete: use HA] Halesowen Sandstone Series [Obsolete: use HA] Half Yard Coal Half Yard Coal (Cheadle) Half Yard Coal (Cumbria) Half Yard Coal (Hanwood) Half Yard Coal (North Wales) Half Yard Coal (South Lanacashire) Half Yard Coal (Warwickshire) Half Yard Coal (Wyre Forest) Half Yard Limestone Halfway Farm Formation Halibut Carbonate Formation Halkyn Formation [Obsolete: use BSG, CFS, GS, PECH] Hall Carleton Formation Hall Gill Sandstone Hall Hill Sandstones Hallaig Sandstone [Obsolete: use ADS, HLGS] Hallaig Sandstone Member Hallane Formation Halligill Limestone Halton Shales Halwell Cottage Beds [Obsolete: use TVY] Ham Green Gravel Member Ham Green Member [Obsolete: use BAV3] Ham Hill Limestone Member Ham Hill Stone [Obsolete: use HHS] Ham Mudstone Ham-Scarfskerry Flagstone Formation Ham-Scarfskerry Flagstone Subgroup [Obsolete: use HSK] Hamble Formation Hambleton Mudstone Formation [Obsolete: use HAM] Hambleton Mudstone Member Hambleton Mudstones [Obsolete: use HAM] Hambleton Oolite Member Hambleton Oolites [Obsolete: use HAO] Hamilton Sandstone Hampen Formation Hampen Marly Beds [Obsolete: use HMB] Hampen Marly Formation [Obsolete: use HMB] Hampole Beds Hampshire Avon Formation Hampton Member Hams Coal (North Staffordshire) Hamstead Formation [Obsolete: use EN] Hamstead Marshall Gravel Member Hamstead Member Hanborough (Gravel) Formation [Obsolete: use HAN] Hanborough Gravel Member Hanborough Member [Obsolete: use HAN] Hanborough Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use HAN] Hanchurch Sandstone [Obsolete: use HANS] Hanchurch Sandstone Bed Hand Coal (Northumberland) Handborough Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use HAN] Handsworth Rock Hanged Man Bed Hanged Man Member (Former Formation) [Obsolete: use HGF] Hanging Knotts Tuff Member Hanging Rocks Conglomerate Member [Obsolete: use CBHR] Hanging Rocks Formation Hanging Stone Tuff Hanging Stone Tuff Member [Obsolete: use HNG] Hangman Grits [Obsolete: use HASA, HGMS] Hangman Sandstone Formation Hangman Sandstone Group [Obsolete: use HASA] Hannaborough Intrusion Hanworth Till Member Happendon Coal (Douglas) Happendon Limestones [Obsolete: use PGP] Happisburgh Clays [Obsolete: use IFLS] Happisburgh Diamicton [Obsolete: use HPTI] Happisburgh Glacigenic Formation Happisburgh Glacigenic Formation And Lowestoft Formation (Undifferentiated) Happisburgh Sand Member Happisburgh Sands [Obsolete: use HPSA] Happisburgh Till Member Harbour Cove Slate Formation Harbour Cove Slates [Obsolete: use HCSL] Harby Head Hard Bed Band Coal (South Derbyshire) Hard Bed Band Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Hard Bed Band Marine Band [Local Name: see MFMB] Hard Bed Band Rock (West Yorkshire) Hard Bed Coal (West And South Yorkshire) Hard Bed Marine Band [Local Name: see LSMB] Hard Coal (Bristol Area) Hard Coal (South Lancashire) Hard Coal (South Wales) Hard Mine Coal [Obsolete: use HARD] Hard Splint Coal Hard Vein Coal (South Wales) Harden Beds Hardmine Coal (North Staffordshire) Hardraw Scar Limestone [Obsolete: use HSCL] Hardrow Scar Limestone Hardy Coal (Northumberland) Harehill Pluton Harelaw Lava Member Harelaw Lavas [Obsolete: use HWLA] Harelawhill Limestone [Duplicate: use HLLS] Harelawhill Limestone [Obsolete: use EWL] Hareshaw Conglomerate Formation Hareshaw Head Coal Harestones Felsite [Obsolete: use CFCOH] Harestones Rhyolite Harestones Rhyolite (in Carrock Fell Complex) [Obsolete: use CFCOH] Harford Member Harford Sands Harford Sands Member [Obsolete: use HFD] Hargate End Limestone Harlaw Limestone Harlech Beds (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete] Harlech Grits Group Harlequin Formation [Obsolete: use GUN] Harley Coal (South Yorkshire) Harlock Formation [Obsolete: use BKR] Harlock Grits [Obsolete: use HRG] Harlow Hill Sandstone Harnage Shale Formation Harnage Shales [Obsolete: use HASH] Harnlo Coal (South Wales) Harptree Beds Harra Ebb Sandstone Formation Harrath Tuff Member Harrath Tuffs and Lavas [Obsolete: use BWT, HHT] Harrington Four Foot Coal (Cumbria) Harris Bay Member (Western Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) Harris Bay Member (Western Intrusion, Rum Layered Suite) [Duplicate: use RLW1] Harris Member Harrison Stickle Breccia Member Harrison Stickle Member [Obsolete: use HTK] Harrock Hill Grit Harrogate Roadstone Harrogate Till Formation Harry Stoke Marine Band [Local Name: see VDMB] Hartfell Pebbly Grit Hartfell Shales Hartfield Breccia Formation [Obsolete: use HTFD] Hartfield Formation Harthwaite Formation [Obsolete: use HAWT] Harthwaite Tuff Formation Hartland Quay Shale Hartlepool and Roker Dolomite [Obsolete: use ROD] Hartlepool Anhydrite [Obsolete: use HPA] Hartlepool Anhydrite Formation Hartley Coal Hartley Coal (Dailly) Hartley Coal (Stirling, Clackmannan) Hartley Hill Formation [Obsolete: use ASLS] Hartshill Formation [Obsolete: use CQ] Hartshill Sandstone Formation Hartwell Clay Harvey Coal (Northumberland and Durham) Harvey Marine Band [Local Term: see VDMB] Harwich Formation Harwich Formation And Lambeth Group (Undifferentiated) Harwich Member [Obsolete: use WRAB] Harwich Stone Band Harwood Band Harwood Beds Hascosay Slide [Obsolete: use HSZM] Hascosay Slide Zone Mylonites Haslingden Flags Hastings Beds (Subgroup) [Obsolete] Hastings Beds [Obsolete: use HAS] Hastings Sands [Obsolete: use HAS] Hathern Anhydrite Formation Hathern Anhydrite Series [Obsolete: use HAA] Hathern Gravel Member Hatherwood Limestone Member Hatton Conglomerate Formation [Obsolete: use HCF] Hatton Conglomerate Member Hatton Till [Obsolete: use HATT] Hatton Till Formation Hauchielin Coal (Tranent - Haddington) Haugh Wood Formation Haughmond Conglomerate [Obsolete: use YWCH] Haughmond Conglomerate Member Haughrigg Coal Haughton Limestone Haughton Marine Band Haunchwood Bed [Obsolete] Hauptanhydrit Formation Hauptdolomit Formation Hauxley Brockwell Coal Haven Brow Beds Haverford Mudstone Formation Haverigg Haws Anhydrite Member Haw Bank Limestone [Obsolete: use CHL] Haw Hill Borehole Formation Hawes Limestone Haweswater Complex [Obsolete: use HAWS] Haweswater Ignimbrite Group [Obsolete: use WLT] Haweswater Intrusions Hawick Group Hawick Group And Riccarton Group (Undifferentiated) Hawick Rocks [Obsolete: use ETRK, EKM, GDE, HWK] Hawk's Nest Coal [Obsolete: use HANC] Hawkcraig Point Sill Hawkesbury Clay Member Hawks Brow Flint Hawks Nest Coal Hawksmoor Formation [Obsolete: use CHES] Hawthorn Limestone Member [Obsolete: use HUR] Hayburn Beds [Obsolete: use SWK] Hayburn Formation [Obsolete: use SWK] Hayes Sandstone Formation Hayle Sandstones [Obsolete: use GRO] Haymoor Bottom Clay Member Hayne Beech Beds [Obsolete: use HYBC] Hayne Beech Formation [Obsolete: use HYBC] Hayne Beech Member Haystacks Andesite [Obsolete: use HAYS] Haystacks Andesite Member Haystacks Member [Obsolete: use HAYS] Hayton Anhydrite Haywood Under Coal Hazel Greave Grit [Obsolete] Hazel Greave Grit And Guiseley Grit (Undifferentiated) Hazelbury Bryan Formation Hazelbury Bryan Formation And Kingston Formation (Undifferentiated) Hazon Coal (Rothbury Area) Hazon Lee Coal (Northumberland) Head Head and Talus (Undifferentiated) Head brickearth [Obsolete: use FAEOL] Head brickearth, older [Obsolete: use FAEOL] Head brickearth, younger [Obsolete: use FAEOL] Head gravel [Obsolete: use HEAD] Head, 1 Head, 2 Head, 3 Headley Formation [Obsolete: use HDY] Headley Heath Member Headon Beds [Obsolete: use HE] Headon Beds and Osborne Beds (Undifferentiated) [Obsolete: use HEHI] Headon Formation Headon Hill Formation Headon Warren Sand And Gravel Member Heads Of Ayr Vent Headsmuir Sandstone Heales Lock Gravel Member Hearson Hill Mudstone Heath Hayes Coal (South Staffordshire) Heath Member Heathen Coal Heathen Coal (South Staffordshire) Heather Formation Heathery Heugh Sandstone Heavitree and Alphington Breccias [Obsolete: use AHBR] Heavitree Breccia [Obsolete: use HVBR] Heavitree Breccia Formation Heavitree Breccia Member [Obsolete: use HVBR] Heavitree Conglomerate [Obsolete: use HVBR] Heavy Industrial Development Hebblethwaite Member Hebburn Dyke Hebburn Fell Coal (Northumberland And Durham) Hebden Formation Hebridean Province Hebrides Formation Hebrides Margin Group Hebrides Subvolcanic Suite Heimdal Sandstone Member Helen's Bay Formation Hell Hole Coal (South Lancashire) Hell Hole Mine Coal [Obsolete: use HHOC] Hell's Mouth Formation Hell's Mouth Grits [Obsolete: use HMG] Hells Hole Dyke Hellvellyn Formation [Obsolete: use HLV] Helm Member Helman Head Beds [Obsolete: use CLYTH] Helmeth Grit [Obsolete: use HLG] Helmeth Grit Member Helmeth Grits [Obsolete: use HLG] Helmsdale Boulder Beds equivalent [Obsolete: use BNSA] Helmsdale Boulder Beds Formation Helmsdale Granite Helmsdale Granite, Phase 1 Helmsdale Granite, Phase 2 Helmshore Grit Helpet Edge Rock Helsby Sandstone Formation Helsby Sandstone Formation [Duplicate: use HEY] Helvellyn Tuff Formation Helwellyn Tuff Member [Obsolete: use HLV] Hematitic Tuffs Hemingbrough Glacial Lake Formation [Obsolete: use HEM] Hemingbrough Glaciolacustrine Formation Hemington Gravel Member Hemington Terrace Deposits [Obsolete: use HETD] Hemlaw Vent And Plug Hempriggs Sand Member Hemsworth Division [Obsolete: use HEMS] Hemsworth Member Hen Coal (Bristol Area) Hen-dy-capel Ironstone Member Henblas Facies [In Ystrad Meurig Grits Formation] Hendre Shales Formation Hendre Shales Formation And Mydrim Shales Formation (Undifferentiated) Hendy Farm Shales Henfryn Formation Hengistbury Beds [Obsolete] Henllan Ash Member Hennel Cleugh Sandstone Henry's Bridge Member Hens Sike Coal Henshaw Formation Henshaw Siltstones Hensingham Grit Hensingham Group [Obsolete: use SMGP] Hensingham Group And Coal Measures Group (Undifferentiated) Hereford Formation Hereford Till Member Herford End-Moraine [Obsolete: use HDTI] Herma Ness Gneiss Member Herma Ness Marble Member Hermaness Ultramafic Zone Hermod Sandstone Member Herne Bay Member [Obsolete: use OH] Heron Group Herring Coal (South Staffordshire) Herring Formation Heterorthis alternata limestone [Obsolete: use ALT] Hetton Beck Limestone Member Hevda Phyllite Formation Hevdadale Intrusion Heversham House Sandstone [Obsolete: use SLVS] Heversham House Sandstone Member [Obsolete: use SLVS] Hewett Sandstone Heyden Rock Heysham Harbour Sandstone Heysham Harbour Sandstone Formation [Obsolete: use HEH] Hibaldstow Beds [Obsolete: use ULL] Hibaldstow Limestone [Obsolete: use ULL] Hibaldstow Limestone Member [Obsolete: use HIL] Hibaldstow Limestones [Obsolete: use HIL] Hibaldstow Limestones Member [Obsolete: use HIL, ULL] Hibaldstow Oolite [Obsolete: use HIL] Hibernian Greensand [Obsolete: use HBG] Hibernian Greensand Formation [Obsolete: use HBG] Hibernian Greensands (part) [Obsolete: use HBG] Hibernian Greensands Formation And Ulster White Limestone Formation (Undifferentiated) Hibernian Greensands Group Hidra Formation High Camlarg Coal (Dalmellington, South Ayrshire) High Coal (Bristol Area) High Corby Knowe Sill High Cross Member [Obsolete: use CDW] High Gamma-Ray Sands Unit [Obsolete: use CYSA] High Grains Sandstone High Grit Sandstone High Grit Sill High Haume Limestone [Obsolete: use IRE] High Haume Mudstone [Obsolete: use KKB] High Haume Rhyolite [Obsolete: use HHR] High Haume Tuff Formation High Haume Volcanic Formation [Obsolete: use HHR] High Hazles And Brinsley Coal (Vale Of Belvoir) High Hazles Coal (South Yorkshire, Nottingham And Derby) High Ireby Formation [Obsolete: use EVG] High Ireby Group [Obsolete: use HIF] High Lodge Clayey Silts and High Lodge Sands [Obsolete: use HLSI] High Lodge Gravel Member High Lodge Member [Obsolete: use HLSI] High Lodge Silt Member High Main + Metal Coal (Northumberland) High Main Coal (Leicestershire) High Main Coal (Northumberland and Durham) High Main Coal (Nottingham and Derby) High Main Coal (Warwickshire) High Main Marine Band [Local Name: see MTMB] High Main Marine Band Coal (Northumberland) High Main Marine Band Seam High Main Post Member High Mains Formation High Mains Sandstone [Obsolete: use HMS] High Moor Sandstone High Moor Sandstone And Doubler Stones Sandstone (Undifferentiated) High Tor Limestone Formation High Tor Limestone Formation, Cefnyrehndy Oolite Member And Hunts Bay Oolite Subgroup (Undifferentiated) High Wood Marine Beds High-Level Marine Shell Bed [Obsolete: use BECL] Higher Bent Coal (South Lancashire) Higher Bent Mine Coal [Obsolete: use HBTC] Higher Chamber Coal (South Lancashire) Higher Chamber Mine Coal [Obsolete: use HCHC] Higher Comberoy Formation Higher Florida Coal (South Lancashire) Higher gravel train [Obsolete: use BDGR] Higher Pigeon House Coal (South Lancashire) Higher Ravenhead Coal (South Lancashire) Higher Two Coal (South Lancashire) Higher Two Mines Coal [Obsolete: use HTCO] Highest or Barnwell Terrace (Penning and Jukes-Browne, 1881) [Obsolete: use BABY] Highfield Farm Limestone [Obsolete: use HFFL] Highfield Farm Limestones Bed Highfield Limestone Highgate Coal (South Yorkshire) Highgreen Coal Highland Border Complex Highland Border Grits [Obsolete: use BMSA] Highland Border Op